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Leadership Training

These days people are embracing their growth in community through Group Coaching. It's now possible to connect people from all over the world in weekly Group Coaching Sessions.

An Online Group Coach leads using creative, purpose-driven processes that get results. Your group members experience consistent support, community, and skill building.

This is a complete training that prepares you to help others through group coaching online live and live in person groups.
Assist your groups to create balance, emotional support, joy, and inspiration.

Become an Activation™ Group Leader Coach

The World's Most Comprehensive Group Coach Training

Activation™ Method Group Coach Certification

As a Group Coach you are trained to lead unique topic based Group Coaching sessions. These sessions create activation in Communications, Self Understanding, Creativity, Energy, Emotions, Action Taking and Relationship.

You will be certified in 38 unique Activation™ Method Group Coaching Sessions. Your coaching business will thrive with weekly group experiences that you can offer.

You will also learn how to plan your own group coaching classes that empower and transform your participants lives. We even supply you with your own website, worksheets, and class guides.

Six Professional Coaching Certifications

Self Evolution Group Leader
Emotional Wellness Group Leader
Relationship & Communications Group Leader
Spiritual and Energy Group Leader
Activation™ Creative Mind Meditation Teacher Training
21 Journeys™ Teacher Training

Transformative Training


When you graduate you are licensed as a Group Coach Leader and are able to use the Coaching Institute’s Activation™ Method Strategies Group Session Guides in your business. This makes it much faster and simpler to create a thriving Group Coaching Business.

 Friendships with colleagues and team members are nourished. You overcome your own inner resistance and find authentic healthy inner power.  With inner power comes the flow of ideas and content creation. We support you in building your content and serving the communities you care about.

Leadership From the Heart

In this innovative and dynamic form of group coaching you will learn to lead groups through awareness exercises, transformation and planning processes that foster self-understanding and action taking.

Learn to create your own group coaching content through our Nine Stage Group Planning Process. When leading groups, we fast track our own growth. This means you gain the capacity to serve hundreds of people. As a Group Leader, you help create communities that foster the spirit of acceptance, learning and spiritual growth. Your participants find deep and meaningful connection in community.

21 Journeys™ Teacher Training

This program works wonderfully in conjunction with your Group Coaching programs. As a 21 Journeys teacher you will be helping groups balance their emotions, embody their values, and regulate their nervous systems. This happens through 21 three minute journey exercises you lead a class through. It is the perfect pairing with Group and Individual Coaching. The class can be taught anywhere!

Integrity Marketing™ System

This comprehensive coach marketing system includes everything you need to start your business, whether in-person or 100% online. Be a part of our five day Coach Accelerator Workshop. You will become ready to offer paid coaching sessions right away.

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