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Mark and Magali Peysha

Our Mission

We are Mark and Magali Peysha, co-founders of the Coaching Institute. Our mission is to help individuals, coaches and helping professionals to create coaching practices that transform the lives of individuals, families and corporations.

We believe that growth comes from clarity of purpose, compassionate understanding, and the ability to take consistent powerful action in one’s life. Our unique and creative change method comes from cutting edge research in psychology, generative trance work, the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Buddhist Psychology, and insights from various arts and social sciences. We are both coaches and mentors who prioritize teaching through example.

We’ve produced more than 100 training films on Strategic Intervention Coaching, and we co-authored the international bestselling Strategic Intervention Handbook. Magali’s bestselling book Love Happier is helping to improve thousands of relationships around the world. And our upcoming book, The Four Activation Zones, is a workbook that assists participants in Activation™ Method Group Coaching. We are also among the most experienced educators in the coaching world, having personally trained over 15,000 coaches at the certification level.

At the Coaching Institute we work personally with our students in online classes and workshops. We have students around the world in over 30 countries. We believe in smaller class size with true mentorship as the focus. This way, our students can be supported fully in their process of growth. That sometimes means personal coaching, and at other times it is through supervision that we assist a coach to become their best.

Our students are amazing individuals who are stepping into their purpose to empower others. We welcome students with every level of experience, whether you’re new to coaching, or a seasoned therapist, doctor or helping professional. Many students enroll for primarily personal reasons, as we have strategies that can empower emotions, heal anxiety, create focus and energy.

Founder Magali Peysha

My passion is in helping others to create meaning, relaxation and fulfillment in their life. For the last ten years I have trained over 15,000 Life Coaches at the 100-hour certification level through online courses and live workshops which I personally developed.

My courses include programs in Relationship Coaching, Group Coaching Leadership, Spirituality, and Activation Method. I love to lead people through live experiential processes that broaden their personal and spiritual growth within a community environment.

Before becoming a Life Coach over 15 years ago, I was certified as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. And I continue to help clients through Ayurvedic counseling. I bring my commitment to creating health and balance into every part of my client work. I deeply enjoy the creative process of working with a client to find their own inner source of energy and wisdom.

On the personal side, I am deeply grateful to my husband and soulmate for joining with me in our passion to help others and create a loving family. Motherhood has been my greatest teacher and privilege. Every day I am awed by my children’s presence and spirit.

At the heart of my personal practice is meditation, shamanic journeying, and energy medicine, which I share with both family and students often. Most days I find myself walking in nature, drawing and taking photos. For me Spirituality, Family, Life Coaching, Healing, and the love of Art come together in a collage of connection.

It’s my belief that we learn best through joyful participation. This means including all voices and perspectives into the conversation of growth. My hope is that I will be able to help build a world that loves, supports and empowers each of us, allowing a web of deep truth and unity to emerge.

Founder Mark Peysha

I’ve been creating trainings for psychotherapists and coaches for over 20 years, and I’m dedicated to seeing Life Coaching develop fully as one of the primary helping professions. As a Harvard graduate, I’m active in academic research and recently coauthored a major study with the Association for Psychological Science. Currently we are collaborating with Professor Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, and his team at the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m also developing new trainings on the science of Cooperation, which I believe will provide a paradigm for understanding Life Coaching in a new way.

As a teacher, I’m privileged to be partnered with the beautiful and multi-talented Magali. It makes me happy to know that our 15,000 coach certification graduates are helping people all over the world. Our free trainings have reached nearly 2 million people. With Magali, I’ve written, designed, and promoted 10 coach training programs, which have exceeded $100 million in revenues.

Magali and our five children are the center of my world. I believe it’s important for human beings to connect with the healing energy of the earth and animals, and these days I’m exploring this as a shamanic practitioner. In my spare time I am hiking or surfing in San Diego.

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