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Hi, my name is Magali Peysha, and I'd like to introduce you to the world of Online Live Group Coaching.

Every week I connect live with participants, from all over the world.  Through the power of a Zoom room, I can help people by using inner processes of discovery. We form a global group getting together weekly to understand more about ourselves in a confidential, close-knit community.

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that I’d be leading groups I would have said, you’re joking, right?”

I was very content coaching clients one-on-one, and I never thought I had it in me to be a group leader.  But by taking advantage of a remarkable new trend in education, I found a way to connect, share, and empower others.

As a result, I can have a business that is satisfying, helpful, and which allows me to be in charge of my own schedule, location and I get to focus on what I care most about. When assisting others to create a more meaningful life my life is also made more meaningful.

If you feel that you might like to have the experience of leading groups of people through processes of discovery and insight, please read on.

The reason why group coaching is on the rise is pretty simple:

Our society is reorganizing right now, due to three global trends:

These three Global Trends are coming together to create an incredible opportunity for a new kind of leader:

The Group Coach Leader

Group Coaching can take many possible forms.

For instance, you can create:

Leading a group is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

You get to see firsthand the transformation of a group of total strangers into a true community, generating connection and support which creates friendships that last forever.

And none of this can take place without a skillful group leader, who serves as a facilitator and bridge, activating the group’s own energy for every person’s evolution.

The Group Coach is helping each participant to connect with their own highest good, the good they generate for each other, and the larger community they have in their lives.

Have you ever had that experience… where you look around at the people you’re with and think, “I wish this moment could last forever?”

That’s what people experience in great Group Coaching.

It’s the reason why they come back, again and again.

And it’s one of the reasons why Group Coach Leaders love their work so much.

How Group Coaching Actually Works

Group Coaching sometimes can be confused with other forms of group work – such as motivational and public speaking and teaching.

So let’s get crystal clear about the differences between Group Coaching and speaking, for instance.

Group Coaching is actually much easier than speaking. Here’s why.

In speaking, the speaker is expected to entertain the audience – to be charming, informative, and entertaining every minute that they are onstage. This is because the audience is in a passive position. They come in, sit down, and wait to be entertained.

Group Coaching is completely different. We don’t have an audience. We have participants. Participants aren’t passive. They’re active. They come to Group Coaching because they want to participate – to do exercises, share, discuss, and learn.

This makes your job much easier.

It means that, in any given Group Coaching session, the Group Coach doesn’t have to talk for more than 5-10 minutes in the beginning. This is because the group runs on it’s own energy of discovery and sharing!

This can happen when you have great processes and exercises that are designed to create this energy and momentum in your group.


The Group Coaching Process

Let’s talk about what it looks like when a Group Coaching group assembles. The Group Coach takes a few minutes to greet everybody, then introduces the first Group Coaching exercise. The exercise is where the real work gets done. For instance, the Group Coach may talk about an exercise and how it is designed, and even how it has affected them in their life, then they pair up people to do the exercise together.

Partner Work

The partners get to know each other very quickly! When the exercise is over (5-20 minutes) the group reconvenes. Individual participants raise their hands and share what they discovered and experienced during the exercise, speaking to the whole group.

Partners share with the Group

The Group Coach doesn’t have to “know the answers.” It’s not about being right or wrong. Instead, you hold the space for the participants to share. This sets an example of elevation, encouragement, validation, and respect – and sets up the culture of this community you’re creating.

The participants see that their sharing is welcome. And we experience Group Learning and support. Each person trusts their own discoveries and inner wisdom.

The Group becomes a Network

Because the Group Coach is ready to encourage and honor the truth in each participant, participants develop trust for the coach, and through that, they develop trust for the group. They recognize that this is a place where their individual perspective will be respected and appreciated.

As the session proceeds, a network of relationships forms within the group.

It's Healing

Within this network of relationships, participants relax, knowing they can help and be helped. This in itself is healing.

Of course, once you lead a Group through the first session, the following sessions are easier and easier. Every time you get together again, it feels like a reunion.

Do you see how different this is from being a Speaker trying to entertain an audience?

Do you see how little “public speaking” the Group Coach has to do?

The Group Coach utilizes the energy of the participants, who want to be an active part of the process. 

Most importantly, the Group Coach has a Group Coaching Session Plan which guides the entire session.

The Session Plan is your outline for your session. It tells you when to speak, when to assign an exercise (you get a little break), and how and when to lead the discussion.

The Coach can relax, observe, and hold the space for the group while the Session Plan does the “heavy lifting.”

And this only gets easier and easier as your Group continues to meet, week after week. Many Groups go on meeting like this regularly for years.

Notice what these Group Coaches say about their work:

Group work allows people to connect with the humanness in others. The energy of the group can feel motivating and inspiring as we encourage each other to be our best, most authentic selves.

Groups make it easier to gain from others’ experience as group members share their own perspective and stories. Group members see that their problems are not unique - and this creates an atmosphere of change.

