Become A Successful Relationship Coach

You will improve marriages, help families, heal workplace problems, support emotional wellness, relationship skills, and resonate with the spiritual joy of helping others grow!

Dear Future Coach,

Today we’re going to share with you one of the most important niches in the coaching industry.

Right now, hundreds of millions of people are investing deeply in their family life and relationships.

After all, being in loving relationship is  one of the most important purposes we have. For many people, this is their top life priority. 

Now, here’s the thing. For millions of people, this is difficult. They are looking for help to make their relationships better. And this is where you can have a big impact.

A new kind of professional is on the rise.

This professional gets to:

In 2023 life is different than it’s ever been before - there’s a great need for support. People are more aware of their need for connection and support. They are looking for help.

This new professional is the Relationship Coach.

Now here’s the cool part...

To become a Relationship Coach you don’t need a special educational background, or years of experience.

All you have to do is have the core values and commitment  help people improve their relationship and emotional skills. So they can feel more self love, more trust and more closeness. You can do this by using the powerful system I’m going to share with you.

Magali Peysha

Over the last 12 years I’ve personally trained over 15,000  Coaches.  I’m the author of the #1 best selling book The Strategic Intervention Handbook and the bestselling relationship book, Love Happier. My new book The Activation™ Method Workbook has just been released. And my Passion Patterns Relationship Training series has helped 1.5 million people to create more love in their lives.

Now, when I started out as coach, coaching was a little-known luxury service, mostly used by high-end professionals like athletes, entertainers, and executives.

It’s been a beautiful journey to see hundreds of millions of people waking up to the idea that their life and relationships could be greatly improved by working with a coach. There has never been a better time in history to become a coach… than right now.

It has been incredible to see my Relationship Coach graduates becoming true professionals in the field, speaking, writing, giving workshops, and transforming people’s lives – while making a great income.

Relationship Coaches have some powerful advantages that other types of coaching don’t get to enjoy. We call these the Relationship Coaching Superpower

Relationship Coaching

#1: Investing in Emotional Wellness and Love

While the coaching industry is growing by leaps and bounds – it’s nothing compared to the size of the Relationship Coaching Markets. Right now, $2 billion are spent every year on coaching services. That’s huge.

Now compare that to how much is spent by people on relationship services. How much do people spend? The answer: $14 billion per year, in the U.S. alone. That’s seven times the size of the coaching market itself!

Now, consider the other markets that are tied to Relationship Coaching. The wedding industry is a $51 billion per year industry in the U.S, with 3 million weddings every year.  

People invest in their relationships! They invest in creating them, and they invest just as much in
protecting, maintaining, and improving them. Relationship Coaches are positioned to thrive in this enormous $67 billion dollar market.

#2: Relationship Coaching Has Mass Appeal

Often, beginning coaches are shy to explain what coaching is and what they do. “How do I explain coaching?” They often ask.

Relationship coaches don’t have this problem. Everybody knows that when a couple or a family starts having relationship problems, you call a relationship professional. So when someone meets you as a Relationship Coach, you don’t have to do a lot of explaining. People get it. In fact, they often start thinking about the people they can refer to you.

It also means that when people sign up for relationship coaching, they’re serious about it. They understand the commitment. They know it may take 12 weeks or more. And they understand how important it is to their well being. And your secret, as their coach, is that, with the right tools, your clients will start seeing big changes sooner than they think. 

#3: Relationship Coaches are Highly Valued

Every town has institutions devoted to supporting marriages and family. This includes religious organizations, schools, after-school programs, and other public organizations and services. Because these organizations care about the health and well being of families, they are the Relationship Coach’s natural allies.

Now with the added stress to life, work, and education these days, people need relationship support even more than they did before.

When it comes to organizations that are there to support families, they are now overwhelmed. Each of these organizations has a leader who is trusted in their community. People are constantly asking for their help and advice. The problem is that these leaders don’t have the time or expertise to coach everybody who asks for help. They need a Relationship Coach to refer to!

When you come into the picture as a well-trained Relationship Coach, you solve this problem for the whole community. The leader looks to you as a trusted person to refer to. Many coaches receive client referrals every week from schools, churches, wellness centers, and other community leaders.

When a Relationship Coach helps a couple, a parent, or business partners the people in the community also notice and share the coach’s name. We all know somebody who wants to improve their relationships, right?

For this reason, Relationship Coaches often receive a steady stream of referrals from their clients and clients’ families. This minimizes the need for marketing so you can focus on empowering lives.

This makes Relationship Coaches the most-referred type of coach in the world.

#4: Relationship Coaches Transform Generations

As a Relationship Coach, you go to sleep at night knowing you are making the world a better place for generations to come.

Children grow up in an environment created by their parents and families. Any positive shift in this environment creates an enormous change in the child’s life. When parents love each other more, when they communicate better, when they cooperate better as parents, a child’s life is totally transformed.

