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Transformation Happens When Your Energy Shifts

The assumption used to be that happiness came from our external life. This has changed as more and more people are understanding inner growth. It has become clear that joy, peace and purpose are emotional reflections  of our inner state.  Many people have hurt their health, their relationships, and their spirit with overwork and lack of balance. It’s easy to think “if I can get more I will fill this empty hole inside.” Now things are different. It’s clear that material success is nice, but it isn’t everything. People want balance and meaning in their life. They want spiritual growth. The wellness industry has become one of the largest industries in the world. Many people’s idea of productivity now includes things like being ethical, being aware, and being awake to the world. Corporations everywhere are offering Mindfulness and Yoga classes. People realize that life isn’t just about what you can have, it’s about how we experience the moment, ourselves and other people. This means that when people want to create more meaningful lives, they want their journey to be a soul evolution. As we slow down we realize that inner transformation happens at the spirit level, not only the physical or mental level. When we look back on life, we want to see growth, depth, and a feeling that our life choices mattered. When real spiritual evolution happens, it feels like a natural sequence. It feels like the word YES is reverberating throughout our body. Enroll Now

How Energy Works

Energy happens at different levels of our being. There is the energy that gets us to walk, talk and take care of our physical needs. And then there is our more subtle level of energy, from which our sense of self-worth, inner power, radiance, and love flows. At every level, energy is at work in all of us. Here are a few examples: At the more ordinary level, we prepare ourselves for our life tasks and roles by using our energy. Right before a race, a runner not only stretches, but they find the energy they need to run, compete, and enter their athletic zone. They do this on an energetic level as well as through mindset and emotions. When you’re about to spend time with someone you love, you prepare yourself energetically for that connection. You may become more open to receive and to give. When you go to a rock concert, or when you hear a church choir singing in unison, the frequencies that you experience create a frequency within you. Energy becomes emotions and emotions create well being.

This is the experience of energy.

Of course, some situations bring the opposite. When someone treats you badly, for instance, it can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. The impact of their words has diminished your energy. All of us are experiencing our Energy Systems all of the time. Not everyone knows that they can work with their Energy System to empower, restore, and create deep connections at the heart level.

Energy is Your Greatest Resource

Your Energy System is an invisible matrix from which your emotions, your healthy power, and your actions emerge.In modern culture, we’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We are told that energy doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist. We’re supposed to “think” our way into a new experience. However, when you become aware of and connected to your spiritual energy, the life flow inside each of us, this energy can become our greatest resource, our source of healthy love, power, and intuition. Consider this: so many people know exactly what they need to do in their life. They have clear intentions. They have the capacity and knowledge. They have values and guiding principles. And yet something is blocking them. And, try as they might, they can’t make the progress that they want. I experience this in coaching all the time. Here’s an example, my client, Tom. Tom wants to find a life partner. He struggles with understanding his emotions and being able to speak about them. This is what created big problems in his last relationship. He’s had the intention to start dating for over a year, but he feels like a failure in the area of love. So nothing happens. One day, while in a coaching session, I help Tom to bring healing to his energetic heart. He feels his heart opening in waves of inner kindness and caring. At the end of his session, he creates his own energetic heart-opening practice to do at home. He feels a new sense of emotion and connection. One week later, Tom shares with me that he has called a woman he likes from work. They spoke for over an hour. He feels refreshed and full of courage to know himself at a new level. This is mirrored back to him by his outer world and the new friendship he has begun. In coaching it’s often taught that lasting change comes from having a new thought, or making a new decision. I would say that’s not the whole story. Below that new thought or decision, there is an energetic shift that goes deeper. When a person’s energy aligns with their truth, it makes action-taking easy. One day, something seems impossible. The next day, it feels like it’s already happening. That’s what it feels like when you have an energy shift. Not only do your thoughts change, but your enthusiasm and motivation come on board with your empowered energy.

