How Energy Creates
Healthy Change

When a person comes to me for help, whether it’s to improve a relationship or change a habit, this is what I’ve found: true transformation happens when your energy shifts.

Imagine this:

Tom wants to find a life partner. He struggles with understanding his emotions, and talking about them. This is what created big problems in his last relationship. He’s had the intention to start dating for over a year, but he feels like a failure in the area of love. So nothing happens.

One day, while in a coaching session, he learns to bring healing to his energetic heart. He feels his heart opening in waves of inner kindness and caring. At the end of his session his coach gives him a practice to do daily. Tom feels a new sense of emotion and connection. He has the courage to call a woman and invite her to coffee.

In coaching it’s often taught that lasting change comes from having a new thought, or making a new decision.

I would say that’s not the whole story.

Below that new thought or decision, there is an energetic shift that goes deeper. When a person’s energy aligns with their truth, it makes action-taking easy.

One day, something seems impossible. The next day, it feels like it’s already happening.

That’s what it feels like when you have an energetic shift. You are accessing your healthy power and inner wisdom.

It’s at the heart of all my coaching: I teach my clients strategies and exercises which empower their energy. When they’re empowered, they’re capable of creating the results they want.

Around the world, Meditation and Yoga have become common, even in the workplace. The world of Energy Transformation has become something that millions of people want.

With this in mind, I’ve created a training specifically for those wanting to work with clients as an Energy Coach.

Over the next week I will be sharing with you what it means to be an Energy Coach. You’ll learn how it’s different from being an energy healer. And I think you’ll understand why our world needs this level of growth right now.

One of the best parts for me personally about this work is that, while we support our clients in their evolution, we’re also growing and expanding ourselves on an energy level.

It’s time to evolve at the deepest level. Sometimes you might think “I have to be more productive,” or “I need to be healthier before I start working with my energy.”

When your energy is empowered and flowing, you feel your best. This is experienced through your health, your relationships, and your sense of enthusiasm.

It’s your positive emotions aligning with your intentions, revealing your true purpose.  So it’s always a good time to work with your energy.

Sending you love and joy,

Magali Peysha

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