Energy Coach Certification

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Empowering Inner Growth

Energy coaching helps clients to balance, revitalize, and heal their mind, body and spirit. Coaching through in-depth sessions. Client's learn to be their own healer through energy exercises and processes.

The strategies and exercises work by empowering a client’s intuition, creativity, and spiritual expansion.

Energy Unites Us

Learn to use guided meditations and journeys within a coaching session or group class. You will help clients learn to use their body, breath, and movement to expand and balance. The strategies you master are there to help ground and support inner subtle energy. This improves life flow, focus, and emotional wellness.

We believe that every client who comes to an Energy Coaching Session should be met with excitement, kindness, and commitment. It is a true privilege to work with others at this level of depth and connection. Our system respects all beliefs, religions and cultural heritages.

As a balanced and nonjudgmental energy coach, you learn to  assist your client in finding their true path. This means that each person’s unique spiritual journey is their own. As their coach, you assist your client in finding new skills, resources and practices. They will find deep authentic  joy as they tune into their divine subtle energy within

Expand Consciousness
Through Individual and Group Energy Coaching

The Energy Coach Training System gives you a unique tool kit for helping yourself and your clients to explore archetypes, guides, mindfulness, somatic connection, and energy healing.

You learn at your own pace and schedule. With weekly classes at a range of times you have the option of coming to live online classes for coaching practice, mentorship, meditation, energy coaching strategies, and healing workshops.

The program includes six months of live classes. You can graduate at any time from the online courses. You will also receive 8 live Saturday workshops with Magali Peysha. These happen twice a month and include time to practice your skills.

Meditation Guide

Be certified to lead meditations and retreats using the Activation™ Creative Mind Meditation System. Magali Peysha has done extensive work in the area of Energy, Ayurveda, Eastern Psychology, Ericksonian Work, Generative Trance and the Shamanic Journey. She will share with you her techniques for assisting clients, groups, and leading retreats.

You will learn to help individuals and groups in deepening imagination, inner relaxation, focus, inner calm, flow, real joy, and compassion. Through your own experiences you learn to lead others in a safe and empowering methodology. 


21 Journeys® Teacher Training

In this innovative and dynamic form of group coaching you will learn to lead groups through awareness exercises, meditative journeys, somatic experience and creativity building processes all combined with movement and breath work.

21 Journeys™ is exactly the kind of mind-body class that yoga studios, alternative medicine centers, and fitness classrooms want to offer their public. The classes are 60-90 minutes long and create a spiritual and energetic experience that gives your students inner strength, relaxation and creativity.

Join us for 21 Journeys™ Teacher Training. This certification program is offered on its own and works well with Energy Coach Certification.

You will learn at your own pace in an online classroom. In addition you will have personal mentoring with Magali Peysha.

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-Learn three Activation™ Method coaching strategies
-Join a free online live Meditation

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