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Dear Future Coach,

The world has shifted.

Millions of people are waking up to the idea that they have the ability to take powerful steps to create the changes they want to see.

A new profession is on the rise, a profession whose sole mission is to help people to step courageously into this life they want to live.

This Profession is Life Coaching.

Smart coaches are stepping up and claiming their place in the new Learning Economy.

You, too, are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of this opportunity. People who become life coaches now will be the coaching leaders of tomorrow.

On this page you’ll discover:

Coaching Is Going Mainstream

High performers – including athletes, celebrities, businesspeople, performers – have been using coaches for years.

It used to be that ordinary people had no chance of working personally with a highly trained coach. It was seen as a luxury. All this is changing.

Coaching is going mainstream, and millions of new clients all over the world are looking to coaches to help improve their results and their lives.

You’ve seen this pattern before. One day, a profession is thought of as “unusual” or “exotic.” Then, in a matter of a few years, it becomes the new standard for everyone.

Eleven years ago, Facebook was a little-known website for college students. If you told someone you were a Facebook specialist, they might smirk. Today Facebook has 2.23 billion users and is one of the primary ways that people connect worldwide.

Twenty-five years ago, Yoga was a little-understood fringe “Eastern” practice. Today it is a $38 Billion dollar annual economy in the U.S. alone (bigger than all book sales combined) and is considered the new standard in personal health.

Fifteen years ago, alternative health practices were often scoffed at by medical professionals. Now, practices like Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Meditation are avidly studied by Western Medicine for their health benefits.

Each of these professions created thriving, successful careers for hundreds of thousands of lucky practitioners who were in the right place at the right time.

This is a massive trend.

Now Millions of People Feel
That They Want A Coach

Just a few years ago, when I told someone I was a life coach, they’d ask, “What is that?”

No more. Coaching is seeing a remarkable surge in public awareness.

People are learning what coaching is. People are recognizing that they want results in their life. Coaches are cropping up in TV shows and mainstream media.

Consider just a few examples:

Legendary authors like Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat Pray Love”) and current bestselling author Jen Sincero (“You are a Badass”) are best-selling, respected thought leaders… but they prefer to think of themselves as coaches.

The popular TV show The Voice features A-list pop stars and music producers such as Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson happily referring to themselves as coaches.

The award-winning show Billions has an Executive Coach in a pivotal starring role, counseling the billionaire company owner.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, every profession has a “tipping point” where it suddenly becomes mainstream – and desirable to hundreds of millions of new clients.

So next time you have to explain what coaching is, remember: you’re on the right side of history.

Consider some of the incredible business advantages you get to enjoy as a coach – real “game changers.”

The Five Game Changers of Coaching

Game Changer One: It's Easy to Start

Most career changes involve risk, in that you have to leave your current workplace in order to start your new career.

This is not the case for coaching. There are many ways to add coaching to your life on your own schedule without taking any career risks.

For instance:

Game Changer Two: Minimal Investment

Most businesses require a sizable financial investment to start.

Usually you have to rent a place, purchase goods and equipment, pay fees, and in some cases, invest in an online infrastructure. Coaching does NOT need that. Why?

Because all you need to deliver your service is a) your client and b) your coaching skills.

Don’t believe the hype – most successful coaches do not use fancy marketing techniques.

All you need to become a coach is:
That’s it! No need to buy additional trainings, learn online marketing, or even have a website.

Game Changer Three: Time Freedom

You get to design your coaching practice around your life.

Do you like to keep several days of the week completely free for your other pursuits?

Do you like to work until 11am every day and have the rest of the day for other things?

Do you like to keep a whole week free every month?

It’s up to you.

Whether you have another profession, a full family life, or creative projects you want to work on, coaching gives you the time freedom to grow and develop yourself.

Game Changer Four: Location Freedom

A major trend in the world today is that you can work long distance, or work from home. As a coach, you can take full advantage of this trend.

You can see your clients from an in-person office if you prefer…

but you can also work your clients from any location on the planet.

