Spiritual and Creative Coach Training Course

Integration of Spirit, Body and Mind

Creative and Spiritual Coach

We believe that all good life coaching is in some way a spiritual path.

In our spiritual and creative coach training we prioritize training you in the strategies and methods that most empower a client’s intuition, creativity and spiritual expansion.

You help your client’s life journey by empowering their greatest truth, values and emotions to heal and transform their experience of life.

Empower Your True Path

Our system teaches you how to guide meditations and shamanic hypnotic journeys within a coaching session. You will also learn how to use somatic healing techniques and awareness practices with your clients.

We believe every client who comes to a spiritual and creative coach should be met with great respect, love and commitment. It is a true privilege to work with others at this level of depth and connection. Our system respects all beliefs, religions and cultural heritages.

We work by empowering the client’s true path instead of giving them one to follow. This means that each person’s unique spiritual journey is their own to take. As a Spiritual and Creative Coach you assist your client in finding new skills, resources and practices.

Live Online Spiritual and Creative Coach Boot Camp

Where we get together for three days to learn creative coaching strategies, enrich our own inner path, and embrace our true selves in a community of caring, compassionate and deep individuals.

You’ll come away with tools for helping yourself and clients find resources in archetypes, guides, mindfulness, somatic connection and a lot more.

Meditation Group Guide

You become certified to lead a meditation group using the Activation™ System. Magali Peysha has done extensive work in the area of Yogic Meditation, Ayurveda, Budhist Studies, Generative Trance and Shamanic Journey.
She trains you to assist individuals and groups in deepening imagination, inner relaxation, focus, wisdom, equanimity and compassion.

Activation™ Retreat Leader Training

You will learn how to plan and lead retreats both online and live. Your retreats will have group growth processes, meditative guidance, and journey explorations.

Retreat participants will be guided by you to increase their emotional maturity, gain insights about their relationships, empower and heal their energy, and create deep relaxation of their bodies, their minds and their spirit. You will also find that many retreat participants will want to continue working with you privately or in group coaching sessions.

Certified 21 Journeys® Teacher

In this innovative and dynamic form of group coaching you will learn to lead groups through awareness exercises, meditative journeys, somatic experience and creativity building process all combined with movement and breath work.

21 Journeys is exactly the kind of mind-body class that yoga studios, alternative medicine centers, and fitness classrooms want to offer their public. The classes are 60-90 minutes long and create a spiritual and energetic experience that gives your students inner strength, relaxation and creativity.

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