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Our Relationship Coaching Program now includes Activation™ Method Certification Training

We believe that helping people love and care for each other is very important. If you feel this way too, perhaps you’d enjoy working as a Relationship Coach. 

Relationship Coaches specialize in helping their clients with all kinds of relationships - between couples, family members, relationship with self, friends, co-workers, and people seeking new relationships.

Empower Your Clients' Relationship with Themselves

Your clients will be empowered to love themselves, share their truth, and heal what is making them feel disconnected from their inner power and presence. Self-acceptance, personal strengths, and emotional wellness can be increased in just 4-6 sessions. 

It’s Called Relationship Coaching Academy.™
You learn to help clients add new relationship habits to their daily life. These new habits take as little as five minutes a day and create new levels of connection and emotional closeness. You will be supporting clients in all of their relationships. They will gain the tools they need to create the closeness they deserve. Your clients whole lives will transform as they have the courage to be themselves. They will open to the opportunities that before they could not see. This frees up energy for work, for health, and for having the best life possible. This is what all coaching clients want and need.

You will be certified in Activation™ Method Life Coach Certification with Board Certified Coach Certification at the same time that you become a Relationship Coach.


You will learn to support clients creatively and spiritually in this part of your training. You will be using strategies that help clients become unstuck and ready to take loving action.

Lifetime Access to Our Online Training
with Weekly Online Classes Included

With the complete Relationship Coaching System that you can do on your own schedule, and at your own pace. You will learn everything you need to know to become a Relationship Coach

Relationship Coaching Academy™ prepares you for a complete business from home. The program gives you the skills you need and incredible momentum to begin your path of service. So you can help make families whole again. This is a career that feels like a gift.

When you help  bring trust, creativity and spark back into a relationship, your work is  priceless. Parents learn to model what children need to be happy and courageous.

Whether you are helping a parent or a CEO, relationship coaching is usually at the heart of most clients’ requests for change in their life. We train beginners as well as advanced coaches in the strategies that create relationship success.

This means that practitioners from wellness and education fields, corporate coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches, and general life coaches can all benefit from serving clients in the area of relationship growth.

Relationship Group Leadership Training

In addition to being certified as a Relationship Coach for individuals, couples, and families, you'll also be certified as a Relationship Group Coach. This allows you to lead groups through Passion Patterns™ Groups and Aware Parent™ group sessions. You can be a Group Leader in-person, online, or both.

Community Plus Mentorship!

You will be certified in a complete system of Relationship Coaching. I will guide and mentor you as you go through the training. We meet weekly for small group mentoring sessions that include practice and group sharing together.

2024 Certification Course

Specialization as a Couples Coach and a Parent and Family Coach

Couples Coaching and Parent Coaching – these are some of the biggest and most in-demand niches in Relationship Coaching. This is why we offer these two specializations, complete with strategy plans for helping clients to empower their goals. This Relationship Coach training is unparalleled in the industry.

Awake Empowered Love Coach Training

In this program you learn to help all your clients empower their relationship skills, emotions, and communication tools.

This training now includes all new Modules that support every part of your Relationship Coaching system. With 50 unique session plans, meditations, and session guides. You will be completely prepared to help others.

Plus a Complete Marketing System to
Start Your Business Right Away

A complete Coach Marketing System that will streamline and accelerate the process for getting your first clients - no need for any other program.

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-Receive free access for 72 hours to Level 1 Training
-Learn three Activation™ Method coaching strategies
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