Magali Peysha

Over the last 18 years I have personally trained over 20,000 Life Coaches at the certification level – that’s about 15% of the world’s certified coaches. My husband Mark Peysha and I are founders of Coaching Institute and Activation™ Method Life Coaching. Every week I lead meditation and energy exercises with hundreds of participants. I’m the author of the #1 best-selling book The Strategic Intervention Handbook, the bestselling relationship book Love Happier, and the upcoming Activation™ Method Workbook. My community trainings have helped 1.5 million people to create greater meaning in their life.Though I’m known primarily as a coach and teacher, it wasn’t always the case. Before I started coaching eighteen years ago, I was a Yoga Teacher and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. I helped my clients to feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’d use the techniques of Ayurveda to help clients learn what would bring them greater balance. What I found, again and again, was that my Ayurvedic clients may have started out wanting to improve a health problem, but the coaching became about their emotions and their energy. Later, when I became a Life Coach, it became clear to me that both Ayurvedic counseling and Life Coaching were helpful on their own. However, when they were combined, they became even more powerful. I loved the clarity that Life Coaching brought, its ability to help clients create clear goals, plan small actions, and to use strategies that helped them find their creativity and purpose. And the framework of Ayurveda gave me tools for teaching clients through ancient wisdom traditions on the elements and the energy channels.

How Energy Changed My Life

Around seven years ago, I started to make my meditation practice my greatest priority. It began while I was watching a Youtube video. I heard a meditation teacher tell someone that, if they were experiencing a lot of energy, they should just let themselves be with that energy. The permission I felt in that moment created a huge change.

You see, I had been struggling with energy experiences for years

It felt that nobody understood me when I tried to explain it. Whenever I meditated, there was a swirling sensation, sometimes around me or sometimes within me. At times it felt like I was floating. But when I’d ask a spiritual teacher what I should I do with this energy, I was told to ignore it. This left me feeling that my meditation experience was wrong. When I gave myself permission to just be with my own energy, my energy naturally settled and became more conscious and centered. Sometimes it would feel that the energy was teaching me, healing me from within. I started to fall in love with my meditation practice and with my own spirit. I found it easier and easier to sit in silence, to meditate when walking, when working, and even when thinking. One day, while meditating in silence, a new level of energy woke up inside my body. This energy was again swirling, but it worked its way through each of my energy body. It transformed my experience of life. For about a year I existed in both my ordinary life as a mom of five, a wife, and coach, while simultaneously experiencing the incredible universal energy. I had the sense of love flowing in a steady stream, the world felt magical, and a cascade of blessings like a gentle rain of sparkles would descend downward into my system when I meditated. Until this point I hadn’t believed in traditional religions, or in God. Everything changed then. All religions and faiths intuitively made sense. I was this energy, and I also knew this energy was not personal. We all have it. And I could feel the beauty and open loving awareness in every person I was with. It didn’t matter if I knew them or not. I often had deep, meaningful conversations with total strangers. Energy was transforming my experience of life, but I didn’t know how to integrate it with my career in coaching. I didn’t know how to talk about it clearly, and so I didn’t share very much with my students or clients. I didn’t want to freak them out! I kept a thin wall between these two parts of my life.

How Activation™ Method Energy Coaching System was Born

I was sitting in Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai, on vacation with my family. It’s the most magical place I know. While sitting under a tree overlooking the bay, I was wondering how to create a group class that coaches could give in their communities. I wanted this class to help participants find inner growth, relaxation, and vitality. I had been studying Shamanic journey practices and Energy Healing with my teacher in Portland, Oregon.

I knew that there could be great healing and flow found in just a ten-minute meditation journey. So I stopped trying to figure out the best way to create a class. Instead, I stood up and let my body, energy, and spirit receive a teaching, which I named 21 Journeys®. It felt as though the practices were already known to me! The energy part of myself put the practices into 21 three-minute guided journeys. I began to practice and refine these every morning.

I must have looked pretty goofy under that tree doing movement, breathing, and energy exercises. But in the years since I’ve been able to teach hundreds of students how to lead their own 21 Journeys® classes.

Today, 21 Journeys® is a one-hour energy, movement, awareness, meditative and creative experiential class. It is a system I created from my years teaching Yoga, practicing Shamanic journeys, meditation, and Ayurveda.

Each “journey” is a three-minute awareness meditation with movement that brings about an energetic expansion and connection inside the participant. It looks like a meditation and gentle movement class, but the internal experience is profound. I started teaching 21 Journeys to students at our Coaching Boot Camps, and the results were incredible.

