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Use This 17-Minute Process to Discover Your Marketing Strengths and Create a Client-Based Practice that You’ll Love.

If You’re a Coach, Therapist, or Healer, You Already Have The Marketing Strengths That Will Transform Your Client-Based Practice. The 17-Minute Process Inside This Book Will Show You How.

Dear Coach, Therapist, or Healer,

I have a guess about you. 

My guess is that you’re good with people and want to help them.  You’ve chosen this career path because you’ve developed certain strengths and skills at helping people. 

But getting clients – the “marketing” part – has not come naturally. At this point, you’re a better at helping people than growing your business. 

Well, this is something that can change, starting today.

This guide contains a 17-minute process where you will discover your Marketing Strengths. These are skills and abilities you already have. These strengths are something you’ve done thousands of times in your life, and they come naturally to you. When you apply these strengths to your marketing, your ability to create your coaching or therapy business will “click” for the first time. 

Tap into your Marketing Strengths and discover 70 Marketing Channels that are working for client-based businesses right now.

Effective marketing is about having a process that enables your clients to find you. It’s a natural extension of the services you want to offer. When you have this process, clients are going through it 24/7, and they are reaching out to you for your help. 

This guide will show you 70 different approaches to getting hundreds of clients to find you every month. These are well-established Marketing Channels that are working for all kinds of client-based professionals right now. 

However, this isn’t just a “list” of marketing strategies. The Strengths-Based Process will enable you to tap into your existing strengths and match them with a client-acquisition system that’s right for you. 

You can get started right now for only $4, and you’ll have your results within minutes. 


What is Strengths-Based Marketing?

Strengths-Based Marketing is an evidence-based method for tapping ino thte Marketing Strengths that you already possess, so that you can harness them to accelerate your business growth.

  • If you love learning healing, coaching, and therapeutic skills…
  • If you enjoy helping clients to improve their lives…
  • If you can clearly see that there are people in the world that need services like yours…

Then it’s time to discover the Marketing Strengths which are a natural outgrowth of the way you help people. When you discover these strengths, your marketing will flow.

There's One Reason Marketing Has Been Hard For You: It 's Been Leading You Away From Your Zone of Strengths

When we’re within our Zone of Strengths, we feel effective, confident, and joyful. We have more fun, and more gets done. It’s your Strengths that help you feel that way. 

When we are outside of our Zone of Strengths, we feel confused, depleted, anxious, and unsupported. Our efforts start and stop and start again. We lack joy and momentum. 

So ask yourself – when work on marketing your services, are you in your Zone of Strengths? Or not really?

In this book I will show you another way, where you tap into your natural Marketing Strengths, so your marketing becomes a natural extension of your helping and healing services. This makes creating your marketing actually fun, and more effective than anything you’ve ever tried before. 

You may have been told that you have to “bite the bullet” and do certain marketing activities that rub you the wrong way. 

But if some part of the marketing process has been slow, frustrating, or confusing, it’s because you’re being led away from your Strengths. It’s time to reconnect with what you love to do! 

It Starts with the 17-Minute Process Inside This Book

You’re about to discover a completely different way to create your client-based business. It’s been developed specifically for highly dedicated coaches, therapists, and healers who really care about helping their clients. 

Instead of feeling frustrated and exhausted with your marketing efforts, you’re going to feel clear, effective, and inspired.

Instead of continuing to wrestle with business decisions,such as “choosing a niche,” you will understand your own strengths and how to serve them with your business.

Instead of feeling like marketing has to be an ethical compromise, you’re going to learn how to describe your services in a way that feels authentic, honest, and effective. 

You’ll feel a surge of positive energy, and you will finally be able to develop a marketing process you love that brings clients to your services. 