When a couple, family, or any two people discover a way to improve their relationship, they get very excited. The changes create a shift in the quality of their lives. These changes are often permanent and often last for generations. The child learns and passes their new skills on to their children. It changes the way generations live in the future.

So, by creating areas of progress in the life of a couple or a family, the impact is felt deeply by hundreds of people over the coming decades. The impact you have as a relationship coach is exponential and lasts generations. It’s a true legacy.

#5: Relationship Coaching is Fast-Acting

Most people don’t realize that relationship coaching is one of the fastest-acting forms of coaching. Relationship coaching is fast for one simple reason: you’re helping people find something they already have.

You see, in many kinds of coaching people are trying to get something they’ve never achieved before – for instance a new career or business.

Relationship coaching is often much faster because the love, commonality, and shared values between two people are often already there. It’s just a matter of finding what works and making it better through teaching relationship skills.

Take parents, for example. They want nothing more than to understand, encourage and support their children. Yet, being human and not having necessarily received the right relationship experiences themselves, they end up feeling badly about their parenting. They might give so much that they run out of personal resources. Sometimes they don’t know how to relate to their child or how to get along with their partner as co-parents.

When you have the right strategies to help clients discover this, they are instantly grateful and excited.

Become a Relationship Coach

Relationship Coaches Transform Lives

Relationship Coaches can focus on romantic relationships. However, relationship coaching tools can be applied to any situation where one or two people want to improve the relationship.

In your community there are:

Imagine having the powerful coaching strategies that will lead these people to the next level of growth and satisfaction in any of these situations.

Introducing Relationship Coaching Academy™

First: You learn coaching session plans that help clients improve their relationships. We do this by teaching you the steps of a session to help every relationship client improve their understanding, connection and communication. These skills are practical, creative, and mindful. You also learn to help clients with their emotions, and the relationship with themselves.

Second: You’re getting the most focused, complete, and effective Relationship Coach Training in the industry. We know Relationship Coaches need coaching tools, systems for educating couples, systems for helping parents, group classes you learn to lead, and mentors there to support you and develop your talents. We have seen it all and have distilled this experience into easy-to-understand strategies and scenarios. And when you have a question about a relationship client, we'll be there to answer your question.

Third: Our training is self-paced online so that you can fit learning into your life. When you need support you will come to a small group session to get your questions answered. This means our students are trained at a high level - and are Relationship Coaches whose strengths I understand and can vouch for. If taking the program for yourself you will gain deep relationship healing and personal discoveries too. When you want to practice we partner you with a colleague to practice your coaching skills together.

Become a Relationship Coach

The Training Comes with Four Certifications

Part 1: NEW: Awake Empowered Love Coach
100 Hour Relationship Coaching Academy Certification

This is a self-led certification training you can take at your own pace from anyplace in the world. You’ll learn the art of Relationship Coaching. You’ll learn concepts to teach your clients, strategies to use in your coaching, and you’ll get to study real Relationship Coaching sessions by master coaches. Magali Peysha will be teaching you live through workshops on topics like: healing from narcissistic relationships, emotional processing and regulation, soul retrieval for integration, healthy relationship factors, the wisdom of boundaries, and much more.

What you’ll get:

Part 2. Passion Patterns Couples & Group Coach Certification

You will be learning a 6-12 week series of sessions you can use as an individual coach and as a group coach.

Part 3. Aware Parent & Family Coach Certification

You will be able to help individual coaching clients, couples,  and groups you lead. 

Part 4. Activation™ Meditation Coach & Teacher Certification

This training will certify you as a Relationship Coach from the Coaching Institute, making it clear that you’re a dedicated Relationship Professional with a specialization in both Couples and Parenting Coaching

Activation™ Meditation Coach and Teacher

Live Relationship Coach Live Online Saturday Workshops

Six Months of Live Weekly Classes with Founder Magali Peysha and Mark Peysha. You will be guided through coach skills and practices. 

This is a warm and welcoming community that supports each other as we learn.

Magali offers you valuable support and answers all of your questions.

Small personalized mentorship every week.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.12.41 PM

Relationship Coach Marketing System with Mark Peysha

Many coaches start their careers  confused about how to write about their coaching services, what to put on their website, and how to start getting coaching clients.

As a Relationship Coach your path is so much simpler, because you don’t have to “invent” anything. You get a plug-and-play Relationship Coaching Funnel that’s optimized for your business as a Relationship Coach.


Relationship Coach Marketing System Includes...

Complete Relationship Coaching Funnel
This is a fully configured Relationship Coaching Funnel, complete with landing page, opt-in, your script for a clarity session invitation, automated email sequence, and checkout. All you have to do is customize it with your name and photo. This funnel is built in a leading funnel software which is fully customizable and expandable as you grow.