People were healing their own grief. Students from every faith were feeling more connected to presence and their own beliefs. People were connecting with ancestors and guides that helped them feel their inner truth and higher self. The energy and emotional openings people experienced in 21 Journeys® would continue for weeks afterwards. It was powerful!

I see now that the 21 Journeys were the beginning of my Energy Coaching system. Strategies like this would enable my clients and students to connect with their own energetic experience and their true self. It was very different from Life Coaching, and yet it was a perfect match.

I continued to develop Energy Coaching exercises and session plans that help my Life Coaching clients experience their own energy, healthy power, clear focus, presence, good boundaries, and boundless creativity. I have developed guided meditations, experiential exercises, somatic strategies, and I’ve been watching and learning how clients and students respond.

I’ve built these into the Activation™ Method Energy Coaching System, and my students now use these strategies as Energy Coaches.

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Release Your Resistance, Experience Your Healthy Power

In Life Coaching there can sometimes be a point of frustration for both the coach and the client. This happens when the client feels blocked in some way.They might know intellectually what they want. They might even have a list of steps they want to take. However, they just can’t seem to do anything. And their emotions and thoughts keep following the same path, week after week. Often what’s happening is a subtle energetic resistance or blockage. This inner resistance might have been showing up again and again for them. It’s as though what is stuck is saying, “notice me, help me!” The client sees it, they hear it, but they can’t heal it. This is where we need Energy Coaching Tools. The internal block or resistance can also be described as low self-esteem, loss of power, procrastination, or a sense unworthiness. This is where Energy Coaching can help the client to become energetically empowered. Through a new experience of healthy power and clarity, the client can take care of themselves. This may show up as taking action, listening to their real truth, and knowing their emotions are valid. Energy Coaching helps our clients to enhance their senses, their intuition, and their ability for deep levels of transformation. Some clients will benefit from new and clear boundaries. Some will find bridges between parts of themselves, or healing gifts they receive from their higher self. Picture someone who has a big goal for their life, but every time they approach it, they feel their energy draining out of them. They don’t feel the momentum they need to take action. And so they’re always at square one. They may convince themselves they can’t do something. Yet, they seek help because there is a very small voice within saying, “you can do it.” In Energy Coaching, we hear and appreciate that small voice. The client learns to empower the most universal, loving and healing aspect of their being. Energy Coaching strategies and exercises work to create that inner wisdom and growth. Sometimes there’s an energy challenge in a relationship. Perhaps the relationship is not very healthy. Sometimes there is bullying and narcissistic manipulation, for instance. In Energy Coaching a client can discover how to work skillfully with the effects of these relationships within their own system. Sometimes the client has internalized that bully. In this case, the work focuses on their own healing and strengthening. Energy is there to offer support and transformation. As an Energy Coach, you assist your client in realizing their healthy boundaries and adding the energy resources they need to honor their truth and well-being. With this new experience of self comes a lot of creativity and enthusiasm for life. Energy Coaching goes to the deepest level of a person’s wishes while healing their obstacles and resistance. When we’re working with our Energy Coaching clients, we’re helping them connect to a subtle system within their body, spiritual being, and their essential nature that can truly empower and heal them.

Energy Coaching Modalities

  • Energy Coaches often teach through guided meditation, energy exercises and strategies.
  • During live Zoom or in-person sessions the coach and client practice together.
  • Clients learn what they want to heal and how to do it themselves.
  • Healthy boundaries become easier to empower and reinforce.
  • Clients awaken their ability to sense their own energetic frequency and invite that frequency to become more clear, loving and full of light.
  • The strategies help clients to experience greater creativity and spiritual expansion.
  • Healing metaphors and Archetypes assist the client in their energy evolution.
  • Through finding practices and new habits clients empower the wisdom of their higher self and find energetic balance.
  • Intuition and creativity is increased. Then decisions, projects and relationships flow more easily.
  • The emotions of compassion, joy, love, clarity, generosity, kindness, peace and equanimity become easy to feel and express.

