Episode 3: The Five Game Changers of Coaching

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In Episode 1 we shared that, in the midst of this pandemic, online coaches are having no problem signing up and serving paying clients and growing their business.

In Episode 2 we talked about what kind of person is most likely to succeed as a coach.

And in this Episode we’re going to put on our business hats and share some of the amazing business advantages online coaches get to enjoy.

Episode 3: The Five Game Changers of Coaching

We are in the midst of a revolutionary time where the internet is transforming the way we work, where we make our purchases, and spend our time.

Online coaches get to enjoy living in “the growing side of the economy.” The business advantages are so vast, we call them Game Changers.

Here they are:

1. You can start with nothing

Most businesses require a specialized background or a sizeable financial investment. Not coaching.

There’s nothing you have to “bring with you” as a coach except your interest in helping people.

You don’t need any kind of technological skills or educational background, be a particular age or gender, or live in a particular location. You’re needed just the way you are.

Coaches can create a thriving coaching practice from home without having to make substantial purchases, learn complicated marketing systems, or even have a website.

The only investment you have to make is in your own coaching skills – and you keep those forever.

2. You don’t have to take risks

Most career changes involve risk, in that you have to leave your current workplace in order to start your new career.

This is not the case for coaching! There are many ways to add coaching to your life on your own schedule without taking any career risks.

For instance:

  • Most of our students keep their day job as they study coaching and start developing a paying clientele on the side.
  • Some people choose to keep their current career, while practicing coaching as a meaningful second stream of income. This gives added income security.
  • Many people think of coaching as their preparation for a retirement where they can do work they love on their own terms.
  • Often we get health professionals, instructors, and other client-centered practitioners who add coaching to their practice as another level of service for their students, clients, customers, and patients.

Bottom line: as a coach, you get to call the shots. Add coaching to your life in the way that best serves you, without having to take any kind of professional risk.

3. No geographical restrictions

Have you ever thought your income and career were limited by where you live? 

Yes, that used to be true. But it’s not true anymore.

There are hundreds of millions of people online who are perfectly qualified to be coaching clients – nice, stable people with good incomes who are hoping that coaching will bring improvement to their lives.

These clients don’t care where you live. What they want is quality coaching that can move their lives forward. You may never meet those clients in person.

Therefore, as a coach, you can run your business from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions.

4. Time freedom

Many of us have complex lives, with family, work, or other obligations that occupy our schedules. So it’s important to have a livelihood that is time-flexible. You want to be able to do your work in a way that fits your life.

As a coach, you get to design your coaching practice around your needs. Do you like to keep several days of the week completely free for your own use or for your passion projects? Great. Do you like to keep a whole week work-free every month? Super. Do you like to work until 11am every day and have the rest of the day for other things? It’s your option.

Whether you have another profession, a full family life, or creative projects you want to work on, coaching gives you the time freedom to grow and develop yourself.

5. Pandemic proof

The world has changed. Any business or career that requires customers to be physically present is in constant danger of having to close its doors.

People are having to wake up every morning and check the news to see whether they’re likely to be sent home, or worse, risk getting sick at work – or bringing sickness home. That’s not how life is supposed to be!

It’s actually safer to have your own online business that you get to run from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike street businesses, which depend on local people to come in every day, as an online coach, you have a massive customer base: everybody on the internet. An online coach only needs 10-20 paying clients at any one time. And there are hundreds of millions of them.

The Sky Is The Limit

Coaching is the ultimate way to get started online. It’s easy to start. It’s purposeful, rewarding, and you learn so much about life and people.

And if you’ve ever had dreams of doing something else – writing a book or leading groups, for instance, coaching is the perfect way to get there.

Coaching gives you the skills in creating change, a strong knowledge of human nature, and a working confidence in helping anybody make positive changes. It gives you stories of transformation from your coaching practice to share with your public.

Most coaching businesses do not require very much time to maintain, apart from your session time. If you have a side project you’re passionate about, you can do it.

These are Game Changers. Any one of these is enough to transform a profession. When you combine these in one career, it’s truly incredible.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, check out Episode 4 tomorrow.


Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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