I love the connection that builds up among the components of the group and the feeling of giving and receiving at the same time. Helping people find their way to a place of well being and self-love is so fulfilling. I love seeing them open up and share their innermost self. It’s like becoming a family at every meeting.

There is nothing better than seeing a group of people becoming a team, a group of people not just working to improve themselves but working together to improve the people around them.

One thing these Group Coaches love about their work is they get to find their flow state and feel their own energy and purpose. It’s a focus on service.

Once you form an effective group, participants look forward to the connection with other Group Members. They put it in their schedule to go to group coaching every week.

Group Coaches bring people together, creating a community that increases the strengths of each individual. Each person who experiences positive change within Group Coaching naturally brings positive change to their own relationships away from the group.

Imagine, for instance, that one group participant is a mom of a twenty-five year old. She happens to partner with a participant who’s in her twenties. By working together, this mom gains insight about her partner’s life stages. Then she feels much more compassion and understanding for her own twenty-five year old daughter.

The positive impact on people is tremendous. If you enjoy bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of support and learning, Group Coaching is a perfect fit for your natural strengths.

How To Begin

I believe so strongly in the power of Group Coaching to create positive change in the world. I’m very excited to help you with it.

This is why I set out to create the world’s most comprehensive Group Coaching Certification Training.

You see, my husband Mark and I have been working very hard for 10 years to develop our expertise in Group Coach Leadership. Sometimes it feels that we’ve made every kind of mistake you can make – but it’s also been 10 years of focused experimentation and refining of our method.

I’m very passionate about giving my students every advantage they could possibly have in their Group Coaching career. That’s why I’m going to do what no other training program will do:

I will give you my actual Session Plans.

These 27 Session Plans give you a map for each Group Coaching session. Your Session Plan is a specialized sequence of exercises, questions, and processes for your students. It includes your teacher’s guide, your participant guides, and everything else you need.

I have developed each one of these session plans by testing them with multiple groups, multiple times. I refined each one, based on what it did for the participants.

For instance, if I found a strategy that activated the participants’ resources and energy levels, I would focus on making it perfect. On the other hand, if I found that a strategy lowered my participants’ mood, I would notice and improve it by adding an exercise or questions that would support the participants energy and imagination. And if I found a group coaching strategy that backfired (many group strategies simply don’t work), I’d cross it out.

It’s been a labor of love. There’s no short cut to developing effective Group Coaching Session Plans. You have to try each one out with a real group to see how it works, and then make it better. That’s why it can take years to get it right.

Whatever type of Group Coaching you’d like to offer, having a Session Plan will make the difference in creating a thriving, energized Coaching Group.

Group Coach Leader™ Certification Training 
Comes With Three Coaching Certifications

Taking action is important, right?

So I love it when coaches ask me the question: “How quickly can I become a professional Group Coach?”

We believe you should get started as quickly as possible. That’s why this training is comprised of Three different coach certifications, each of which can be earned in about Four – Eight weeks.

This is easy to do since the instruction is practical and based on learning to follow Group Coaching Lesson Plans. You do NOT have to complete all three certifications to get started.

Certification #1: Level 1 Activation™ Method Group Coach

Become a master at leading in-person and online groups through powerful Group Coaching processes, insights, and breakthroughs. Comes with Group Coaching Session Plans specially designed for working with participants in the same room or zoom meeting as yourself. This certification prepares you in Four Session Plans. You become licensed to lead Activation™ Method Group coaching in person and live online. It also teaches you how to create your own Group Coaching Method and topics. I take you through my process for content creation. It works and you can create your own personal method and specialty using it.

You can receive your Level 1 Certificate in just four weeks!

Certification #2: Level 2 Activation™ Method Group Coach

In this certification, you master the skill of leading groups. You learn twenty-three different group processes. You will have Group Coaching Session Plans specially designed for working with participants in person and online live in Zoom.  You will get your license to lead Activation™ Method Group Coaching. You have an entire system to count on. There is enough content here for you to lead a group for a whole year! This means you don’t need to start from scratch creating unique content.

The Activation™ Method Group Coaching System you’ll be using is second to none –  tested and refined for over ten years with 100,000 people from around the world.

Certification #3: Individual Coach

As a Group Coach, it’s a great idea to offer your participants an individual coaching package.  Your Group Coaching participants will know that they can sign up to coach with you one on one. They will trust you and want to go to the next level of personal growth with you. So you’ll get a complete coaching package that you can offer your clients at premium rates.

Your clients will love this program because it focuses on their needs, their intentions, and their inner healing. Whether a client wants to make a career change, overcome a challenge, or start a new habit, you will have a way to work with them. You will know how to help a client add new skills to their life, create insights, and experience self-healing. This means they move forward in their lives in an empowered and compassionate way.

The strategies you offer to focus on self expansion, creativity, and action taking. Your clients become self accepting and courageous through the work you do with them.

