Group Coaching: The Business Model

From: Magali Peysha
San Diego, California

Here’s an important question we’ve gotten recently. 

What’s the business model of a Group Coach?

Well, it’s pretty amazing. 

Your group coaching participants can sign up with you for only $200 per month.

It’s not hard to find people who can afford that!

Imagine that you have fifteen people signed up for a four-month Group Coaching class, meeting weekly.

That’s $12,000.

Now let’s imagine that you do this eight times a year.

Now you’re making $96,000.

Your participants are enjoying learning, connecting, and being supported to find their own greatest truth. For only $200 per month, it’s a great investment. Many of them will continue year-round. Many will invite friends and family to join in with them.

Now imagine that each group grows to 30 people, instead of 15. Now you’re making $192,000 in the same number of hours!

Now let’s imagine that, in addition to this, you offer individual coaching. We find that about 25% of your group participants will want to coach with you one-on-one. So you take on 8 clients at a time for a $2500 coaching package of 15 sessions. That’s an additional $80,000 per year.

So your Life Coaching Practice is earning between $150,000 and $250,000 per year for less than 20 hours of work per week.

This means you have time to take care of yourself and your family, while helping your community be a place of connection, expansion, and growth.

Hearing this, people often think that, to make that work, you must need to spend on advertising, email lists, and so forth. There must be some big expenses.

But no, most of our coaches don’t have those kinds of expenses, and they usually work from home.

Would you like to lead groups like this? 

Maybe Group Coaching would be right for you!

Wishing you the very best

Mark & Magali Peysha

Mark Peysha
Magali Peysha

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