Expand Your Impact as a
Group Coach Leader

What does it mean to serve others as a leader?

Right now people need connection, support, and hope in their lives more than ever. When we create a space for inner growth we make the world a much better place.


Every coach I know can benefit from leading groups. Why? Because when we lead we grow ourselves. We find the brilliance in each person and help them become empowered and connected.


I would like to share with you how group coaching works and what makes it possible to step into your own leadership role.  

The reason why group coaching is on the rise is pretty simple:

Our society is reorganizing right now. Post-pandemic, every person wants to create a more meaningful life.

The Group Coach Leader

Group Coaching can take many possible forms.

For instance, you can create:

Leading a group is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

You get to see firsthand the transformation of a group of total strangers into a true community, generating connection and support which creates friendships that last forever.

And none of this can take place without a skillful group leader, who serves as a facilitator and bridge, activating the group’s own energy for every person’s evolution.

The Group Coach is helping each participant to connect with their own highest good, the good they generate for each other, and the larger community they have in their lives.

Have you ever had that experience… where you look around at the people you’re with and think, “I wish this moment could last forever?”

That’s what people experience in great Group Coaching.

It’s the reason why they come back, again and again.

And it’s one of the reasons why Group Coach Leaders love their work so much.

How Group Coaching Actually Works

Group Coaching sometimes can be confused with other forms of group work, such as motivational and public speaking and teaching.

So let’s get clear about the differences between Group Coaching and speaking, for instance.

Group Coaching is actually much easier than speaking. Here’s why.

In speaking, the speaker is expected to entertain the audience – to be charming, informative, and entertaining every minute that they are onstage. This is because the audience is in a passive position. They come in, sit down, and wait to be entertained.

Group Coaching is completely different. We don’t have an audience. We have participants. Participants aren’t passive. They’re active. They come to Group Coaching because they want to participate – to do exercises, share, discuss, and learn.  

This makes your job much easierIt means that, in any given Group Coaching session, the Group Coach doesn’t have to talk for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. This is because the group is learning and sharing together!

This can happen when you have great processes and exercises that are designed to create this energy and momentum in your group.

Let’s talk about what it looks like when a Group Coaching Group assembles. The Group Coach takes a few minutes to greet everybody, then introduces the first Group Coaching exercise. The exercise is where the real discoveries happen. For instance, the Group Coach may talk about an exercise and how it is designed, and even how it has affected them in their life, then they pair up people to do the exercise together.

Partner Work

The partners get to know each other very quickly! When the exercise is over (10 minutes) the group reconvenes. Individual participants raise their hands and share what they discovered and experienced during the exercise, speaking to the whole group.

Partners Share with the Group

The Group Coach doesn’t have to “know the answers.” It’s not about being right or wrong. Instead, you hold the space for the participants to share. This sets an example of elevation, encouragement, validation, and respect – and sets up the culture of this community you’re creating.

The participants see that their sharing is welcome. And we experience Group Learning and support. Each person trusts their own discoveries and inner wisdom.

The Group Becomes a Community

Because the Group Coach is ready to encourage and honor the truth in each participant, participants develop trust for the leader, and through that, they develop trust for the group. They recognize that this is a place where their individual perspective will be respected and appreciated.

As the session proceeds, a network of relationships form within the group. This means a real community is created.

Group Coaching is Healing

Within this community of relationships, participants relax, knowing they can help and be helped. This in itself is healing.

Of course, once you lead a group through the first session, the following sessions are easier and easier. Growth becomes accelerated.

Do you see how different this is from being a Speaker trying to entertain an audience?

Do you see how little “public speaking” the Group Coach has to do?

The Group Coach empowers participants to be active and engaged in their own discoveries.

Most importantly, the Group Coach has a Group Coaching Session Plan which guides the entire session.

The Session Plan is your outline for your session. It tells you when to teach, when to assign an exercise (you get a little break), and how and when to lead the discussion.

The Coach Leader can relax, observe, and hold the space for the group while the Session Plan does the “heavy lifting.”

And this only gets easier and easier as your Group continues to meet, week after week. Many Groups go on meeting like this regularly for years.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

I have learnt a great deal at Group Coach Leader program. I've learnt how to lead groups professionally with a lot of strategies taught in the program. It's a very informative program which I've enjoyed a lot. I also did a lot of personal work for myself when going through the program.


