Live Online Immersive Training

This accelerated coach training system is an integral part of every
Life Coach Training program we offer.
You'll be ready to help any client achieve their goals, be in touch with their authentic purpose, and connect to what matters most to them.

Upcoming Live Trainings in Activation Energy Coach™
& Relationship Coach Certifications

You will build your resources as a coach. You will master the art of Activation™ Method Coaching by learning strategies to empower all your clients. You will learn specific Activation Method Coaching Strategies. These session plans embrace spirituality, creativity, energy, relationship and growth. There is a meditation, individual coaching session teaching, and a group coaching experience.

Activation Energy Coach Training
2023 Calendar Classes are USA Saturdays from 12pm-3pm PST
June 17th - January

Relationship Coach Training Live Online Classes begin September 2023

All of our live intensives help you deepen your skills as a coach. Each day of training prepares you to use coaching strategies that empower and support clients in their life, relationships, action taking and emotional well-being

Learn Activation™ Method Strategies

When you start your Life Coach training, we believe it is helpful to immerse yourself in an impactful weekend day of skill building.

You can run your entire coaching practice from your home, working closely with clients all over the world. Coaching is a career that empowers you to live in harmony with your values and life purpose.

When you work as an Activation™ Method Coach, every day is an uplifting adventure. Helping clients to learn their strengths, overcome their obstacles and find new ways to create inner growth. Spirituality and creativity are at the heart of our methodology. At a Coaching Boot Camp or Activation™ Method Retreat you'll get valuable coaching practice and personal coaching from your colleagues. Each Certificate training program offers you live learning experiences. All our live trainings are recorded and added to your classroom.

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Every training course comes with live online training. As our student you'll have your choice of upcoming dates. Be ready to empower your coaching skills right away. Your Life Coach Certification Training will include a complete recording of 6 one day Live Online Boot Camps as a reference.