Connecting Clients With Their Own Powerful Energy

When someone is feeling blocked, stuck, used, conflicted, burned out, or exhausted, they experience this energetically as well as mentally and physically.On a practical level, not having enough energetic strength and flow can stop us from doing what we need to do to take care of ourselves. When we push ourselves for results, day in and day out, our system gives us signs that it needs to recharge. Energy Coaching helps people to heal the obstacles and resistance that are preventing their concentration, joy, and zest for life. When we’re working with our Energy Coaching clients, we’re helping them become their own healer. They use the session strategies to reconnect with their true self and energy.

Energy is right here for all of us, all of the time. It’s a resource in your physical body. It’s experienced in your emotions. When we become aware of the energy within ourselves, we’re going to our deepest level of being. We are awakening our own inner guidance.

This means we have more intuition and clarity. We’re more aware of what we’re feeling, what we’re saying, what we’re doing. So we’re able to create a lasting transformation.

My client Melissa came to coaching with the goal of completing her PhD dissertation. She was on a deadline, yet stuck and not making progress.

She found that, while she knew what she needed to do, she’d feel an inner resistance to taking the steps towards her work. Over a few sessions we explored Melissa’s inner resources, such as her values and her energy helpers.

We also learned what music and colors were nurturing and supporting to her focus. Melissa could experience the sense of sound and color, and it felt energetically aligning and empowering.

While coaching, we did an exercise where Melissa asked a key question to her guides. These guides are like parts of her most empowered and true self. When she asked her guides, they gave her the answers and the energetic support she’d need to take action in her work. She was given a practice to do each day that would create the inner space for focus and alignment towards her goal of completing her dissertation. During the coaching, Melissa also discovered what had been blocking her. She was having a conflict that came from her inner rebel and rule-breaker. The rebel needed to be seen and heard, and given freedom to mature.

As her coach, I followed a process that I train Energy Coaches to use. My coaching involved guiding the exercises and holding the space of connection with my own energetic clarity and truth.

With this support, Melissa was able to go from being blocked to finding flow and contentment in her work on her dissertation.

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Energy Coaching Is Helpful When…

* You have an ambitious, meaningful goal, but when you approach it, something happens that feels like you are not on your own side. You self-sabotage your own healthy ambition.

* You overwork and get irritated at others. You may feel burned out. You’d like to find some balance and stability within yourself.

* The things that used to give you joy and inspiration don’t seem to work anymore. You want to discover your spark again.

* You feel oversensitive. When you are with others, it can feel as though you feel what they feel. You want to stay sensitive but also have good boundaries.

* You’d like to connect at a deep level in a relationship, but you feel a hesitancy which stops you. You want to understand emotions and share feelings in relationships.

* There are healthy habits you want to have in your life, but you lack the consistency to take action.

* What others see in you is not what you feel about yourself. This sense of not being aligned can sometimes feel like low self-esteem or a values conflict.

* You’ve been in relationships where you suspect the other person had narcissistic tendencies. And you do not want to repeat these patterns again.

These are just some of the situations where an Energy Coach can help.

An Energy Coach shows their clients how to recharge and recalibrate themselves by connecting to their own energy. The client’s real teacher is their own energy. The coach shares the method through strategies and exercises that bring out the client’s own healthy spiritual energy and wisdom. This can feel like intuition showing up fully, or like a good friend always at your side letting you know, “you got this.” This kind of coaching is empowering and easy to do. The client is setting the pace and finding their own healthy energy.

The client learns how to expand, ground, explore, heal, and integrate their energy.