The whole experience was INCREDIBLE!
It changed so much for me in so many areas of my life!
Taught me to be calmer, how to listen more and create better communication.
I am starting up Group coaching for Women with Epilepsy in May.


I am really enjoying the Group Coach Leader program. It has helped me with my own work situations and training me well to serve clients. I would highly recommend this training both for personal and professional development.

It has impacted my life in multiple positive ways. I’m definitely happier and spend way more time on self care which is so rewarding. I’m just choosing how and where to spend my energy in a more mindful way.

Before this course I did not realize that taking on other people’s challenges/energy was a choice I was making and now I feel stronger and more invested in my own well-being that it’s become easy for me to just not engage. Really loving life more. Feel very fortunate that I now move quickly from crisis to opportunity and find that serves me well as a leader in these uncertain times.


This course is enabling me to take wisdom and strength I have always had and understand how to find them. I'm learning that my ability is real, I get lots of chances to work with different people and try my skills. I can learn so much better because there are so many people from so many cultures that the learning is so much more transferable into the real world. That gives me confidence to understand I have what it takes to do the job.


Amazing! Coaching Institute has really created something special. I’ve never felt the sense of community I feel with training. You are creating a beautiful space for healers to heal and learn at the same time. I’m so grateful to have found you all and to be a part of this.


I am excited as I just completed my 4th Clarity Session and have a client signing on for coaching starting in a couple weeks, YAY!!!

I have a sense of her goals/priorities, so will surely ask questions at the next mentoring session.


One thing these Group Coaches love about their work is they get to find their flow state and feel their own energy and purpose. It’s a focus on service.

Once you form an effective group, participants look forward to the connection with other Group Members. They put it in their schedule to go to group coaching every week.

Group Coaches bring people together, creating a community that increases the strengths of each individual. Each person who experiences positive change within Group Coaching naturally brings positive change to their own relationships away from the group.

Imagine, for instance, that one group participant is a mom of a twenty-five year old. She happens to partner with a participant who’s in her twenties. By working together, this mom gains insight about her partner’s life stages. Then she feels much more compassion and understanding for her own twenty-five year old daughter.

The positive impact on people is tremendous. If you enjoy bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of support and learning, Group Coaching is a perfect fit for your natural strengths.

How To Begin

I believe so strongly in the power of Group Coaching to create positive change in the world. I’m very excited to help you with it.

This is why I set out to train group coaches in a different way.

You see, over the past 10 years I’ve conducted over 1,000 Group Sessions with over 100,000 people live. During that time I’ve developed a wide range of Group Coaching Strategies, Session Plans, Meditations, and Courses. Topics range widely, including Relationship, Productivity, Emotional Wellness, Creativity, Spirituality, and Energy.

I’ve learned so much during that time. I’m very passionate about passing what I’ve learned to my students, giving them every advantage they could possibly have.

That’s why I’m going to do what no other training program will do:

I will give you 38 of my actual Activation™ Method
Group Coaching Sessions to use

Many of my students are ready to start their own coaching group within four weeks of joining Group Coach Leader™. How is this possible?
It’s because nothing is holding them back. They have everything they need: instruction, examples, session plans, a complete book to go along with the sessions, and detailed tutorials about leading groups.
Other coaches often struggle with having to create their own content, before they’ve even started working with clients. Instead of spending their time leading groups, they find themselves spending weeks in front of a laptop.
Not my students, because I give them my own tried and tested Group Coaching Courses to offer their participants. There is nothing you have to figure out, nothing you have to invent.
When you take your people through one of my Group Coaching courses, every step is mapped out for you.
The heart of a Group Coaching Session is your Session Plan. This is a sequence that includes, a topic, exercises, questions, and processes that take your participants on a discovery journey together. Each Session Plan has a unique feel and function. The more Session Plans you know, the more unique experiences you can offer your participants.
Each Session Plan includes a teaching module, a teacher’s guide, a participant guide, and a recording of myself leading each session, so you can learn from example. I have developed each of these Session Plans by testing them with multiple groups, multiple times. I refined each one, based on what it did for the participants.