You can take long trips, live in two different locations, and work with clients who live all over the world without this ever affecting your coaching schedule.

Game Changer Five: Transformational Leadership

As the internet transforms our social and cultural life, an opportunity is arising for a new generation of thought leaders, authors, speakers, and teachers. Many people are wondering: how do I get there?

The strongest way to become a transformational leader is to become a coach first. After all, you’re supposed to create transformations, right?

Coaching gives you the skills to create positive change in people, a strong knowledge of human nature, and a working confidence in helping anybody.

If you’re an author or speaker, coaching gives you stories of transformation from your own professional experience, which you can share with your public.

Businesswise, coaching also enables you a way to start a speaking or writing career for free, because you know every speaking gig will yield you paying coaching clients.

Note: most coaches are thrilled to have a bustling private practice and never need to become a seminar leader or speaker. Coaching is its own distinct profession, and you never have to do public speaking unless you feel drawn to it.

However, if you have your sights on becoming a transformational leader, coaching is a great way there.

How To Become A Coach

Imagine that you are going back to school for a career that is purposeful, flexible, creative, in high demand, and yields $150-$250 per session starting rate, with room to grow to a six or seven figure practice.

To get that kind of career, would you go to school for one year? Two years? Three?

This may surprise you: coaching does not require previous schooling. You can get trained, certified, and start practicing within 60 days.

The reason why coaches can start working so soon after training is that coaching is based on certain interpersonal skills that you probably already have.

People who become coaches are usually caring, interested in people, positive, sensitive, and resourceful. You don’t have to learn these qualities in your training. Your coach training activates your inner strengths and teaches you proven coaching strategies that you can use with confidence.

How Much Do Coaches Earn?

Coaches typically work internationally. This means that you can have paying coaching clients all over the planet. It also means that you are no longer limited by the earning potential of your local economy.

Beginner coaches in the U.S. typically charge $1800 for a 12 week coaching package. Now, let’s do the math.

3 coaching sessions per day = $450 per day

That’s $2250 per week, or $9,000 per month… or $117,000 per year!

Coaches don’t have to use complicated marketing systems to sign up clients. You don’t need an email list, podcast, book, videos, or any other elaborate content.

All this while you work from the comfort of your own home, working on your preferred schedule with clients you love.
Online Coaching is truly the 21st Century Profession!

How To Succeed In Coaching

When considering a career in coaching, it’s important to be clear about what you want in a coach training.

For instance, you want to make sure you work directly with master teachers and a methodology that resonates with you.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve trained 1.5 million people on a community level, and have personally certified over 15,000 coaches. Nobody else in the industry has the experience we have training coaches.

You name it, we’ve seen it!

That’s why we keep a laser focus on exactly what it takes for students to make the leap from want-to-be coach, to coaching student, to working professional.

So, after many years of testing and refining, we’ve arrived at the world’s most effective accelerated coach training system.

We know it’s effective because, within a short time, every graduate who wants paying clients gets paying clients.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to this type of work or an experienced helping professional. The system works either way.

The system is called Activation™ Method Online Coach Training.

It consists of four different trainings that work synergistically to give you absolutely everything you need to succeed in your practice.

Think of it as your insurance policy that, yes, you will be a working, income-generating coach.

For instance, students at every single Coaching Boot Camp have gotten paying clients before the three day training is even over.

Here are just two of many recent examples.

Shita travelled all the way from India for Boot Camp. She got her first paying client in a cab on Day 3 of the event.

Corey had zero coaching experience prior to Boot Camp. Midway through the training, he got his first client.

How to Activate Your Abilities

The reason our students find success so quickly is that we don’t just teach you coaching – we activate your coaching abilities.

So, if you’re looking to become a life coach, and things haven’t clicked for you, let this sink in for a moment…

In the right learning environment, you’ll be coaching within a few minutes.

Within a few hours, you’ll have genuine confidence in your abilities.

And within a few days, you’ll feel ready for clients.