Energy Coaching is Different but Complementary to Energy Healing Traditions

In our method of Energy Coaching, we train coaches to lead clients through an Energy Coaching process that gives the client a skill set for healing and empowering themselves. Because of its focus on self-healing, Energy Coaching is considered to be a part of the Complementary and Alternative Healing Industry, which includes practices such as Ayurvedic Counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Emotional Yoga, Shamanic Counseling, Craniosacral Work, Massage Therapy, and Reiki. As people are increasingly interested in their own ability to improve their health, this is one of the world’s fastest-growing areas of health and wellness. In 2020 the global Complementary and Alternative Healing Market was valued at $82 Billion. It’s now expected to quadruple by 2028. Many of the same people who are interested in Complementary and Alternative Healing will sign up for Energy Coaching. Within this arena, Energy Coaching plays a unique role, distinct from other forms of healing. In most healing modalities, the practitioner works with the client in a hands-on way. In contrast, the Energy Coach teaches and guides the client verbally, empowering them to develop their own relationship with healing energy. In other words, it’s the client, not the coach, who provides the energy connection for healing. An Energy Coach typically offers a client a series of coaching sessions over the course of several months, during which the client becomes more familiar and more skilled with their Energy System. Energy Coaching can be offered virtually, so you can work with clients all over the world from where you live. This has numerous lifestyle advantages. Energy Coaching has a distinct advantage in that it can be offered remotely. You can have an Energy Coaching practice where you work with clients all over the world, from wherever you live. Energy Coaching can also be offered alongside other forms of healing. Many of our clients are simultaneously receiving other therapies from other practitioners. This works well, because Energy Coaching enhances the client’s ability to empower and heal. This also works well for practitioners who want to move their practice towards being client-led, with less focus on hands-on healing work.

You Don’t Need Special Powers

Sometimes people think that in order to help people an Energy Coach has to have some kind of special energetic powers. That’s not the case. The energy wisdom and strength comes from within the client. It is important to know that, as an Energy Coach, you are also very human. As Energy Coaches, we are evolving and practicing to deepen and expand ourselves every day.  At the same time we are building our coaching practices and skills so that we can help more people. We are never done with our own personal evolution. Part of our development is recognizing that we are energetically large enough to be both our human self and our larger spiritual self.

Energy Coaches are never better or different from the clients they serve. Knowing this helps us not develop big spiritual egos that could get in the way of embodying our truth.

Energy Coaching Values are built around Emotional and Spiritual Balance within all parts of life. We empower personal agency and resilience in every person.  We offer transformational Learning that creates inner guidance. We enjoy Community Growth and support so that we learn in a warm and encouraging circle of friendship. When we grow as Energy Coaches in a caring community, we keep ourselves real. When we work with clients and witness each client’s incredible energy, gifts, and truth, we grow within ourselves. No matter what teachings and experiences life has given us, we can all open to our beautiful love, light and spirit. And we can do this while still healing our own suffering and pain. Through kind and loving inner motivation, we learn to honor our own path as people who are here to serve others growth as well as take care of ourselves. Enroll Now

Your Next Step

I believe so strongly in the power of Energy Coaching to create positive change in the world.The journey to becoming an Energy Coach is one of the most inspiring experiences you can have. Connecting with your own healing energy, and then developing your skills to empower your clients – it’s very fulfilling.So I’ve set out to create the world’s most comprehensive Energy Coaching Certification Training. Everything you need is included.You’ll get my complete Energy Coaching System, which I’ve developed over the past 10 years with thousands of students and clients.You’ll get a live and online training experience that will awaken and enliven your mind, body, and spirit. This includes four immersive days we’ll spend together live online in a perfect training environment. You’ll get an incredible community who will become your close friends and colleagues, all of us aligned in our dedication to the benefits of energy and the ability to grow together and help our clients. You’ll get the support of Coaching Institute training staff, including over 100 hours of live training and practice time. The live training is designed to fit into as many time zones as possible, with all teachings recorded for you. You’ll get a complete Coach Marketing system that includes everything you need to build your Energy Coaching professional practice. We even give you an Energy Coach Website that you can use for your own business. And, if you’d like to be able to offer Energy Coaching to groups, I’ll even give you my complete system for offering 21 Journeys® Classes, and my complete system for offering your own Energy Retreats. Again, the complete system is included. You will also be certified to lead meditation classes using my seven part meditation process. This is an incredible way to expand your reach as an Energy Coach.

This training is designed to take you from where you are right now, all the way to your future as a skilled Energy Coach, even if you’re just getting started in energy or coaching.