You will discover:

  • A simple, fun 17-minute process to discover your Communication Strengths.
  • 70 different Marketing Channels that are working to bring millions of paying clients to all kinds of client-based businesses every day. 
  • How to translate your Communication Strengths into a simple Marketing Process which is unique to you, and which is especially designed for client-based professionals.
  • How to use your insight into people to create a high-integrity message that describes your work, fascinates your audience, and turns them into subscribers, fans, and followers
  • A passive process in which your readers and subscribers “go down the rabbit hole” of your message and ask you to learn about your services.
  • How to spend your days in your Zone of Strengths, working with clients you love, while your marketing works in the background, finding new clients for you.
“My book went live 11 weeks ago…and the past 6 weeks I’ve made over $30,000 in coaching income…”

Here’s What To Expect When You Tap Into Your Marketing Strengths

Want to see how to grow a business to $100k/mo by selling books like the one you can get on this page? Do you want to see how to quickly write a book and get clients because of your book? Would you like to get the method I use to sell 50 – 150 books per day and turn book readers into clients for my services? Ready to use a book to grow an email list of readers who can’t wait to hear from you or buy more of your products or services? In 2018, when it was time to scale my own coaching business…
  • Want to see how to grow a business to $100k/mo by selling books like the one you can get on this page?
  • Do you want to see how to quickly write a book and get clients because of your book?
  • Would you like to get the method I use to sell 50 – 150 books per day and turn book readers into clients for my services?
  • Ready to use a book to grow an email list of readers who can’t wait to hear from you or buy more of your products or services?
  • In 2018, when it was time to scale my own coaching business…

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just $4

And You’ll Receive ALL of these Bonuses for FREE:

Bonus # 1:

Reach 100 Clients Every Week

How the top 5% of successful client-based practitioners are connecting with hundreds new clients every month

Today there are more ways than ever before to reach hundreds or thousands of qualified clients every week. You simply have to choose a mechanism that will carry your message to your intended audience. We call these mechanisms “Marketing Channels.” They can be found everywhere in our society – online and in person, in your neighborhood and globally. This training will show you how to choose and develop your Marketing Channel in just a few hours per week. 

Bonus # 2:

Discover Your "Perfect Match" Audience

There is a "tribe" that you are meant to communicate with and serve.

If you work with clients, you know the satisfaction of seeing them benefit from your services. Now prepare to multiply that feeling by a hundred. When you discover your Audience, you develop a relationship with hundreds or thousands of dedicated readers and followers. These are people you will be helping every day – and who become an ever-flowing source of paying clients. 


Bonus # 3:

The 8 Coaching Megamarkets

There are eight Megamarkets which are responsible for over $5 trillion in consumer spending per year.

When you practice Strengths-Based Marketing, you have client acquisition system that reflects your strengths and deepest purpose. In this training you’ll learn how to position your business intelligently for maximum profits. 

There are eight “mega-markets” for coaching and healing which generate over $5 trillion in income every year. You can design your business so that it “plugs into” these massive sources of consumer income and spending. Forget all the traditional advice you’ve heard about “choosing a niche.”

When your business is connected to a megamarket, you are connected to clients who are ready to invest in their lives. 

Bonus # 4:

Craft Your Core Message

Simplify your marketing by crafting a Core Message, which is the "DNA" of everything you do.

Your Core Message is a personal distillation of everything you want to do in your practice, and everything you want to communicate to your clients. When you have a Core Message, creating content, communications, and presentations is easy. You have a way to communicate about your work that reliably creates attention, engagement, and client enrollments. You know what your audience needs to hear from you, and you have a consistent way to communicate with them, in just 1-2 hours per week. 

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Strengths-Based Marketing Method:

Get the Strengths-Based Marketing Method + All 4 Bonuses

For Just $4

Get Everything Above Today for Just $4

  • A Digital Copy of the Strengths-Based Marketing Book
  • Reach 100 Clients Per Week Training
  • Discover Your Perfect Match Audience
  • Niche and Market Design
  • 8 Coaching Megamarkets Training 

Get your copy today and you’ll receive Strengths-Based Marketing digital book and 4 additional FREE bonuses!


Here’s a simple promise:

Strengths-Based Marketing will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for ANY reason…

…just let my team know with a quick email to, and they’ll send you a refund for your book purchase. This is a one-year money-back guarantee!

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