Training: Client Enrollment Boot Camp
A comprehensive 8-hour training in a Relationship Coaches’ #1 business tool: your Relationship Clarity Session. A Relationship Clarity Session is a special free coaching session you offer anyone you think would benefit from your Relationship Coaching. You’ll learn not only how to master a Clarity Session. You’ll also learn every other type of client conversation you will need.

Training: First Five Clients
It only takes two coaching clients to pay off your entire tuition, so this is a method for getting an initial burst of attention for your coaching practice, so you can get your first clients. You’ll learn how to get your coaching services seen by a minimum of 100 qualified prospects in a short period of time, using skills and resources you already have!

Training: AI For Coaches Learn new strategies for using AI in branding and content development.

We Will Show You:

Six Months of Relationship Coaching...

Live Classes with Magali and Mark Peysha the founders of Relationship Coaching Academy

You can do the entire program on your own or you can come to the live classes for personalized support and practice!

Relationship Coaching Academy Training Comes with the Following Online Certification Programs

Become a Certified Relationship Coach

See What Relationship Coach Students are Saying

The training not only transformed me as a person, but it also helped me transform my relationship with my husband, with my parents, with my kids, with my friends, with the world in general. There’s no word that would describe how much this training helped me change everything in my life, and bring more love and compassion and joy to my family.


I’ve started working with couples partway through the training, because you gave me strategies that I could do to help the couples. So I felt confident immediately in working with couples, even before the training was completed, and I'm doing it!


There’s so much! Mark and Magali's teachings are so wonderful, and the strategies are so useful, and the people here are... I can’t even describe the community that I feel right now.


Now I have these tools that have helped me be very, very conscious about the decisions that I make and choices that I make. Oh my gosh, I feel completely empowered and just like this - like a goddess.


I came down here knowing that I was going to get some really great tools and insights to be a coach. What really impacted me was that I got so much out of it in my own personal relationship as well. There’s nothing like that experience of like feeling it working in your own life, and then seeing first-hand how it can help people and affect other people.


What I love about Mark and Magali’s coaching is that when they demo on stage, they do it in such a way you learn the processes and then you can turn around and take it away and use it with your clients. I thought I knew most of what I needed to know with coaching, and what I found here was all the bits that fill in the gaps, and knit it all together. So if you want to be a coach, if you want to be a great coach, it’s a must you spend some time with Mark and Magali.


The training is very easy to integrate into your practice, your workshops, or however you want to express it. The other thing as well, is we’ve got amazing connections. It’s a high caliber group of people that are drawn to these sorts of programs and the coaching and mentoring is fantastic and it’s very, very easily accessible. You’d be crazy not to invest the time, energy, and money into this program, because the value you’re going to get out of it is exponential. So don’t think about it, just do it, make it happen.


I would totally recommend Passion Patterns for three reasons. The first reason would be Mark and Magali. They show up and deliver, actually over deliver what they say they’re going to do for you. Number two, the people that join are people that really you can connect with. I hadn’t even been here only 24 hours, and I made some really good friends. And last but not least, number three is what I’m going to take with me and apply to my own clients when I get back home so I can really help other people to get the results they desire for their life.


I’ve been to many events, and usually the content can’t hold my attention for more than an hour. I get restless. I lost focus. This event was totally different. I was completely engulfed with what was going on. I was having fun. I learned so much, that I couldn’t believe it. You know I wanted more. Like when it ended, I could keep going - that’s the first time that has ever happened to me at an event. So I loved it.


What I’ve learned from Passion Patterns is the fact that it doesn’t have to be just in a relationship. You can be single and you learn the specific strategies or techniques or things to do and not to do to create those Passion Patterns in your life, that you could actually attract someone.


These really simple techniques move so much forward. I like this so much that we are moving forward. It has helped me, my relationship with my husband, my children, and my coaching.

Anne Marie

I came to this training hoping I could find the coach I love and that would help transform my life. I was right! I trusted my intuition. I saw the beauty and the love that Magali is shining from the heart when she talks. She sees through the soul. Years of therapy couldn't do that. And I felt my inner child be happy finally.


What drew me to the training was my own relationship with my wife. I wanted things to be better between us and to learn some strategies that would help us become better and be able to communicate more. It’s encouraging to know there's things I can do to help change the dance. I came for that reason but I also came for being able to help with my own coaching and be able to have specific strategies that I can use with other couples. They’re step by step. They’re really easy to do and I can really see a difference in their marriage.


This program has deepened my husband and my relationship. I had no idea we were in this journey together. We were so grateful for each other and thought, “Oh, we can just make this work, and it can be even better and even more fun." The program will deepen your own relationship if you’re in a relationship right now, but this whole event is probably - you know if you come here as a single, you think oh it’s all about relationship, like a man and a woman. But I think you can use this in so many relationships. So even if you’re not in a romantic relationship or if you - you know you think you have a great relationship, you have like parents and children and work relationships. So you can use this in so many areas of your life, and as a coach, it will deepen and give you - it will give you more confidence. So I would just go ahead and it’s really worth it.


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