Meditation in Community

Empowering our energy, breath, and awareness by practicing together.


Meditating together helps us relax, energize, and realize our inner truth. This community supports everyone wherever they are at. We believe that through kindness, acceptance and connection we can all deepen our presence. Our Meditation Group has over 35,000 participants from around the world. In the weekly group session there are about 200-500 people sharing meditation together. The energy and intention we hold in community helps consciousness evolve as we share our healing intentions.

Join Our Worldwide Online Community Meditation Group

Everyone is welcomed. Just click here to join on Monday at 10am PST.

Energy Healing

Brings healing, relaxation and flow to body and mind.

"I Loved this. It was not only refreshing and relaxing but empowering." - Yolanda

Guided Meditation

Empowering our energy, breathing, and awareness by practicing together

"The releasing of the energy thread with my exhale gave me a sense balance going from the negative to the positive thoughts." - Marcia

Breathing Techniques

Learn to techniques to balance energy, practice breathing exercises, and help your focus through body meditation.

"I felt like I touched my energy field for the first time today, thank you for guiding me." - Ian

21 Journeys

A practice for integrating emotion, purpose, imagination, and energy.

"I really loved the freedom that comes with this type of meditation. No restrictions whatsoever." - Helen