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Energy Coaching Topics

● Meditation

Healing Awareness and Insight

  • Luminous Self Healing
  • Energy Inner Guidance
  • Energy Centers Exploration & Knowing
● resources

Our True Self

  • Meditation for Inner Resources
  • Soul Recovery & Healing of Interference
  • Healing for Loss & Shock
● Transformation

Five Elements

  • Personal Psychology
  • Transforming Obstacles
  • Peace, Healthy Power, & Self Care
● Senses & Channels

Archetypes & Guides

  • Activating Our Senses
  • Nature as Healer
  • Higher Self
● Healing Emotions

Healing & Strengthening with Emotions

  • Joy, Compassion, Kindness, and Equanimity
  • Acceptance and Transformation
  • Metaphors in Energy Coaching
● Somatic integration

Our Bodies Wisdom

  • Somatic Listening & Speaking
  • Receiving Frequencies and Transformations
  • Movement, Voice & Creativity

Your Energy Coach Training Includes Four Certifications

Part 1: Activation™ Method Energy Coach Training

We will be meeting live regularly for four months as I walk you through the tools, strategies, and exercises of Activation™ Method Energy Coaching. Together we will learn, practice and grow our coaching skills while also healing and empowering ourselves. During these classes you will learn by experiencing your own energy system as a healer and guide. You will have live demonstrations of Energy Coaching with the specific strategy topic we are working on that week. Then you will have time to process and learn through coaching your colleagues. This helps everyone integrate and understand the wide range of helpful energy experiences. Your classroom will have all your learning videos ready to learn at your own pace. In weekly q&a sessions you will deepen your knowledge of all Activation Method Coaching techniques. You will immediately have access to your Energy Coach Activation™ Method Certification Classroom. There you will find over 100 hours of learning topics like Archetypes, Energy Repair, Guided Meditation Strategies, Healing with Metaphors, Giving and Receiving of Energy, Transformational Tools, and Energy Center Strategies. There are coaching demonstrations and processes that focus on healing procrastination, anxiety, goals, obstacles, relationships, low self esteem, and empowering positive states and energy helpers.  And we won’t just talk about the strategies. You’ll get to study videos of these strategies being used with real clients, so that you’re learning by example. You keep your online training for life. You can learn at your own pace and graduate when you are ready.

Part 2: Coaching Boot Camp

There’s nothing more powerful than this immersive live training. You will be coaching and connecting with fellow coaches who share your interests and values. We designed Coaching Boot Camp to activate your coaching abilities, give you instant momentum, and double your coaching skills, no matter where you’re at now. For many people Coaching Boot Camp is their first experience in coaching, and it lays a foundation for the rest of their career. More experienced coaches see how the Activation™ Method gives their coaching more versatility, creativity and flow. We will be connecting from all over the world through Zoom. All you have to do is show up and within minutes you’ll be practicing coaching yourself. We offer four different three-day Boot Camps throughout the year (we call them Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Emerald Boot Camp). Each teaches  you a unique set of coaching strategies. Each Boot Camp teaches you 7 strategies. You also get a one-day Boot Camp called Opal Level. It focuses you on mastering the strategies you will use in your first coaching session with a new client. As a part of your Energy Coaching Certification, you get to choose one Opal Boot Camp date and one Gem Three-Day Boot Camp date, whichever work best for you. The Activation™ Method coaching strategies you will learn at Boot Camp will give you an incredible foundation for your Energy Coaching. You will receive certification for the Boot Camps you complete. Each Coaching Boot Camp comes with it’s own certificate. Upcoming Live Online Boot Camp Dates: October 23-25, 2021 Sapphire Level December 4-6, 2021 Pearl Level November 20-21 Marketing Jan 15, 2022 Opal Level

Part 3: 21 Journeys® Teacher Training

Would you like to lead groups through energy-enhancing experiences, while gaining exposure for your private coaching practice? As an Activation™ Method Energy Coach, you’ll receive a license to teach 21 Journeys.™ This is a unique one-hour class that incorporates guided awareness practices with gentle movement, creating an integrated energy experience. Participants get emotional integration, increased creativity, personal insights, energetic balancing, and a sense of shared community. People love to attend 21 Journeys® week after week, the way they would attend a Yoga, Zumba, dance, or other movement class. You may offer it anywhere in your community where classes are taught (such as Yoga or wellness studios, educational organizations, or community centers). You may also offer an Online version of 21 Journeys®  through Zoom. Your teacher training includes the 21 Journeys Teacher Guide, over twenty examples of unique 21 Journeys classes, informative sharing sessions, and teachings specifically on leadership skills for the 21 Journeys Teacher. When you complete the training, you get a Certificate as a 21 Journeys® Teacher.

