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8 Week Build-Your-Practice System

Dear Coach,

You want a coaching practice where you’re helping people at the highest level, enjoying the perks of having a virtual business, and supporting yourself and your family.

You’ve already learned some great ways to coach and help people.

You may already have gotten your first paying clients.

And now you’re ready to set up a marketing system that will bring you qualified clients more consistently.

And to do this, there’s one main thing you must do:

Raise the value of your coaching.

Here’s how it works. When your coaching services are seen as being more valuable, three things happen:

1. You get more attention, because your coaching practice stands out and looks better to the client (you get more traffic).

2. You get more enrollments, because more of the people who learn about your coaching practice actually contact you and sign up (you get higher conversions)

3. You are able to charge more for your services (more income per client).

Having a high-converting Coaching Offer is essential to growing your business.

What are your goals for yourself?

For instance, if you’re getting one premium client per month, how about a goal of five coaching clients per month?

And if you’re already getting 3 clients per month, what if we raise that to 7 clients?

What would that do for your practice and your life?

How to Raise the Value of Your Coaching

The perceived value of your coaching is not based on the number of hours in your coaching package, or how long you’ve been a coach, or how many testimonials you have.

There are four points of contact where a client experiences the value of your coaching practice.

Attention – the client gets their first impression of you, your message, a piece of content you’ve created, or someone recommending you. Whether online, offline, or in person, you want this to be a high-quality experience for the client.

Engagement – the client begins to read, listen to, or watch a message that you’ve made (e.g. something online, a presentation, a book, or something else). Your content stands out as being super-relevant to your client. Because it’s exactly what they are looking for, you win their trust as a source of information for achieving their goals. The client wants more and reaches out.

Rapport – the client reaches out, and you are conversing one-to-one. This can be via chat, email, phone, zoom, or a scheduled appointment.

Offer – the client signals their interest in your services. They are prepared to learn about your paid coaching offer, which builds perfectly on their experience with you so far. The clients who are qualified can now sign up for your coaching.

This four-step coaching offer sequence, called A.E.R.O., is essential to the growth of your coaching practice.

This sequence will be different for different coaches, based on what you are offering and what kinds of clients you are helping.

For the client, a well-designed offer sequence is a friction-free experience, where they are getting more and more optimistic about their ability to achieve their goals with you.

I think you can see that, the better-designed your coaching offer sequence, and the more skillful and comfortable you are talking with the client, the more paying clients you will have.

The Practice Launcher™ System

I will be guiding a group of 30 coaches through my 8-week process for transforming your coaching practice by creating a high-converting offer for you. It will reflect your strengths, your highest values, it will resonate with your audience, and it will include a complete system for bringing clients to you.

This is not a training. This is co-building, where we will have our sleeves rolled up, our keyboards out, and I will be helping you to create your positioning, messaging, and content.

The goal: you’ll have an offer that will get you five new paying clients within 90 days, and then 5-10 clients per month thereafter.

You Need 3 Transformations and 5 Marketing Assets


Transformation One:
Align With Your Highest
Strengths and Values

The roots of your Coaching Practice are your strengths, your presence, and your values.

In order to make progress as a coach, you’re going to tap into these.

Using the Strengths-Based Marketing™ system, we are going to help you fine-tune the strengths that will lead your business. We will tap into your deepest values and commitments. And we will fill you with your own power to give you a rock-solid foundation.


Transformation Two:
Understand Your Future Clients
and Create a Plan for Them

All of the coaching clients you will ever help are already out there, living their lives and needing help. We need to start nourishing them now, so they learn about your coaching and seek you out.

We need to develop a heartfelt understanding of who they are, what they need, and what they are looking for.

We are going to create a perfect audience for your coaching practice and understand exactly what they need.

Together we will generate an extensive Custom Audience Report about your client’s desires and needs. You will know exactly how to use this information to generate new clients.

Transformation Three:
Getting Reach, Exposure,
and Distribution

Your coaching practice needs to have adequate reach, exposure, and distribution to make sure that your clients can see you and receive your help.

In order to do this, together we will create 5 Marketing Assets which will be distributed online to get your future client’s attention, inspire them, show them how to get your help, and bring them to you. 

A marketing asset is a message that is proven to perform well with your clients. We are going to build these 5 Assets together, perfectly configured to your audience. At the end of each week, you’ll have each new asset in hand.

You Will Have These
Five Key Marketing Assets
to Grow Your Practice

Asset 1: Irresistible Coaching Offer

Your Unique Coaching Offer is the organizing principle of your coaching practice.

We will create a Coaching Offer that build on your strengths and values. It will be perfectly attuned to the needs of your clients.

You will know how to present what you will do for your clients, with 100% credibility and integrity.

You’ll be able to rally all of your energy behind your Coaching Offer, because you know how much benefit it brings.

Asset 2: Your Free Consultation

One of the best ways to help a potential client is to offer them a consultation session where they can tell you about their situation and get clarity and insight on how they can achieve their goals.

Your Free Consultation is a valuable marketing asset, because it’s structured perfectly to give the potential client what they need, while also optimizing their ability to sign up for paid coaching with you.


We will develop a Free Consultation session that integrates perfectly with your Coaching Offer. It will be well-named so that the client understands its value.

This creates a smooth customer experience for the client and gives you complete confidence in your process.

