Welcome to Part Two of our email training series on Energy Coaching.

If you missed Part One you can get it here.

Energy is a very helpful part of all coaching. Our energy affects our ability to serve others and to take care of ourselves. Let’s look at different experiences of energy that every professional Life Coach should be aware of.

Energy happens in our systems at different levels of experience. There is the energy that gets us to walk, talk and take care of our physical being.

And then there is our more subtle level of energy, where our sense of self-worth, inner power, radiance, and love come from.

At every level, energy is at work in all of us. Here are a few examples.

* Right before a race, a runner not only stretches and prepares their body, but they also find the energy they need to run, compete, and enter their zone. They do this on an energetic level as well as through mindset and emotions.

* When you’re about to spend time with someone you love, you prepare yourself energetically for that connection with them.

* When you go to a music concert, the frequencies that you experience creates a frequency within you. It’s emotion, thought, physical sensations, mixed together.

These are just a few examples of the experience of energy.

Of course, some situations bring the opposite. When someone treats you badly, for instance, it can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. The impact of their words has diminished your energy. It can feel difficult to get it back!

Your Energy System is an invisible matrix from which your emotions, your healthy power, and your actions emerge. We are all experiencing our Energy Systems, all of the time.

Not everyone knows that they can work with their Energy System to empower, restore, and create deep connections at the heart level.

In modern culture, we’re often taught to ignore the energetic level of being. We are told that energy doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist. We’re supposed to “think” our way into new life experiences and motivations.

However, when you become aware of and connected to your spiritual energy, it can become your greatest resource, your source of healthy love, power, and intuition.

An Energy Coach shows their clients how to recharge and recalibrate themselves by connecting to their own healthy spiritual energy and wisdom.

This kind of coaching is empowering and easy to do. The client is setting the pace of their own discovery and growth.

Energy Coaches:

  • Teach their clients through guided meditations, energy exercises, and creative coaching strategies
  • Strengthen their clients’ ability to sense their own energetic frequency and invite that frequency to become more clear, loving, and full of light
  • Work with clients in person, or through Zoom sessions online
  • Naturally increase their clients’ intuition and creativity, so their decisions, projects and relationships flow more easily
  • Lead group meditations, classes, and retreats, if desired
  • Empower clients to create and enforce the healthy boundaries they want to have
  • Offer Energy Coaching as a part of Life Coaching to empower a client’s ability to be resourceful
  • Help clients to enjoy greater access to emotions such as compassion, joy, love, clarity, generosity, kindness, peace and equanimity
  • When needed, help their clients to tackle nitty-gritty situations and decisions in life
  • Teach clients to become their own energy healers and find skills that will empower them for life

When a client connects with their own energy, this energy often becomes their teacher. It’s our greatest joy to see our clients filling with their own healthy spiritual energy and power. As a result, they’re able to stand up for their values, interests, and well-being.

Over the past few days 2,400 people have joined me live in my Introduction to Energy Coaching mini series. If you haven’t seen these, here are the replays:

In Part One we learned how to experience your energy body, and how the Water Element can bring you more comfort, ease, and relaxation.

In Part Two you can experience several different Energy Coaching strategies (protection bubbles, energy balls, emotional frequency) so you can see for yourself how they can improve your energetic well-being.

In Part Three we explored our seven energy centers to create grounding and connection. This strategy, helps us to deepen our experience of healthy flowing energy while also strengthening and grounding ourselves.

Wishing you the very best,

Magali Peysha 

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