Part 4: Activation™ Method Retreat Leader Certification

There is growing need for taking the time to go on a retreat. These can be Online or in person Retreats. All over the world, people are signing up to spend dedicated time on their growth, awareness, and rejuvenation. Zoom makes it easy and natural to participate with a group online and eliminates the need for travel and accommodations. As travel becomes easier more people want to get away from home for a retreat.  As an Energy Coach, you’ll be licensed in a complete system for planning, guiding and giving retreats, both online and in person. You will learn how to guide retreats using Energy, Awareness, and Creativity Processes designed specifically for the retreat environment. This training comes with over 20 unique Retreat Modules that offer a wide range of topics for retreats. You’ll be able to design your custom half day to seven day retreat by mixing and matching the Retreat Modules you wish to include. This is much easier than creating a retreat from scratch! These retreats can be offered online and in person. Through offering a Retreat we help our participants to develop a personal practice. We create a time for massive spiritual growth and community connection. As part of your overall Energy Coaching practice, offering small retreats is a great opportunity for assisting your clients on their spiritual and life path. This training comes with a certificate as an Activation™ Method Retreat Leader. Enroll Now

Live Classes Every Week for Six Months

We want you to have the opportunity to train live often. For this reason we offer many different live coaching class options. You don’t have to attend all of these classes to graduate. Every class is recorded and made available to our students within a week. Mentorship Classes: Learn in community every week for this  interactive workshop. We get together to answer students questions in a Zoom live classroom. We (Mark and Magali Peysha) will personally assist you on your coaching path. Whether your question is about a client you are coaching, a friend, yourself, or your business, we are there to support you. You will also learn about key steps of Activation™ Method Coaching. Meditation Class:  we get together weekly in community to practice Meditation. This is a large group meditation that will connect with your Energy Coach training modules. Practice Lab: Learn to coach and be coached in a supportive and nurturing environment. You will be learning 21 key skills for coaching. Each week you practice one of the 21 key strategies with a colleague. There are always Master Coaches on the live Practice Session. They are expert at offering supervision and will support as you practice coaching skills. This is a very welcoming and accepting environment where we can be ourselves, discuss how we’re feeling, and re-enter our coaching and client roles. This is the best way that I know to learn coaching! Energy Coach Training: From October 2021 through February 2022, we will be meeting live on Zoom to learn the Energy Coaching Strategies. You will have the opportunity to share, practice, and have your own energetic growth process in each class. Monthly Speciality Workshops with Magali: In our speciality workshops we will cover our favorite Activation™ Method Coaching skills and topics. You will get a boost to your wisdom and personal activation through this interactive and small class dynamic for learning. Advisor Group Sessions: We know that students in any program need support to reach their goals. So, whether you are brand-new to coaching or very experienced, we find that meeting with our team of coaching advisors offers support in the learning process. These sessions, limited to six students at a time, focus on your individual needs and learning process. Every student is able to attend three Advisor Group Sessions during the first year of training at Coaching Institute.

Energy Coach Training Comes with Seven Additional Bonuses

At the Coaching Institute we will prepare you for all kinds of coaching clients. You will get what you need for your personal and energetic development.

Additional Bonus Trainings

Bonus 1: Activation™ Meditation Classroom features more than 90 Meditation sessions, including Breathing, Energy, Journeys and Somatic practices Bonus 2: Ten-Session Coaching Road Map for planning ten coaching packages. This guide outlines a series of sessions that you can use when working with coaching goals, such as dating, self-esteem, improving a relationship, overcoming procrastination. Bonus 3: Seven Mindsets of Success Training. Learn Mark and Magali Peysha’s keys to personal success through this program. There are great ideas here for helping clients shift their mindset to one of inner growth, connection and expansion. Bonus 4: Coaching Demonstrations Library. In this classroom you’ll find many examples of Activation™ Method Coaching. We believe it is best to learn through real coaching examples. This training teaches you through actual coaching. Bonus 5: Coaching Strategy Library. This is where you find our favorite all-purpose Coaching Strategies taught in short lessons. You will learn strategies which focus on both inner and outer goals, relationship, personal evolution, expanding skills and more. Bonus 6: Mentorship Class Archive. We make it easy to keep learning and growing. In this bonus classroom you receive an entire year of Mentorship Class recordings. You will learn through the real questions that coaches have as they build their practices, work with clients, and open themselves up on energetic level. Every Mentorship Class is unique because of the questions students are asking. You will learn through coaching demos, supervision and planning discussions, and strategy creation techniques. Bonus 7: Creative Coach Workshops. Here you will find our latest workshops on coaching concepts, skills, and new strategies. These are in depth workshops that walk you through the steps of a coaching strategy.  Each workshop is also a personal discovery session where students can coach themselves at a creative and spiritual level. Enroll Now