That’s what makes our students so successful!

So if you want to become a confident, prosperous coach with a full roster of high paying clients…

Here's what you get as an Activation™ Online Coach

When you join Online Coach, you get four different parts.

Part One: Activation™ Method Coach Certification Training

This comprehensive coach certification training that will walk you through every skill and strategy you will need to create a thriving coaching practice. You’ll learn the 10 Key Coaching strategies, including real example coaching sessions you can study and emulate. Includes everything you need to manage your relationships with paying clients.

You get to keep your access to Activation Method ongoing and there are no time constraints on when you can graduate. When you do, you get a certificate of completion - and if you have a college degree, you become eligible for:

Board Certified Coach Credential (B.C.C.)
This is the world’s most prestigious third-party professional coaching credential, issued by the Center for Credentialing and Education. This means that when you complete Activation Method, you’ll be able to take the B.C.C. exam – and be able to put the letters B.C.C. after your name.

Part Two: Online Coaching Boot Camp

In order to transition from "coaching student" to "professional coach" most people need to undergo a transformative experience. That's the specific purpose of Online Coaching Boot Camp. This is a three-day immersive training in Zoom format. We will walk you through the 9 key coaching strategies that will form the basis of your coaching package.

Within the first hour of Boot Camp you’ll be in the flow of coaching.

You’ll be in the comfort of your own home, but you’ll be getting an intensive training in coaching people online:

By the end of Boot Camp you will be so thoroughly practiced in coaching people, you will know to the core of your being that you’re ready to coach paying clients right now.

At the end of Boot Camp we ask graduates to commit to getting a paying client within 30 days – and they do!

Part Three: Weekly Live Online Learning

As an Activation™ Method coach you get easy access to Live Online video-based training sessions. Have a question about a client you want to help? Show up for Mentorship Group, where a master teacher will help you with your strategy. Want to focus on coaching practice? There are Coaching Practice Labs several times per week, at a variety of times, where you'll be paired with a fellow coach and practice your coaching skills. While these live training sessions are not required, they are an invaluable way to gain the coaching experience and sustained momentum that will build your coaching practice.

Part Four: Online Coach Marketing

Coaching is probably the very best career for enjoying the benefits of the 21st century lifestyle. So Activation™ Method Online Coach comes with a complete marketing training for running a 100% online coaching practice.

This consists of three marketing trainings:

When You Register This Week You Also Get This Bonus Package:

Bonus 1: Your Own Coaching Site

As an Activation™ Method coach, you get your own coaching practice website, done for you. It comes with everything you need – design, writing, a logo confirming you’re a graduate of Activation™ Method Online Coach. All you need to add is your photo. It comes to you as an editable html file that any web person can set up quickly for you. The headache of developing your own site is over!

Bonus 2: Client Startup

This training walks you through a blueprint for the first three coaching sessions with a client. The training is based on real phone coaching sessions by Magali and a new client. The training is narrated by Mark and features a step-by-step approach you can model in your first coaching sessions.

Bonus 3: SI Training Library

This video series trains you in our strategies in detail, including client-coaching balance, story strategies, and many more.

See What Our Students are Saying

The training not only transformed me as a person, but it also helped me transform my relationship with my husband, with my parents, with my kids, with my friends, with the world in general. There’s no word that would describe how much this training helped me change everything in my life, and bring more love and compassion and joy to my family.


I’ve started working with couples partway through the training, because you gave me strategies that I could do to help the couples. So I felt confident immediately in working with couples, even before the training was completed, and I'm doing it!


There’s so much! Mark and Magali's teachings are so wonderful, and the strategies are so useful, and the people here are... I can’t even describe the community that I feel right now.


Now I have these tools that have helped me be very, very conscious about the decisions that I make and choices that I make. Oh my gosh, I feel completely empowered and just like this - like a goddess.


I came down here knowing that I was going to get some really great tools and insights to be a coach. There’s nothing like that experience of like feeling it working in your own life, and then seeing first-hand how it can help people and affect other people.


