Five Business Reasons for Becoming a Group Coach

From: Magali Peysha
San Diego, California

Welcome back to Part Two of the Group Coaching Guide.

This is a “quick read” guide designed to give you key insights about this growing sector in coaching – to get Part One of this series click here.

Being a Group Coach is hands-down one of the most satisfying occupations you can have, but it’s also one of the smartest things you can do for your business. So let’s put on our business hats and explore five business reasons for becoming a group coach.


1. Group Coaching is an Income Multiplier – When you move to coaching groups, you’re adding to your income capacity, because Group Coaching will expand the front end of your business. Anyone who does client work wants to bring more clients into their practice, right? When you offer introductory Group Coaching sessions, people have a chance to experience you as a leader. This is called the “One-to-Many Effect,” a mental calculation that people make unconsciously. When someone sees that more people have shown up to learn with you, they perceive your coaching skills as being more valuable. This works even in very small groups. At the end of each introductory Group Coaching session, announce that you’re taking on one-on-one clients, and you’ll get hands raised every time.

2. Online Leadership – When you have strong Group Coaching skills, you can appear in live video (such as Zoom, Facebook Live, etc) and create a valuable experience for your participants. As you guide everyone through a group coaching process, they develop admiration for your work. Now you’re not limited by location and can easily hold any number of Online Coaching Groups, gaining global exposure for your coaching practice.

3. Master Content Development – If you want to become a producer of content, such as trainings, podcasts, and books, please understand this: you’ll get your best content ideas from your group coaching sessions. There’s nothing like brainstorming with real people to discover what excites them vs. what bores or frightens them. This is why successful content producers prefer to have direct communication with their audience. Group Coaching is a perfect low-pressure venue for trying out new ideas. Whenever we have a new idea, we test it out on a group to see how people respond. The ideas that test well become trainings.

4. Live Events or Retreats – If you have an audience, this is probably your most profitable offer, as it’s based on their ability to work with you personally. Of course, when people arrive at an event or retreat, they have certain expectations. They want to feel special. They want to feel great about working with you. That’s where it’s important to have Group Coaching skills that deliver insights to every participant.

5. The Beauty of Networks – You’ll be amazed at who will show up in your Group Coaching sessions. We’ve been shocked to discover participants who were successful Hollywood actors, Ivy League professors, top 1% business people, well-known authors, or government leaders. You build an incredible network. But having a group also increases your profile in other ways. When you tell someone you lead Group Coaching in your community, people know you’re serious. They think “if this person leads groups, they must be worth knowing… and worth partnering with.” This is amazing for bringing future clients.
So Group Coaching is a key skill for thriving in the expert industry. Whatever else you do, Group Coaching will make it more powerful.

In Part three, we’re going to get into the “how” of Group Coaching – and explore the magic ingredients that make Group Coaching succeed.

See you tomorrow.

Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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