Breathing Techniques

Empowering our energy, breathing, and awareness by practicing together

Breathing Techniques

Through our breath we learn to trust and nourish our physical and energetic systems. In practice we work with balancing, calming, and energizing ourselves with supportive breathing techniques. As a part of a meditation our breath can be a way to stabilize attention and energy. Our breath and our life energy are joined and constantly present as a source of deep connection.

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Breathing Meditation with Mantra

Through energy healing we can protect, ground and nourish ourselves.

"That was an amazing experience, and I could not imagine that using videoconference technology it is possible to create such an amazing experience and sense of connection with so many people!" - Yuriy

Breathing Meditation with Body Sensing

In this guided meditation you will relax, unwind and expand your imagination.

"Had eye surgery yesterday, eye is adjusting, meditation gave me space and connection to sight in the body, surroundings. Healing meditation for me. Thank you." – Lisa

Breathing Exercise: Alternate Nostril

Through energy healing we can protect, ground and nourish ourselves.

"I didn't realize how stressed I was till you started the meditation and I felt the stress release from my body. Also the peaceful feeling of well wishes for everyone so needed now, thank you!" - Gayle

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