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access your healthy spiritual energy, Bring Healing into all your relationships, and Live Your empowered truth

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As coaches and healers, we often meet people who are struggling with patterns of disempowerment in their lives. This lack of healthy power is taking place on an energetic level. I’d like to tell you about a system that you can use to assist your clients to become more empowered, self-loving, and confident at the soul level.

In our energy body we have seven main Chakras. These are Energy Centers that function as vast storehouses for our well-being. We hold in our energy system our wounds, beliefs, gifts, and our intuitive connections. When these energy centers are blocked, stuck, or stagnant, we experience emotional and energetic symptoms. As we learn to balance and heal the Chakras, our energy flows and our inner wisdom strengthens.

Through a system of energy exercises and meditations we can discover the gifts and healthy power within each Chakra. Our intuition blossoms, and we learn to heal ourselves.

Emotionally this brings us connection and support. Exploring each Energy Center guides us into greater universal connectivity. The dimension of relationship becomes imbued with loving grace, and we receive the inner wisdom we need.

Have you ever found that you suffer more in one part of yourself? This might be your body, your emotions, your beliefs, or your relationships. When we feel stuck there is a corresponding energetic stagnation in our energy system. When we learn to heal ourselves and free our energy in each center, we become intuitive, powerful, and creative. Our health improves and our prana flows. The heart opens within a system of supportive grounded presence. This system is our true self and our true home.

I would like to share a story with you about one of my clients.

Christina had a fear of speaking up. Whenever she thought of speaking up for herself in one of her relationships, it would feel like her throat started to choke. She had once wanted to become a teacher, but the very thought of speaking before a group seemed impossible.

When something is stopping you from expressing yourself verbally, there is often a blockage in the Throat Chakra. There could be many possible reasons for the blockage, but the method of healing is the same. As Christina’s coach and healer, I guided her through each Chakra where she opened and expanded her spiritual truth. Christina was able to understand what life experiences had created wounds that needed healing. She naturally released, relaxed, and connected with her energy. This led to her communication skills becoming stronger. Her ability to process emotions transformed. She rebuilt her energy system herself and created a strong stable foundation. This led to improvements in relationships and to  professional speaking.

The reason I was able to help Christina is that instead of trying to push or motivate her to speak, we went to the energetic source. Working together, she was able to be her own best friend and healer. I held the space and taught her the techniques.

This method of healing is called Energy Coaching. It helps clients to connect with their powerful resources, so that they can become their own healer and live in balance and wholeness. When our clients learn to heal themselves, they fill up with their own healthy power and soul-level truth.

In Energy Coaching it’s the client who brings the energy, healing, and transformation. The Energy Coach first does the healing work for themselves. Then they are able to guide clients through experiences which build intuition, new beliefs, resources, and connections.

So if you’d like to experience more of this kind of healing, and offer it to the people you help, I’d like to share with you my system for supporting clients in this energetic and loving way.

Chakra Inner Healing Course

This is an eight-week Energy Coaching system where you will discover the gifts of each of your seven Chakras. You will be learning to sense what is there, release what is unneeded, and to connect to the Universal field of love that will fill your energy system. You can then guide others through the same eight-week series as a certified Chakra Healing Coach.

Your Energy Centers are a big part of the way that you experience life. Each of your Chakras has a transformational gift for you that brings so many benefits with it.


The Seven Gifts of Your Energy Centers

You can start experiencing these benefits right away – within minutes of joining me in the course! Each Chakra Module comes with a Meditation Energy Healing Session. As you explore and heal each center, you will be aligning with your own truth and power. Whatever has been an invisible block will clear, so that self-love becomes natural for you. The relationships in your life will benefit from your depth of truth and healthy power. When we radiate our inner gifts we find attunement with others’ gifts and energy. Then healthy relationship is part of our daily experience.

Chakra Healing For Your Clients and Students

If your work is to help people, you probably know how many people struggle with blockages, procrastination, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and constricted energy. This healing system is designed to help them empower themselves at the level of their core energy. You don’t have to “fix” your clients or “have all the answers.” The best solutions are within your clients themselves. You will learn to trust your own intuition when guiding a client. The Energy Exercises in the program are designed to lead your clients to their own unique gifts, and support them in their own empowered action. As their coach, you get to enjoy the beautiful truth and wisdom within each client you work with.