The Most Comprehensive Group Training in the World

Here’s a review of what you get with the Group Coach Leader™ Certification Program

Group Coach Leader Training Modules

These modules take you from wherever you are now through everything you need to become a successful Group Coach Leader. I’ll teach you how to work with Live Groups, how to lead Online Groups, and how to offer Individual Coaching.

These modules are recorded and ready for you in your student portal. Everything I teach is given in a Group Coaching format so that you are learning by example every minute. I will help you to find your own inner resources as a Group Coach. You will be able to activate your inner power and leadership so that it becomes fun and easy to lead.

I want you to know that when you are full of your own leadership strengths, then every group you lead gives you joy, relaxation, and fulfillment.

Three Group Coach Leader Certifications

As soon as you begin, you can start work on your Level 1 Group Certificate. You can complete it in as little as one month. As soon as you have this first training, you are ready to start leading groups professionally!

When you are ready, you move on to the Level 2 Certification, where you master the additional 23 group coaching classes. This way you have a complete system that will keep your groups going year round. You will also be able to create your own group coaching content so you are always ready to serve a community wherever your leadership takes you.

You can get your third certificate, as an Individual Coach, whenever you like. It takes around four weeks. You can even start as an individual coach if you prefer.

Group Coach Leader Session Plans

When you’re about to lead a Group Coaching session, it’s important to have a proven Session Plan. This plan will be your guide. All you have to do is follow it to give your participants an energizing, and fulfilling growth experience.

These are plans that I developed myself for my own sessions. Now you’ll be able to use them as well.

Group Coaching Practice Sessions

I noticed that one of the best ways to help my students was to give them an opportunity to practice being a Group Coach. So you’re getting six months of Group Coaching Practice Sessions which will enable you to learn key Group Coaching skills, five minutes at a time. This means that by the time you’re leading your own group, you’ll feel practiced and ready. You learn in a supportive group environment with leaders there to assist you and your colleagues every step of the way.

Weekly Live Mentorship Sessions with Magali & Mark Peysha

We get on a group call every week to answer questions and help you with your coaching practice. Whether you have a new project coming up or a client you’re trying to help, or anything is coming up for you personally, this is how you get regular weekly access to expert support.

Six Months of Weekly Individual Coaching Practice Labs

In Practice Lab, you receive training in 21 different coaching skills. Each session includes an opportunity to get one-on-one coaching practice. Every time you come to Practice Lab, you learn a new coaching skill. You get to have the valuable experience of being coached and doing coaching. Practice Lab is offered at a variety of times in the week to accommodate different time zones.

Complete Coach Marketing System

Group Coach Leader™ Certification Training comes with includes the most comprehensive and effective system for marketing your coaching practice. The trainings were designed by coaches for coaches.

Everything is included: you will not have to purchase any other marketing trainings to build a full-time practice.

Your marketing trainings will include:

Coach Accelerator Workshop™

We believe that coaches are happiest and most successful when they choose a simple system for connecting with new clients. Set up your simple system, start working with clients professionally, and enjoy the growth of your business. Coach Accelerator Workshop sets you up with a 100% online client acquisition system within the space of a 5 day online training. We walk you through the entire system during the training, so that at the end of five days, you have everything you need!

Coaching Practice Blueprint™

This revolutionary program is responsible for tripling the rate at which our students get their first paying clients. That’s because, instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to turn you into a “marketer,” we focus on helping you spend your time doing what you love most: coaching. It includes information on where potential clients are hanging out in your community, how to create referral relationships with other professionals, how to build your coaching business by helping people for free, and the simplest way to set up your business.

Clarity Session Magic™

90% of all coaching clients worldwide are signed up in the same way: through a free consultation conversation, or “Clarity Session.” This is your #1 business tool. This training shows you how to offer Clarity Sessions with absolute integrity, knowing that everybody you offer it to will have a great experience. There is no “selling” involved, only doing what coaches love to do best: helping. Having this training will make you completely confident talking to prospective clients.

Group Coaching Modules

These specialized modules will walk you through the specific steps for signing participants for a Group Coaching workshop. We go over the logistics of setting up and running  Coaching Groups, whether in person or online. Nothing is left out!

Your Own Group Coaching Website

It’s very important for coaches to have a website that defines their practice and the benefits of coaching with them. The problem is that websites can be thorny to put together yourself. So we have designed the ideal coaching website for Group Coaches.

It’s done for you – all you have to do is add your name and photo! It will include the details of your certification with the Coaching Institute. Set it up once, use it forever. No other training offers this!

We’re so excited about the potential Group Coaching has for you – and we are committed to your success. Are you considering becoming a Group Coach right now? Let us know. Our team is standing by to communicate with you personally.

Just email us at support@coachinginstitute.com or call us here: 877.258.0480.

You're Protected by an Unconditional
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve ever thought about working with groups, even if you’re still skeptical, we’d like you to join Group Coach Leader™ Certification.

You’ll find that it’s the most intuitive and comprehensive Group Coach Training in the world.

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