Integrity Marketing System with Mark Peysha: Founder of Coaching Institute

Activation™ Method Energy Coach includes the most comprehensive and effective system for marketing your coaching practice. Mark has launched the careers of 20,000 coaches. He’s an expert in simplifying the process, so you are only taking the most effective steps to grow your coaching practice. This program is called Integrity Marketing because your marketing should be aligned with your spiritual intentions as a coach. When your marketing is aligned with your heart, your practice will grow. This marketing system was designed by coaches for coaches. Everything is included: you will not have to purchase any other marketing trainings to build a full-time practice.

Your marketing trainings will include:

Coach Marketing Boot Camp (Gold Members Only)

In one weekend training you can become skillful and comfortable at enrolling coaching clients for your premium coaching packages. Not only will you learn the exact system to use… we will train you personally so that you get the skills during the weekend. You’ll graduate on Sunday with a completely new level of confidence, ease, and ability to generate income as a coach.

Coach Accelerator Workshop™

We believe that coaches are happiest and most successful when they choose a simple system for connecting with new clients. Set up your simple system, start working with clients professionally, and enjoy the growth of your business. Coach Accelerator Workshop sets you up with a 100% online client acquisition system within the space of a 5 day online training (about 2 hours per day). We walk you through the entire system during the training, so that at the end of five days, you have everything you need!

Coaching Practice Blueprint™

This revolutionary program is responsible for tripling the rate at which our students get their first paying clients. That’s because, instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to turn you into a “marketer,” we focus on helping you spend your time doing what you love most: coaching. It includes information on where potential clients are hanging out in your community, how to create referral relationships with other professionals, how to build your coaching business, and the simplest way to set up your business.

Clarity Session Magic™

90% of all coaching clients worldwide are signed up in the same way: through a free consultation conversation known as a “Clarity Session.” This is your #1 business tool. This training shows you how to offer Clarity Sessions with absolute integrity, knowing that everybody you offer it to will have a great experience. There is no “selling” involved, only doing what coaches love to do best: helping. Having this training will make you completely confident talking to prospective clients.

Marketing Makeover™

It’s very useful for a coach to understand what a client is thinking and feeling as they look for a coach. When we know how to address a client’s concerns, they feel comfortable calling us. In Marketing Makeover Classes you’ll see Mark Peysha working one-on-one with coaches on their marketing websites, materials, and presentations. This gives you a valuable insight into how you can structure your communications with future clients.

Your Own Energy Coaching Website

It’s very important for coaches to have a website that defines their practice and the benefits of coaching with them. The problem is that websites can be thorny to put together yourself. So we have designed the ideal coaching website for Energy Coaches.

Your website is done for you: all you have to do is add your name and photo!

It will include proof of your certification with the Coaching Institute. Set it up once, use it forever. No other training offers this! You will receive this bonus website when you have graduated from you Energy Coach Activation™ Method Certification course.

Enroll Now and Begin Right Away

Activation™ Method Energy Coach Certification Training

Our October Class of Activation™ Method Energy Coaches is enrolling right now. Enrollment closes in just a few days. This will be an intimate group. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you and teach you personally. We are starting soon! Enroll Now

You’re Protected by an Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve ever thought about working with groups, even if you’re still skeptical, we’d like you to join Activation™ Method Energy Coach Certification. You’ll find that it’s the most intuitive and comprehensive Energy Coach Training in the world. Copyright © 2021 – Peysha Properties LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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