Three Models of Group Coaching

From: Magali Peysha
San Diego, California

Coaching clients can be amazingly different from each other. 

Some are looking for more support for their life. 
Some may have very specific goals they are working on. 
Some seem to already have it all, but they want more connection and insight about themselves. 

This is what I love about our profession!

As a Group Coach, you can match the style, budget, and needs of each client by offering three different models of group coaching.


Model 1: Personalized Elite Group Coaching. In this model, you work with three to seven people at the same time. Your clients are getting a lot of personalized attention. There is time for their discoveries to be validated and encouraged within this small-group environment. These clients may also want to schedule some one-on-one sessions with you during the month. You can expect this client to invest $300-$1,000 per month on this kind of program.


Model 2: Group Coaching Courses. The participants in these groups share a common interest, struggle, or goal with their  group. They join your Group Coaching offer for 6-12 weekly sessions. They might be there to heal, to learn new skills, to expand their ideas, or to be able to take action.


Many different topics can be taught – for example, communication skills, emotional intelligence, or overcoming obstacles. Whatever your coaching niche might be, you can adapt the topic to meet the needs of your participants. For instance, you can offer a Group Coaching session on emotional intelligence whether your clients are entrepreneurs, stepmoms, or spiritual seekers. To your clients, it will feel like the session was designed especially for them.


The fee for these Group Coaching Courses is between $400 and $3,000. These groups can include 20-30 members.


Model 3: Community-Focused Groups. These groups cater to the universal need for self-care and connection. The clients who join these programs might not be able to afford your Individual Coaching, your Elite Coaching Group, or your Group Coaching Course. Or they may be able to afford it, but they don’t want to get personal too fast. Instead, it’s more comfortable to have great experiences, hear from other participants, and take in information at a safer distance.


What I love about including Community-Focused Group Coaching is that it serves everyone. You are often helping people who would don’t want individual coaching. This community group offer will have a monthly fee of $30-$100 and could take place either weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. This is an opportunity for you to expand your reach as a leader too.

What’s truly amazing about Group Coaching is that you can serve many people at once, and yet to the participants, it feels like the experience and the community were designed especially for them. It creates a sense of engagement and belonging that no other type of coaching can create.


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Wishing you the very best,


Magali Peysha

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