You’ll be invited to attend our two-day immersive online Client Enrollment Boot Camp, where you’ll master the art of offering your free consultation.

Client Enrollment Boot Camp: April 15-16, 2023.


Asset 3: Your Landing Page

Your landing page gives your coaching practice a unique identity and shows your clients how you can help them with their goals and needs.

Using what we’ve learned about your clients, we will design this page so that it’s super-relevant to the people you want to coach.

Your clients will feel encouraged and excited to enter their information and sign up for a free consultation with you.

Asset 4: Your Magnetizing Message

In order to get the attention of your future clients, you need a Magnetizing Message which captures their attention and interest.

The effectiveness of a Magnetizing Message comes from a strong understanding of what your clients are looking for in their search.

Your Magnetizing Message will capture clients’ attention and lead seamlessly to your Free Consultation and your Coaching Offer.

Asset 5: Your Marketing Channel Plan

There have never been more ways to get more exposure and distribution for your coaching practice and its message. But which one is right for you?

We will use Strengths-Based Marketing to discover a Marketing Channel that is perfectly suited to your natural mode of communication.

You will have a Marketing Channel plan that will work perfectly with your Coaching Practice System, ensuring that your coaching practice reaches thousands of future clients.

Transform Your Coaching Practice
in Eight Weeks

About Mark Peysha

Over the last 12 years I have trained 20,00 Life Coaches at the certification level – that’s 15% of the world’s coaches.
I’ve spent over 5,000 hours training groups of coaches, advising and supervising them about their clients. I have seen everything there is to see in the world of coaching. For this reason, I understand every coaching niche inside and out.
I’m also a pioneer of online coach education, starting the first video-based coach certification program in 2009, and the first year-round online training program in 2010. I have seen and practiced every modality of online marketing, and I invented some of them.
My coaching products have earned well over $50 million. I’ve spent over $9 million profitably on advertising to my funnels.
Thousands of coaches credit me with helping them get their first paying client. Many of my students have gone on to create five, six, and seven-figure coaching businesses.
When I work with you, I don’t just teach and talk. We will be working hands-on. In many cases I’ll pull out my keyboard and help you craft your message so that it’s exactly what will work.

Success Stories

Our community of students and clients have generated over $370M in sales following our process and trainings.
Dan Ulin
Elite College Coach
“If you’re even remotely on the fence about investing in Mark’s program, I highly suggest you join. It blows my Wharton MBA right out of the water. Case closed.”
Balazs W. Kardos
Elite College Coach
“If you’re even remotely on the fence about investing in Mark’s program, I highly suggest you join. It blows my Wharton MBA right out of the water. Case closed.”
Liz Cox
Books To Go book keeping
“Mark helped me triple my bu siness and hit our first million dollar year. Best investment I ever made for my business and family!”
Mike Arce
Loud Rumor
“Within the first day of working with Mark, he actually gave me a strategy on how to partner with a really big organization within my industry and it’s brought me $104,000.00″
Stephanie Blake
Social Sparrow
“I made over $50,000.00 in 14 days from Mark’s coaching and following his process when launching my first course ever. This is worth every penny.”
Jordan Belfort
The Wolf of Wall Street
“I go to hire the best person in the world for that, and that my friends is Mark Lack. He’s an expert in personal branding and marketing. I hired him.”
Eben Pagan
sold $100M online
“I call Mark for advice on my marketing.”
Dan Fleyshman
Angel Investor
“Every time I’ve introduced Mark Lack to a famous business person to manage their online world, they’ve thanked me multiple times afterwards for Mark & his teams ability to execute.”
Patch Baker
Mobius Media Solutions
“Using Mark’s techniques, I expanded my network and I closed $1.2M in sales in the first 27 days.”
Christina Nelson
Align Studios
“I grew my pilates studios to over $1,000,000 and now have more time and money to focus on my non-profit with my dad.”
Kyle Mckiou
Data Science Dream Job
“I made $135,000.00 in roughly two to three weeks.”
Tate Olson
“This literally changed my life. I’m now making $112,000/month. Which is even more money in a single month, than I made in one full year at my old corporate job.”
Marguerita Vorobioff
“I made $9,800.00 this week. Seriously your course is the best money I have ever spent. Your people are the absolute best. Outstanding value from you and your team. Thank you so much. I know I’m in the right place to have the influence I’m on the planet to have. So grateful.”
Chris Cannon
Relationship Coach
“This has been the best investment that I have ever made in myself over the last 20 years. I’m honored to be a part of this group, and to be able to learn from you and your wisdom. Every single week I feel like I owe you more money from the value of these weekly coaching calls.”
Berto Cartagena
“The best part is the weekly calls and private group where Mark will actually tear apart your website, funnel, and even help you with the ad copy. I’ve done tons of courses and none have come close to Mark’s.”
Dr. Feenix Pan
Math Expert Tutor
“I secured a $20,000 client and closed another smaller $10,500 client as well. Your training is invaluable. Thank you.”
John Assaraf
2X NY Times Best Seller
“If you want to know how to personally brand yourself, your business and to increase your sales, your revenue, your business value and you want to grow faster and easier than ever before… Mark knows how to catapult your business and your brand to the next level.”
Ronda Robinson
“Mark helped me secure my first $50,000.00 pay in full client.”

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