Become Your Own Healer and Discover a Fountain of Energy Within You

Raise your healing vibration as you align with your higher self. Embrace the subtle energy that flows and restores your healthy power.

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You are energy. As energy, you want to flow and vibrate at the level that gives your life meaning. We learn to empower our own energy. This means we fill ourselves with healing energy that removes our obstacles.

So how do we take care of ourselves at this fundamental level?

Emotionally, this brings joy and peace into our inner being. Our fears which block love’s flow become healed. whatever your life experience has been, your energy is a fountain of resources for your true self to shine.

Have you ever found that you blame ourselves for not being organized, proactive, positive, confident…

What’s actually blocking you is probably more subtle.

And takes place on an energetic level.

Your Energy Body is an invisible matrix where your emotions, healthy
power, intuition, and physical being connect with your spirit.

This is where your true power is.


Your Energy is a deep source of wisdom that guides you, using intuition, emotions, the senses, and your nervous system.

When you connect with your inner truth, this energetic flow becomes your greatest healing resource.

We’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We are told that energy doesn’t matter, or that it doesn’t exist. We’re supposed to “think” our way into a new level of experience.

But you can do much more than that.

I’ve created a short course that will show you how to empower yourself at the heart level. You’ll be able to unwind the emotional energy that is blocking your intuitive gifts. You’ll align with your highest healing vibration.

By connecting with your spiritual energy, you’ll enable yourself to take empowered action. You can be your own healer and connect to a source of guidance that the universe is ready to give you.

The course is called Fountain of Energy. I invite you to join me!

The Fountain of Energy Home Study Course

I would love you to feel what it’s like to be connected with your Energy System. I have put together an accelerated course which will show you how to empower yourself at the heart level and integrate your emotions and energy to be ready to receive and take empowered actions.
You can start experiencing these benefits right away – within minutes of joining me in the course!

Fountain of Energy Course Chapters

silhouettes of man and woman in lotus yoga position, harmony of family relations

Chapter 1
Revitalize Yourself with Energy Coaching

How to experience a loving and present energy within you, creating revitalization, relaxation, and healing.


Chapter 2
Experience Your Subtle Energy

How to heal feel at home in your body at any moment, bringing courage, comfort, and joy. How to heal self-critical voices and feelings.


Chapter 3
Energy Grounding Meditation

How to create openness and trust in your Energy Centers, the power of self-acceptance, and how to develop a grounding energy connecting you with Earth.


Chapter 4
Setting Intentions Process

How to create healthy empowering intentions, so that your Energy can assist you with them.


Chapter 5
Regulating Your Energy with Breathing and Nervous System

A simple exercise that will bring the energy into balance in the center of your body, releasing your centered presence and self-healing


Chapter 6
Perceiving Energy through the Sense Channels

Invite your four sense channels to open to the energy and the beauty of inner knowing.


Chapter 7
Four Energy Practices for Empowered Subtle Energy

These practices that will reconnect you with your energy capacities every day within minutes.

Woman practicing self Reiki transfering energy through palms, a kind of energy medicine.

Chapter 8
Energetic Self-Healing

In this session I take you on a journey to meet an Energy Guide who will help you bring a kind and loving energy into your body and spirit.

Shot of a young woman hugging her husband while he uses a laptop on the sofa at home

Chapter 9
Integration: Your Energy System in Daily Life

Energy Coaching is a resource that bring you healthy power in your goals and your day-to-day life and relationships. We

Here's what Magali's coaching students say

Magali Peysha
Creator of Energy Coaching

My name is Magali Peysha, and I’m the founder of the Coaching Institute. I train people in a methodology of coaching which embraces spiritual, creative and energy self-healing.

I’m also the author of the #1 best-selling book The Strategic Intervention Handbook, the bestselling relationship book Love Happier, and the Activation™ Method Workbook. My trainings have helped 1.5 million people to create greater meaning in their life.

Over the last 18 years I have personally trained over 20,000 Life Coaches at the certification level – that’s about 15% of the world’s certified coaches. Every week I lead groups through meditation and energy exercises, with 30,000 live meditation participants over the last two years.

Though I’m known primarily as an energy coach and teacher, it wasn’t always the case.

