The Aware Parent™ Course

In today’s world our parenting skills matter more than ever before. By developing ourselves as parents, we model balance and resources for our children. Whatever age your child may be, the Aware Parent™ Program will enrich your life and your child's life.

As parents, we want to be there for our children in a way that empowers them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

However, sometimes this is not easy. Every relationship is different, and every phase of a child’s growth brings new challenges and opportunities. Relationships with children are an adventure into our core beliefs, values, and communication skills.

Aware Parent™ is a program that will help you become the parent you want to be, whether your child is two or fifty-two. You will develop deep inner knowing, self-compassion, understanding of your child or children, and you will learn strategies and skills that will help you be the parent you want to be.

Create a Legacy of Positive Family Values

When you honor yourself as a parent and take the time to develop your awareness, you are also creating a legacy of caring, connection and communication that will benefit even your great-grandchildren. 

Learn Practices which Enrich Family Time, Self-Care, Communication and Connection

Here are some of the skills and strategies that will help you:

This training was developed by the Peyshas, who themselves have learned through experience. As the parents of five incredible children, each relationship has been a powerful teacher. They know that it takes patience, endurance and inner resources to  be an aware parent. 

Aware Parent is a self-led online training that takes you through eight weeks of insight, tools, and self-understanding. 

If you’d like extra support, one of Coaching Institute’s expert Parenting Coaches can lead you through the program and assist you with customized coaching for your parenting relationships. 

Life Coaching with Aware Parent™ Education

When you work with a Relationship Parenting Coach, you discover the exact resources you need to improve one relationship at a time. Often the changes you make take only a few minutes a day and create much greater closeness, trust and connection. Your child or partner do not need to attend the coaching sessions to benefit from your growth as a parent.

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