What I love about Mark and Magali’s coaching is that when they demo on stage, they do it in such a way you learn the processes and then you can turn around and take it away and use it with your clients. I thought I knew most of what I needed to know with coaching, and what I found here was all the bits that fill in the gaps, and knit it all together. So if you want to be a coach, if you want to be a great coach, it’s a must you spend some time with Mark and Magali.


The training is very easy to integrate into your practice, your workshops, or however you want to express it. The other thing as well, is we’ve got amazing connections. It’s a high caliber group of people that are drawn to these sorts of programs and the coaching and mentoring is fantastic and it’s very, very easily accessible. You’d be crazy not to invest the time, energy, and money into this program, because the value you’re going to get out of it is exponential. So don’t think about it, just do it, make it happen.


I’ve been to many events, and usually the content can’t hold my attention for more than an hour. I get restless. I lost focus. This event was totally different. I was completely engulfed with what was going on. I was having fun. I learned so much, that I couldn’t believe it. You know I wanted more. Like when it ended, I could keep going - that’s the first time that has ever happened to me at an event. So I loved it.


These really simple techniques move so much forward. I like this so much that we are moving forward. It has helped me, my relationship with my husband, my children, and my coaching.

Anne Marie

I came to this training hoping I could find the coach I love and that would help transform my life. I was right! I trusted my intuition. I saw the beauty and the love that Magali is shining from the heart when she talks. She sees through the soul. Years of therapy couldn't do that. And I felt my inner child be happy finally.


What drew me to the training was my own relationship with my wife. I wanted things to be better between us and to learn some strategies that would help us become better and be able to communicate more. It’s encouraging to know there's things I can do to help change the dance. I came for that reason but I also came for being able to help with my own coaching and be able to have specific strategies that I can use with other couples. They’re step by step. They’re really easy to do and I can really see a difference in their marriage.



Around this time last year, two coaches were sitting in front of their computers, contemplating a training to become a professional coach. They were very much alike, these two coaches.

Both of them had years of life experience helping and supporting those around them. “You should become a coach,” their friends said. And, for years, they shook their heads and agreed. Finally they were about to take the leap and use their talents to become a professional working coach.

Both of them made the plunge and invested in a coach training program. They opened up their online training portal. They dug into the videos, audios. They got on group phone training calls. For months, they lived and breathed coaching. And both of them looked forward to a time, not too far away, where they would impact the world by changing the lives of their coaching clients.

But there is a difference. Right now, one year later, one of them is in charge of a thriving coaching practice that serves clients in life-changing ways every day.

The other is still at home, alone, listening to audios, watching videos, wondering whether to buy another training… and whether their opportunity to become coach has already passed them by.

What Made the Difference?

Whenever we complete a Coaching Boot Camp, we start hearing about students who went home and got lucrative coaching contracts right away. Now how is that possible? Is one week enough time to start a coach marketing campaign? Doesn’t seem likely, right? Why do they start getting clients right away?

Here’s one of the secrets of successful coaches: when you have confidence in your coaching, you find clients everywhere. After all, where do you think the people live… the people who urgently want some improvement in their lives? All around us, right? When our students come home from Coaching Boot Camp, they find their first paying students had been nearby all along.

The problem is that when you lack confidence as a coach, you develop “client blindness.” You don’t see the opportunities. Even when you do help people around you, you don’t see the opportunity to sign them up as clients! Show me a coach who says they “can’t find clients,” and I’ll show you a coach who lacks faith in their own abilities.

Now, are we suggesting all of your clients come from your community? Not necessarily, not at all. But, most likely, your first three paid clients live in your town. Once you have three paying clients, you’re a different category of coach!

Getting your confidence as a coach is like putting on “X Ray Glasses.” When you know you can help clients, you see clients everywhere. Because clients are everywhere! When you lacked confidence, you couldn’t see them, but that changes when you get your confidence.