As a Certified Chakra Healing Coach, you will have:

  • Eight Detailed Chakra Healing Session Plans to lead your clients through proven energy exercises, guided meditations, and coaching plans.
  •  Video Demonstrations for each of the eight Chakra Healing sessions
  • Eight Live two hour workshops with founder Magali Peysha
  • A Certification as a Chakra Healing Coach
This is a complete healing system that will enable you to offer your services to a wide variety of clients seeking health, spiritual growth, and personal wellness.

Chakra Inner Healing
Course Chapters


Module 1
Create Emotional Stability with Energy Coaching

In the Root Chakra many people experience an insecurity about the way they are in the world. The gift of your Root Chakra will heal your sense of worthiness and belonging, your ability to be safe within yourself. It brings more stability to your core, self-acceptance, self-love and nurturing.

In this module you'll learn to re-parent your energy system with self-love and grounding practices. You'll bring divine presence into your being through the healing guided meditation and discovery process.


Module 2
Your Sacral Chakra

Heal your sense of worthiness and belonging. Be able to give expression to the gifts of your inner mystic. As our own loving healer, we weave the fabric of light and transformation through our body's energy system. The gift of your Sacral Chakra will increase the power of your empowered feminine, creative, and inner mystic. You'll experience greater acceptance of your divine wisdom, spiritual strength, and emotional flow


Module 3
Solar Plexus Chakra

When we have stagnant energy in our third Chakra, we might feel stuck in life. It is hard to be engaged in doing and action taking. Through balancing our energy and empowering our true wisdom in the body we unwind lifetimes of powerlessness. The gift of your Solar Plexus Chakra is a deeper alignment with your own divine will, your true passion and purpose, and the energy of taking action. Instead of pushing yourself as part of the rat race, you’ll be pulled forward by your unique life mission.


Module 4
Your Heart Chakra

Our energy hearts have so much to give us. We can learn to tune in and receive divine guidance and loving inspiration. Through your very own heart wisdom you will access the inner power of intuition and connection. When your Heart Chakra is in balance, you feel greater appreciation, love, caring, healthy boundaries, and compassion. You can both give and receive love easily. You are en empowered lover of the world, who can take wise, discerning action.


Module 5
Throat Chakra

Our ability to both express ourselves and to listen wisely rests in our Throat Chakra. This area helps us with healthy self-worth and confidence. We can learn to relax and unwind tight energy that is causing emotional fatigue and frustration. When the Throat Chakra is open, we naturally share and connect. Our true purpose is communicated clearly within ourselves and can be shared with the world.
A constriction in the Throat Chakra makes us feel blocked and choked in the throat, like you can’t express your truth, like you don’t matter. Therefore can’t speak or share. This brings so many obstacles to your relationships. When your Throat Chakra opens, you’re able to be creative, in tune with your message, and you can listen to yourself, listen to others and bring your energy into balance.


Module 6
Third Eye Chakra

The gift of intuitive knowing, seeing and sensing is always present here. With loving connection our obscurations are cleared. The nectar of spiritual truth fills our energy self. We can bring clarity to our life's purpose. Through balance our unique soul truth with the Universe, we feel unity. This Energy Center in your forehead amplifies intuitive knowing, seeing, and understanding. When it is blocked, people experience headaches and a lack of connection with their bigger truth. When it is open and in balance, you receive messages from all your Chakras.


Module 7
Crown Chakra

All of us are connected with the Divine in our own particular way. When we receive the treasures in the crown energy we are in union and held by loving spirit. Whatever our life path and beliefs we awaken and experience the frequency of oneness. This will heal ancient blocks and separation within our relationship to self. When your Energy Centers are aligned and ready to meet and be in relationship with the Divine, the divine wisdom and blessings radiate within. We are both universal and embodied individuals. If you have struggled with imbalanced or erratic spiritual experiences, this integration will bring you greater healthy power and agency.

Woman practicing self Reiki transfering energy through palms, a kind of energy medicine.

