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Our Mission as a Team

Our Mission at the Coaching Institute is to help you create a meaningful and successful life on every level: professionally, personally, and spiritually. In your Coach Training we are dedicated to teaching you at the highest level possible. We believe in supporting you through community, mentorship, practice and business building skills.

In all personal coaching programs each client is appreciated for their uniqueness. While coaching, every client is empowered to build their most meaningful life. We work with strategies to build courage, creativity, personal expression, loving relationships and inner knowing.

Lead Coach and Trainer Jeremy

As part of the team at the Coaching Institute I help both new and experienced coaches to connect with their deepest strengths as they step into a new path. A big part of my role is to help new coaches to see the many experiences and inner resources they bring from a lifetime of growth  – and to bring it into their coaching. This way, their life experience will serve them and their clients moving forward. I love helping coaches to see and experience simple yet powerful distinctions in their coaching approaches.

"Coach and client are co-navigators on a trip together. The client chooses the destination and together we find the map to get them there."

Coach and Trainer Cara

As an Activation Method Team member, I hold space for students who are learning, gently encouraging their growth. The people who come to our trainings are open hearted people who are devoting their focus to making relationships better, improving communication skills, bringing growth/ease/joy to their lives as well as their communities and in my opinion that is what literally makes the world a better place. I get so excited seeing each individual’s unique voice of coaching as they find…

"I think one of the most dramatic things in a coaching relationship that’s hard to put into words, is the presence that develops between the coach and client."

Coach Tamara

I have worked steadily as a personal fitness trainer and a life coach for the past 16 years. I have had the pleasure of helping a wide variety of clientele work towards and achieve their personal fitness goals. Some work towards a general feeling of fitness, function, and balance while others accomplish specific goals like half or full marathons, triathlons, ski season fitness, and more. Currently, I continue to develop diverse and specific strategies in both fitness and in life coaching for my clientele. On the personal side of life I am in…

"Coaching activates our energy, emotional balance, inner knowing, and motivation to take actions that help us and those around us."

Coach Lauren Targ

When it’s dark, look for the stars! I come to life coaching to create a much-needed space to support individuals to unveil their resources so they are able to support themselves. When clients share their life stories with me, we work together to gently address and mend the places that need attention, and we create and weave a stronger foundation for taking action and moving forward. One of my greatest accomplishments is creating a successful life coaching program at my university…

"Coaching is a safe space for expansion and discovery. In this space, inner courage builds and change happens."

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