For instance, if I found a strategy that increased the participants’ resources and energy levels, I would focus on making it perfect. On the other hand, if I found that a strategy lowered my participants’ moods, I would notice and improve it by adding an exercise or questions that would support the participant’s energy and imagination. And if I found a Group Coaching strategy that backfired (many group strategies simply don’t work), I’d cross it out.

It’s been a labor of love. There’s no short cut to developing effective Group Coaching Session Plans. You have to try each one out with a real group to see how it works, and then make it better. That’s why it can take years to get it right.

So it gives you a tremendous advantage to be able to start your career as a Group Coach with complete Courses which are proven to create a thriving, energizing experience for your participants.

Four Specialty Group Coaching Courses

As a Group Coach Leader, you have the opportunity to offer four different unique Group Coaching Courses to your own groups. Each revolves around a different theme that is essential for a happy life: Self Evolution, Energy & Spirituality, Emotional Wellness, and Relationship & Communication.

These courses will connect with any group – whether you’re coaching a room full of business owners, or alternative healers, or homeschooling parents. Everybody wants improvement in these areas of their life.

These Group Coaching Courses give you something incredibly valuable to offer your own clients and participants. 

Course 1: Self-Evolution

The Self-Evolution Course is about understanding and empowering our purpose in life. This method is based on growth and healing for each individual in a group.

Participants discover their most authentic self. The session processes are designed to bring skills, insight, and healing on a personal level. The results are greater self-love, empowered actions, purpose, and alignment with one’s strengths. 

The package contains eight unique group coaching session plans. You learn through experiencing the group session. Practicing guiding the group session. And from your colleagues and mentors experience in group with you.

Self-Evolution Course

Session 1: Modes of Being 

Session 2: Personal Strengths

Session 3: Timing 

Session 4: Rules 

Session 5: Values & Parts of Life 

Session 6: The Five Elements

Session 7: Decision Making 

Session 8: Key People

Session 9: Self-Love & Acceptance

Course 2: Energy & Spirituality

In the Energy & Spiritual Course you learn to lead participants through meditations, guided journeys and exercises. Each session is designed to deepen the group’s inner wisdom and awareness.

By working with Archetypes, Intuition, and Spiritual Energy, participants find deep resources from their creative mind. This results in less procrastination, less anxiety, and honoring one’s individual truth. A group coach does not position themselves as a “spiritual teacher,” instead they help the participants experience their own inner teacher.

Energy & Spirituality Course

Session 1: Magician Archetype 

Session 2: Expansion & Contraction 

Session 3: Awakening Love’s Inner Wisdom

Session 4: Healthy Boundaries

Session 5: Full Archetype Process 

Session 6: Life Contract Journey 

Session 7: Higher Self Healing with Guide

Session 8: Healing with Elements and Gaia

Session 9: Equanimity Life Practice

Course 3: Emotional Wellness

All of us have emotions, but some of us have made good friends with our emotions. In the Emotional Wellness Course we help our participants create clarity, validation, and acceptance of all emotions. Participants learn to be their own best friend. Through the exercises you will guide your groups as each participant deepens their ability to find balance, inner harmony, and self-acceptance. This reduces anxiety, fear and anger. Participants find it easier to communicate their emotions, flow with life, and understand other people.

Emotional Wellness Course

Session 1: Empowering Emotions

Session 2: Healing Our Anxiety

Session 3: Four P’s Process

Session 4: Deepening the Healthy Side of Certainty and Uncertainty

Session 5: Emotional Goal Setting

Session 6: Creating Equanimity

Session 7: Love & Wishing Practice

Session 8: Regaining Our Lost Power

Course 4: Relationship & Communication

Every relationship is a wonderful teacher on our life path. In the Relationship & Communication Course you will learn to guide participants to discover their relationship patterns, needs, strengths, and skills. Every session is built around personal discovery, inner resourcing and using the skills in real relationships. Through working within, the group processes help us to create more love and connection in our life. Any kind of relationship can be improved. This might look like the courage to date again, the opening up to a loved one, or the building of new friendships.

Every relationship is a wonderful teacher on our life path. In the Relationship & Communication Course you will learn to guide participants to discover their relationship patterns, needs, strengths, and skills. Every session is built around personal discovery, inner resourcing and using the skills in real relationships. Through working within, the group processes help us to create more love and connection in our life. Any kind of relationship can be improved. This might look like the courage to date again, the opening up to a loved one, or the building of new friendships.

