Episode 5: An Online Coach's Business Plan and Daily Schedule

You wake up. You enjoy your morning routine.

Then you check your calendar and see you have three coaching clients scheduled that day.

You’re going to be helping three fantastic people to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

And, when your sessions are over, you’ll reflect on how interesting each one was. You’ll feel joy, connection, and gratitude for the work you have.

What will I be helping my clients with?

Some clients are focused on learning something new that will make life more meaningful and purposeful. Some want to improve their relationship with themselves.

And some want help getting energy and direction for things they’ve wanted to do for a long time.

On the way, you’ll be helping your clients to develop their inner resources, to let go of bad feelings and thoughts, to believe in themselves, and feel compassion for themselves.

You help your clients get the insights they need, the decisions they want, and the meaningful life they wish for.

How much are you making as a coach?

Coaches tend to raise their rates with experience, but a typical starting rate for an online coach is $1800 for a 12 week coaching package.

3 hours of coaching per day = $450 per day
That’s $2250 per week, or $9,000 per month.
$117,000 per year – working from home.

With three client sessions per day, plus 3 clarity sessions per week, that’s an 18 hour work week.

How do you get clients?

Most coaches spend fewer than 3 hours per week working on increasing their clients. And about 30-50% of coaching clients are referrals from other clients!

Doesn’t it cost a lot to run a coaching business?

No. We actually discourage coaches from spending much on their business. It’s unnecessary. This is because for coaches getting clients is incredibly efficient.

You do NOT need an email list, a book, videos, podcast, funnel, webinar, expensive advertising, or any other elaborate marketing system.

In fact, it’s better if you start without those things.

But isn’t it hard to get coaching clients?

It’s not hard. You may have noticed there is a huge industry of online marketers who want to sell you something for getting clients. Even if it’s the wrong system for coaches, they will sell it to you. If you are seeing their ads and emails, it may look like getting coaching clients is difficult, complicated, or rare. The opposite is the case. There are millions of people online interested in coaching, and there aren’t enough coaches to serve them.

Is it safe for an inexperienced coach to start coaching people?

As coaches, we are helping good, reasonable, forward-thinking people to improve their lives. Coaching is not designed for high-risk situations or mental illness. There are more appropriate services for that – such as therapists. So if you meet someone who is at high risk or with severe mental illness, we refer them, in a kind and friendly way, to a therapist.

Think about it: if you mention to your skin doctor that you have a stomach complaint, what are they going to do? They will refer you to the right person. It’s the professional thing to do, and it’s what we recommend to our coaches.

There’s a Covid recession in my area. Can people still afford coaching?

Demand for coaching is going through the roof, and our coaches are having an easy time getting clients. It is true that there are people with reduced income and hardship due to Covid, and our hearts and concerns go out to them. The fact is that there are hundreds of millions of people with online or technology-based jobs making the same income they made last year. As an online coach, you can have clients all over the world. There are plenty of great clients out there.

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Wishing you all the best,

Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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