Guided Meditations

In guided meditations we can learn to deepen our presence, expand our awareness, and embrace compassion.

Guided Meditations

Meditating together helps to heal, relax, and empower our inner being. This community supports everyone wherever they are. We believe that through kindness, acceptance and connection we all deepen our presence. Our Meditation Group has over 20,000 participants from around the world. In the weekly group session there are about 200-500 people. The energy and intention we hold together in community helps us to expand our consciousness.

Join Our Worldwide Online Community Meditation Group

Everyone is welcomed Mondays at 2pm PST. Enter your email and you will receive link to join.

Meditation: Energy Orbits, Body Scan, Tour of Energy

In this guided meditation you will relax, unwind and expand your imagination.

"The releasing of the energy thread with my exhale gave me a sense balance going from the negative to the positive thoughts." - Marcia

Meditation: Connecting with Our Heroes

Through energy healing we can protect, ground and nourish ourselves.

"During the stillness of this practice I felt engulfed by love and peace." - Jacquelin


Meditation One Hour Session

In this meditation group we focus on our energetic heart space.

"I saw myself radiating love to everyone in the world! It was very intense." Jean

Guided Meditation Healing with our Hands

Our hands are sources of energy and connection. Through experiencing the hands we deepen our imagination, healing and inner resources.

"The mind is so powerful in healing the body and it was so beautiful in being guided to send wishes of peace and happiness to everyone in the world." Rachel