Relationships & Communication Course

Session 1: Action Taking Skills

Session 2: Rules and Relationships

Session 3: Animal Communication Styles

Session 4: Heart Requests 

Session 5: Overcoming Procrastination

Session 6: Offer and Block Communications 

Session 7: Self Love and Acceptance

Session 8: Healthy Boundaries

Imagine how your Group Coaching career would be accelerated by having these courses to offer.

When you’ve been fully trained to offer one of these courses to a wonderful group of people. You can relax, focus on your participants’ needs, and enjoy your own incredible growth.

Each Group Coach Specialty Course comes with it’s own certification. Each one can take as little as four weeks to complete. You’re only four weeks away from being able to offer your first course.

A Comprehensive Training as an Activation™ Method Group Coach Leader

Here’s a review of what you get:

Activation™ Method Group Coach Leader Training Modules

Wherever you are now, these modules take you through everything you need to become a successful Group Coach Leader. I’ll teach you how to work with Live Groups, how to lead Online Groups, and how to offer Individual Coaching.

Everything I teach is given in a Group Coaching format so that you are learning by example every minute. I will help you to find your own inner resources as a Group Coach. You will be able to activate your inner power and leadership so that it becomes fun and easy to lead. These modules are recorded and ready for you in your student portal.

I want you to know that when you are full of your own leadership strengths, then every group you lead gives you joy, connection, and fulfillment.

Coaching Boot Camp™ February 18-20 2023

Coaching is a relationship-based skill. You can’t learn it on your own. You need partners as well as a dynamic supportive community. We developed Coaching Boot Camp to create a radical acceleration in your coaching skills and your confidence. No matter what your current coaching level is, attending Boot Camp will double it.

Coaching Boot Camp comes in two formats. Live online or in your online training. You are trained in 10 One on One Coaching Session Plans. This means that you have an immediate system for helping individuals thrive in their life. 

You will have access to your Boot Camp recordings online if you can not make it live.

Four Months of Live Weekly Mentorship Sessions (until June 1, 2023) Classes with the Founders of Activation™ Method,
Magali and Mark Peysha

We get on a group zoom meeting every week to answer questions and help you with your coaching practice. Whether you have a new project coming up or a client you’re trying to help, or anything is coming up for you personally, this is how you get regular weekly access to expert support.

You will be part of the weekly Individual Coaching Skills Practice Labs

In Practice Lab, you receive hands-on training in 21 different one-on-one coaching skills. Every time you come to Practice Lab, you actually learn a new coaching skill. You get to have the valuable experience of being coached and doing coaching. Practice Lab is offered at a variety of times of day to accommodate different time zones. Offered through June 1, 2023.

Group Coaching Content Creation Training

Once you have experience leading groups, you may want to start creating your own customized Group Coaching Content. Perhaps there is a topic that you’d like to teach using these strategies, the way I teach Meditation. Perhaps you’d like to create a program that is customized for a specific audience. You’ll have access to my entire method for creating new, highly successful Group Coaching Sessions and Courses. This is there for you in your online Self-Evolution course classroom. You can start designing your own group content right away.

Become a Meditation Teacher

Meditation Classroom with over 200 Meditations and Energy Exercises

This creative system for guiding meditation, energy and relaxation classes is a resource for all your coaching work. Whether you guide your own Meditation Groups or you work with individual clients helping them become more mindful, centered, and creative, the meditations that Magali Peysha guides are helpful to create a deeper sense of self love, focus and spiritual expansion. You will find that each meditation honors the individual’s inner resources and uses universal language to help connect us with our own deeper truth.

Meditation Teacher Training Fall 2023

I will support you in learning how to guide meditation classes for individuals and groups. We will meet live for workshops and a one day intensives. You will master the following core meditation guidance skills: nervous system regulation techniques, awareness practices, heart centered and opening guidance, healing the inner critic, connection with guides, angels and higher self, nature and elements as healing modalities, transformation in active meditation, relaxation techniques, power and soul retrieval. You will know how to support meditators through an awakening processes. And you will have the resources you need to help those with focus, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of healthy power.

Includes a Comprehensive
Business-Building System

Group Coach Leader™ Certification Training includes the most comprehensive and effective system for marketing your coaching practice. The trainings were designed by coaches for coaches.

