What do Clients Want
from Group Coaching?

From: Magali Peysha
San Diego, California

No matter what kind of coach you are, no matter what kinds of clients you serve, we’re all human beings. We all have certain things in common, right?


So, as coaches, it’s important to be able to serve the needs that our clients have.


For instance, nearly all of your clients will have certain goals they want to work on:


– Figuring out what makes them happy

– Communicating with co-workers

– Taking effective action

– Dealing with fear or avoidance

– Opening up to loved ones

– Choosing their priorities


These are the areas of life that make the biggest difference for your clients, whether you coach businesspeople, or grandparents, or struggling writers.


There are four areas of life like this:



We all need to figure out who we are. What makes us happy. What matters to us. And what we want to do and achieve in life.


Emotional Wellness

Whether you’re a billionaire or a first grader, our day-to-day life is guided by our emotional experiences. Many people try to minimize or control their emotions, but this comes at a cost. When you embrace what you’re actually feeling, you become more present and energized.


Relationship and Communication

How do you want to relate to the people in your life? Do you want more closeness? Healthier boundaries? The ability to be heard? There are relationship and communication skills that will give you more creativity, initiative, and enjoyment with the people that matter to you.


Energy and Spiritual

What is your spiritual experience of life? What “contracts” have you made with yourself, from time immemorial? Do you experience yourself as being small, or being boundless? Through exploring the deeper meaning of life, archetypes, mindfulness, and energy, we grow on a spiritual path. 


I call these the four Activation Zones. They are four different dimensions of life where your clients will experience growth and discovery.


What’s really cool is that these four zones will help your clients, no matter what your coaching specialty may be, and whoever your clients are.


Here’s an example: Decision-Making


Some of us love making decisions, we’re good at it.

Some of us hate making decisions. It’s stressful, and we avoid them.


Everybody gets better results when they can be more relaxed and strong in making decisions.


So, as a Group Coach, you can guide your clients through a process of developing their own natural decision-making powers.


During a Group Coaching session on Decision-Making, your clients and participants have a chance to shine a light on the way they make decisions in life. Exploring this topic in a safe, supportive environment, they are able to relax and have fun as they discover their natural decision-making style. Their strengths come to the surface. They are able to share, hear and support each other, and give themselves the creativity and support to make the changes they want.


After one group session, they feel refreshed. When making decisions, they will feel more relaxed. They’re able to be proactive and patient. And this will affect every area of life where decisions are made.


Do you think your clients would benefit from making decisions more easily and naturally? Probably the answer is yes, because all clients want this.


At the end of our group sessions, participants often say something like: “I didn’t know that about myself! Wow. I can take better care of myself now!” 


That’s how we want our clients and participants to feel, right?


As an example, here is a recent Group Coaching session I led on Decision-Making.


Decision Making Group Session


I hope you enjoy the session!


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Wishing you the very best,

Magali Peysha

Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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