How Energy Coaching
Removes Obstacles

Welcome to Part Two of our email training series on Energy Coaching.

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Imagine someone who has a big goal for their life, but every time they approach it, they feel unable to take action. They can’t seem to find the energy they would need.

And so they’re always at square one. They may convince themselves that they’ll never be able to do it.

This is often a real resistance within them. It can feel like an energetic blockage, fog, or fatigue. It might be described as a steady level of low self esteem, loss of power, or a sense of not being worthy. 

This is where Energy Coaching can be very helpful on a very deep yet practical level…

Energy Coaching helps people heal the obstacles and resistance that are preventing their concentration, joy, and zest for life. When we’re working with our Energy Coaching clients, we’re helping them tap into a subtle system within their body, their spiritual being, and the emotions that can truly empower and heal them. Learning to use one’s senses and imagination through healing metaphors.

Energy is right here for all of us, all of the time. It’s a resource in your physical body. It’s experienced in your emotions. When we become aware of the energy within ourselves, we’re going to our deepest level of being. We are awakening our own inner guidance.

This means we have more intuition and clarity. We’re more aware of what we’re feeling, what we’re saying, what we’re doing. So we’re able to create a lasting transformation. 

My client Melissa came to coaching with the goal of completing her PhD dissertation. She was on a deadline, yet stuck and not making progress.

She found that, while she knew what she needed to do, she’d feel an inner resistance to taking the steps towards her work. Over a few sessions we explored Melissa’s inner resources, such as her values and her energy helpers.

Over the next few sessions we explored Melissa’s inner resources, such as her values, things she loves, like the ocean, her energy helpers, and higher self.

We also learned what music and colors were nurturing and supportive to her focus. Melissa could experience the sense of sound and color, and it felt energetically aligning and empowering. 

While coaching, we did an exercise where Melissa asked a key question to her guides. These guides are like parts of her most empowered and true self. When she asked her guides, they gave her the answers and the energetic support she’d need to take action in her work. She was given a practice to do each day that would create the inner space for focus and alignment towards her goal of completing her dissertation. 

During the coaching, Melissa also discovered what had been blocking her. She was having a conflict that came from her inner rebel and rule-breaker. The rebel needed to be seen and heard, and given freedom to mature.

As her coach, I followed a process that I train Energy Coaches to use. My coaching involved guiding the exercises and holding the space of connection with my own energetic clarity and truth. 

With this support, Melissa was able to go from being blocked to finding flow and contentment in her work on her dissertation.

Here are some of the situations that benefit from Energy Coaching.

* You have an ambitious, meaningful goal, but when you approach it, something happens that feels like you are not on your own side. You self-sabotage your own healthy ambition.

* You overwork and get irritated at others. You may feel burned out. You’d like to find some balance and stability within yourself. 

* The things that used to give you joy and inspiration don’t seem to work anymore. You want to discover your spark again. 

* You feel oversensitive. When you are with others, it can feel as though you feel what they feel. You want to stay sensitive but also have good boundaries. 

* You’d like to connect at a deep level in a relationship, but feel a hesitancy which stops you. You want to know how to feel and share feelings in relationships.

* There are healthy habits you want to have in your life, but you lack the consistency to take action.

* What others see in you is not what you feel about yourself. This sense of not being aligned can sometimes feel like low self-esteem or a values conflict. 

* You’ve been in relationships where you suspect the other person had narcissistic tendencies. And you do not want to repeat these patterns again. 

It can be especially frustrating when you feel you know what you want, you know the steps you need to take and why, but you don’t feel your energy supporting you. 

This is where an Energy Coaching can really help! 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an Energy Coach, I have some great news. We’re about to release my Activation™ Method Energy Coach Certification training, where you can learn to be an Energy Coach and use the tools for yourself and your clients. I’ve made this program work for both beginners and experienced coaches. So make sure you open your emails. 

Wishing you the very best,

Magali Peysha

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