Successful coaches see the opportunity to help. And when they’re helping someone, smart coaches know how to transition somebody to paid client status. This will become a well-practice process for you. Prospective clients become paid clients. And it’s a win-win. When a successful coach sees funds coming into their bank account, they know this is just a side effect of their clients’ happiness and gratitude.

Which do you want to focus on? Do you want to stay in the bubble, or do you want to experience living proof that you are a working coach and capable of transforming lives?

Questions about Online Coaching Boot Camp

If you’d like to join us at another time, please contact us at for future event dates.

No. Coaching Boot Camp is a complete immersive coach training and will help you make massive progress, starting exactly where you are.

The opposite is true. Coaching Boot Camp is designed to accelerate you. If you’ve been studying coaching or personal growth, it’s likely that you’ve been absorbing information without being able to practice it and process it! Our students report massive progress in developing their coaching careers, and this energy helps them complete their other trainings.

If your objective is to change many people’s lives, it’s best to start by changing one life at a time, reliably. Coaching is the perfect skill set for anyone interested in personal growth. From a financial perspective, being a coach who knows how to enroll clients means you have income for life. Speakers who are also coaches can make a great income giving free speeches, inviting interested audience members to sign up for coaching. Our recommended method for doing that is included in this training. If you’re looking to be a speaker or presenter, then it’s especially important to study coaching. It’s inevitable that individuals will stand up at your events asking emotional questions. In those moments, your skill in working with that person will either make or break the success of your talk. Coaching is the king of personal growth world, so we recommend beginners start with coaching as the first part of their career plan.
None of this course is taught in RMT. Although there are some fundamentals that we teach consistently, this course is 100% new Strategic Intervention content developed specifically for this kind of live, immersive environment.
Strategic Intervention Coaching is designed to be open-ended and compatible with most philosophies and approaches to change. Whatever belief system or practice has helped you in life, our aim is to honor and respect it. Many of our students come thinking that their background will be unique or “weird” – only to discover numerous students with the same types of interest. In addition to coaches and therapists, we train many religious and spiritual teachers, experts in various healing modalities, Reiki and energy workers, sports coaches, management consultants, physicians, and a whole range of professionals who want to be more effective at helping people.
If everybody had to be perfect in order to be a coach, there would be no coaches! The myth of the perfect coach is only that – a myth. Everybody on Earth has areas of life they are working on and that could be better. Clients don’t need or want you to be perfect. They need you to be understanding, caring, and skillful.

All you have to do is log into a good internet connection in a location where you can focus and do coaching. Coaching Boot Camp takes place for three days, 9am – 6pm California time. All you have to do is show up to get the results.

Tony and Cloe are our longtime collaborators and valued partners at Robbins-Madanes Training. However, Coaching Boot Camp is a private training with Mark and Magali and has no business affiliation with Robbins-Madanes.

We will be your sole teachers and available to you for the full training day. You will be interacting directly.

NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming is a pre-coaching practice that was based on certain strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson. Our tradition of Strategic Intervention goes back to the roots of Erickson’s most effective work. Therefore, some of the Ericksonian principles found in NLP (in our opinion the most valuable parts of NLP) are also found in Strategic Intervention Coaching and taught at Coaching Boot Camp.

You may have noticed that many of the low priced coach trainings offered today are thinly veiled sales pitches for a more expensive training product. We hate this pattern, as it lowers the quality of training people are receiving in the industry. We believe that if you invest your time and finances in traveling to work with us, you should get exactly what you came for: double your coaching skills in three days. This is a boutique training. You get what you pay for. Everything we do is focused on getting you these skills while you are at the event.
We are always watching our students to make sure you’re having a great time! A member of our team will be assigned to you to make sure you’re getting everything you need. If you have a problem or confusion, you will grab your team member and let them know. You will also be able to reach out to us with your needs.
We are accustomed to this circumstance and have several options for you. Please contact the support team.
Please contact us at and let our team help you personally.

Fulfill the calling inside of you to help others, join now.

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