Everything is included: you will not have to purchase any other marketing trainings to build a full-time practice.

Your marketing trainings will include:

Integrity Marketing System

We believe that coaches are happiest and most successful when they choose a simple system for connecting with new clients. Set up your simple system, start working with clients professionally, and enjoy the growth of your business. Coach Accelerator Workshop sets you up with a 100% online client acquisition system within the space of a 5 day online training. We walk you through the entire system during the training, so that at the end of five days, you have everything you need!

Coaching Practice Blueprint™

This revolutionary program is responsible for tripling the rate at which our students get their first paying clients. That’s because, instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to turn you into a “marketer,” we focus on helping you spend your time doing what you love most: coaching. It includes information on where potential clients are hanging out in your community, how to create referral relationships with other professionals, how to build your coaching business by helping people for free, and the simplest way to set up your business.

Clarity Session Magic™

90% of all coaching clients worldwide are signed up in the same way: through a free consultation conversation, or “Clarity Session.” This is your #1 business tool. This training shows you how to offer Clarity Sessions with absolute integrity, knowing that everybody you offer it to will have a great experience. There is no “selling” involved, only doing what coaches love to do best: helping. Having this training will make you completely confident talking to prospective clients.

Group Coaching Modules

These specialized modules will walk you through the specific steps for signing participants for a Group Coaching workshop. We go over the logistics of setting up and running Coaching Groups, whether in person or online. Nothing is left out!

Your Own Group Coaching Website

It’s very important for coaches to have a website that defines their practice and the benefits of coaching with them. The problem is that websites can be thorny to put together yourself. So we have designed the ideal coaching website for Group Coaches.

It’s done for you – all you have to do is add your name and photo! It will include the details of your certification with the Coaching Institute. Set it up once, use it forever. No other training offers this!

Become a Group Coach Leader Right Away

Group Coach Leader Gold Package

This is the most complete way to form a successful Group Coaching career. It includes all of the core trainings, life training access, and business building. You also get licensed to offer 38 Activation™ Method Group coaching sessions to your groups. You will also receive a very special bonus called 21 Journeys Teacher Training. This is only available when joining as a one-pay Gold Member.

You also get:

  • Certification in Opal Boot Camp Three Strategies 
  • Three Days of Live Online Certification in Pearl Coaching Boot Camp™
  • Learn to Create Your Own Original Group Coaching Content
  • Live Weekly Online Mentorship Classes until June 2023
  • Live Coaching Skills Training Practice until June 2023
  • Certification as a Activation™ Method Meditation Teacher 
  • Integrity Marketing™ Business-Building System
  • Your own Group Coach Leader Website that you can customize
  • Four Certificates: Self-Evolution, Relationship and Communication, Emotional Wellness, and Energy and Spiritual AM Group Coach Courses with over 38 Group Session Plans.
  • Special Gold Package only Bonus Certification as a 21 Journeys™ teacher!
 Gold Package Bonus: 21 Journeys Teacher Certification
When you join as Gold Member, you’ll receive my training for guiding participants through my 21 Journeys™ System. This is a unique class which you can offer weekly, online or in person. Through this series of 21 exercises you are helping participants restore their energy, activate their creativity, and regulate the nervous system. Through this practice you are helping to restore healthy power, meet guides, and open the senses.

Group Coach Leader Silver Package

We know that sometimes a tuition payment plan makes all the difference to getting started, so we have created the Silver Level Package. This package has everything in Gold except the 21 Journeys Teacher Training. And to make it really easy to start tuition is only $259 per month. This option is available when you click the button  below.

We’re so excited about the potential Group Coaching has for you – and we are committed to your success. Are you considering becoming a Group Coach right now? Let us know. Our team is standing by to communicate with you personally.

Just email us at support@coachinginstitute.com or call us here: 877.258.0480.

You're Protected by an Unconditional
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve ever thought about working with groups, even if you’re still skeptical, we’d like you to join Group Coach Leader™ Certification.

You have no risk. When you join, you’ll have access to the entire program. If you don’t find it’s the most effective way for you to enjoy a career as a Group Coach, let us know within 30 days, and you’ll receive a complete refund.

You’ll find that it’s the most intuitive and comprehensive Group Coach Training in the world.
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