21 Journeys

A practice for integrating emotion, purpose, imagination, and energy.

21 Journeys

During class you will expand your creativity, vitality, and emotional flexibility. By combining movement, breath, energy, and emotions we find a new part of ourselves coming to life. Our deeper purpose aligns with our present life. When we explore a journey with water, trees, or air we bring into our reality a growing connection with spirit and nature. Wherever you are, 21 Journeys will be an opening into learning and loving yourself a little more.

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What is 21 Journeys?

Magali Peysha speaks about the practice and the teacher certification.

“I found myself in a jungle, and I was flying with the stars. My words are love, inspire and integrity.” - Lauren

21 Journeys Class 1

Take an hour to deepen your imagination, emotional flexibility, body awareness and presence.

“Took me back to when my son was a newborn and the excitement of greeting him.” Participant

21 Journeys Class 2

Wherever you are at today this class will bring you vitality and relaxation.

“It was fun, I was growing, it was like enlightenment, it was joy.” -Mike

Hear From Participants

Listen to the experiences of 21 Journeys participants. Appreciate the range of sharing and the wisdom of each individual's unique experience.

“It was fun, I was growing, it was like enlightenment, it was joy.” -Mike

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