Before I started coaching eighteen years ago, I was a Yoga Teacher and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. I helped my clients to feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’d use the techniques of Ayurveda to help clients learn what would bring them greater balance.
What I found, again and again, was that my Ayurvedic clients may have started out wanting to improve a health problem, but our sessions needed to focus on the energy and emotional level before general wellness could balance.
Later, when I became a Life Coach, it became clear to me that both Ayurvedic counseling and Life Coaching were helpful on their own. However, when they were combined, they became even more powerful. I loved the clarity that Life Coaching brought, its ability to help clients create clear goals, plan small actions, and to use strategies that helped them find their creativity and purpose. And the framework of Ayurveda gave me tools for teaching clients practices they could use daily to repair and nourish their systems.

Through daily meditation practice
I had an energy opening that transformed my life.

You see, I had been struggling with Energy Experiences for years. I would feel tingling heat, movements in my body that I didn’t understand. Whenever I meditated, there was a swirling sensation, sometimes around me or sometimes within me. At times it felt like I was floating. But when I’d ask a spiritual teacher what I should I do with this energy, I was told to ignore it that it was only an experience. This left me feeling that my meditation experience was wrong.
This did not keep me from meditating. I have a passion for meditation. And I kept studying, practicing daily, and seeking more wisdom. Finally one day I received the best advice of my life through a video q&a. Another woman was asking how to meditate when feeling this big swirling energy. The teacher explained to just be with that energy. Not try to change it but instead join it and allow whatever the experience was to be.
I tried that. And wow suddenly I was not fighting with the moment. My energy naturally settled and became more conscious and centered. Sometimes it would feel that the energy was teaching me, healing me from within. I started to fall in love with my meditation practice and with my own spirit. I found it easier and easier to sit in silence, to meditate when walking, when working, and even when thinking.
Then, one day, while meditating in silence, a new level of energy woke up inside my body. This energy was again swirling, but more subtle and precise. It transformed my experience of life. For about a year I existed in both my ordinary life as a mom of five, a wife, and coach, while simultaneously experiencing the incredible universal energy.

I had the sense of love flowing in a steady stream, the world felt magical, and a cascade of blessings like a gentle rain of sparkles would descend downward into my system when I meditated and sometimes when I was just sitting in the car. 

Until this point, I hadn’t believed in traditional religions, or in God. Everything changed then. All religions and faiths intuitively made sense. I was this energy, and I also knew this energy was not personal. We all have it. And I could feel the beauty and open loving awareness in every person I was with. The divine became real for me.
For over a year, I kept a separation between my energy meditation experiences and my professional life as a coaching teacher. But then a door opened, and everything came together.
Hanalei Bay, Kauai.
I was on vacation in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, thinking about how to show my coaching clients how to connect with their own energy. Then I stood up and let my body receive a teaching. It was a series of movements and emotional, creative exercises. This practice felt like it was given to me. The personal me who knew things stepped aside and allowed a sort of grace to take over. I named the practice 21 Journeys®. Because it is 21 unique journeys.

I refined them and began to teach them to groups.
The results were incredible.

People were healing their own grief. Students from every faith were feeling more connected to their own presence. People were experiencing their ancestors and guides and empowering their higher self. The energy and emotional openings people experienced would continue for weeks afterwards. It was powerful!
Since then, I have developed over 50 unique Energy Coaching strategies which are used in coaching sessions with individuals and some are used as group strategies. I have been refining them in my daily coaching and teaching. And now I have taught them to over 70,000 participants.

What Energy Coaching Does For You

Fountain of Energy Comes With These Bonuses


Bonus 01
21 Journey® Class

I’ve led over 30,000 people through this one-hour practice, and the results are amazing. These are simple movements and visualization journeys, three minutes each, which come together with powerful results for you. I’m including a classroom where you can experience 21 Journeys for yourself.

harmony of family relations

Bonus 02
Three Healing Meditations with Workbooks and Guides

Each meditation combines practices of energy, breath, and creative mind exploration to nurture our inner truth. These are easy meditations which support peace, self-love, and relaxation.


Creative Mind

Empower your imagination while opening your senses and nurturing your being.


Healing with Elements

Find how Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space are guides for deep inner work.


Love’s Inner Wisdom Journey

A natural heart opening process. We invite our love avatar to nurture and support us.

In this video you will experience meditation through seven easy to learn steps. Each step is designed to assist you in developing your meditative presence which is both mindful and heart open. We use what i call active meditation during the class to experience your senses and expand your awareness

How to Connect with Your Own Energy

My mission is to help you to connect with the healing, restorative, invigorating source of Energy within you. I’ve helped over 2,000 people to connect with their own Energy and empower themselves in any area of life. I hope you can join me!

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