Episode One: Online Coaches are Quietly
Building Successful Careers, Right Now

If your livelihood has depended on people walking in and out of buildings, traveling, sitting down in restaurants, etc, this may have been the hardest few months of your professional life.

And with all of the Covid closings, reopenings, and re-closings, the future remains hazy. Our hearts go out to those affected.

But if your business runs on communication traveling through wires in and out of your comfortable home office… in other words, if you’re part of the 100% online economy, then you’re probably pretty stable!

The online economy has been building up for years. But the real test came in March…

And what we found was that people who were already working from home offices were spared much of the stress, uncertainty, and setbacks that hit everybody else.

And if you’re in the business of helping people to pursue their goals, improve their life, and navigate life transitions – you’re probably seeing more demand for your services than ever before.

Here are two coaching students I saw yesterday on a group Zoom call.

Patricia joined us in January with no previous experience. She opened her coaching business in late March. She has 8 paying clients and about 25 prospective clients at any given time, all online. While the world was on lockdown, she was creating her next chapter.

Her advice: “I don’t say I master it all, absolutely not. But I got started! And it’s great that I have started, because I can see now the word of mouth coming. It’s exciting!”

We were speaking yesterday because she has a new prospective client she’s talking to today.

Another student, Andy, was there too.

He just had his highest-ticket client. He says, “the first time someone gives you a check for twenty grand for work that hasn’t been done yet, it’s a nice thing!”

Now, both of these coaches are model students. They are committed, they show up for trainings, and they play full out. And for this reason, they were able to open their coaching businesses and deliver value.

But they are not the exceptions. We see coaches getting paying clients all across the board.

There’s no shortage of coaching clients! Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about that. But first, I want to give you a “Save the Date.”

We have a three day Online Coaching Boot Camp coming up July 18-20. This is our proprietary system for getting coaches up and running in three days. You don’t need any prior experience.

And the reason it works is that we train you, face-to-face in a small Zoom group, in the 9 coaching strategies you’ll need to offer your first coaching package.

In three days you get fully practiced in these 9 coaching strategies, which means that you have a coaching package to offer paying clients. That’s what gets you going so quickly.

So put it in your calendar, and tomorrow we’ll share our next installment.


Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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