Module 8
Seven-Chakra Healing Practice

In this session you will learn a practice for integration of all your energy centers. This practice benefits you at any time in the course. You might decide to practice this daily to keep your Energy Centers in flow and balance. When you feel balance in your energy body, it benefits all areas of your life. You feel secure in yourself. You become effective in following and creating your own life purpose. You are able to care and feel for others while maintaining healthy boundaries and self-care. You are able to listen to yourself, to others, and to speak your truth. And you are able to open to divine wisdom. Your Lower Chakras and your Upper Chakras are in harmony.

Shot of a young woman hugging her husband while he uses a laptop on the sofa at home

Module 9
Bonus: Energy Coaching Mini-Course

Learn to use healing metaphors that transform obstacles in your life. Work with tension in the body and emotional being. Learn the key elements of Energy Coaching.

Guide Your Clients Through The Transformation They Need

Relationship Chakra Healing strategies are flexible and can be adapted to serve any holistic healing practice or coaching niche. Every week I see my students developing more ways of utilizing Energy Coaching and Chakra Healing Strategies to benefit the people they serve. You can help your clients with issues such as:

Transforming obstacles

  • Procrastination
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Loss of energy 
  • Confusion and fatigue
  •  Regret and stuck energy/emotions

Removing Toxic Energy

  • Stop inner gaslighting
  • Develop clear boundaries
  • Energy clearing practices
  • Healing for empaths
  •  Sending energy back with love

Empowering Self-love

  • Taking actions
  • Healthy habits 
  • Saying “no” and “yes”
  • Restorative energy practices
  • Bringing our inner child healing and integration

Soul’s Purpose

  • Connecting authentically with your unique life mission
  • Increasing your ability to speak your truth and purpose
  • Embracing natural creativity, empathy, and healthy drive

Heart Wisdom

  • Experience many aspects of love
  • Developing emotional stability by re-parenting yourself
  • Intuitive knowing of when to trust and when to protect 
  • Opening the channel of love

Magali Peysha
Creator of Energy Coaching™

When deciding on a coach training, it’s important to know about your teacher’s track record.

I have been a full-time teacher of coaches for the past 12 years. I have personally trained over 20,000 Life Coaches at the certification level – that’s about 15% of the world’s certified coaches. I supervise and coach my students weekly discussing their sessions with their coaching clients, and I have led 2,000 supervision sessions personally with live groups. I have seen practically every situation you can see in coaching.

As a meditation teacher, I have been leading groups online through meditation and exercises on a weekly basis since 2017. I have led 30,000 live participants through meditation sessions over the past three years.

I’m also the author of the #1 best-selling book The Strategic Intervention Handbook, the bestselling relationship book Love Happier, and the Activation™ Method Workbook. My trainings have helped 1.75 million people to create greater meaning in their life.

Though I’m known primarily as an Energy Coach and teacher, it wasn’t always the case.

Before I started coaching eighteen years ago, I was a Yoga Teacher and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. I helped my clients to feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’d use the techniques of Ayurveda to help clients learn what would bring them greater balance.

What I found, again and again, was that my Ayurvedic clients may have started out wanting to improve a health problem, but our sessions needed to focus on the energy and emotional level before their general wellness could find balance.

Later, when I became a Life Coach, it became clear to me that both Ayurvedic counseling and Life Coaching were helpful on their own. However, when they were combined, they became even more powerful. I loved the clarity that Life Coaching brought, its ability to help clients create clear goals, plan small actions, and to use strategies that helped them find their creativity and purpose. And the framework of Ayurveda gave me tools for teaching clients practices they could use daily to repair and nourish their systems.

Then, through daily meditation practice I had an Energy opening that transformed my life.


I had been struggling with Energy Experiences for years. I would feel tingling heat, movements in my body that I didn’t understand. Whenever I meditated, there was a swirling sensation, sometimes around me or sometimes within me. At times it felt like I was floating. But when I’d ask a spiritual teacher what I should I do with this energy, I was told to ignore it, that it was only an experience. This left me feeling that my meditation experience was wrong.

This did not keep me from meditating. I have a passion for meditation. And I kept studying, practicing daily, and seeking more wisdom. Finally one day I received the best advice of my life through a video Q&A. Another woman was asking how to meditate when feeling this big swirling energy. The teacher explained to just be with that energy. Not try to change it but instead join it, and allow whatever the experience was to be.

I tried that,  and wow!Ssuddenly I was not fighting with the moment. My energy naturally settled and became more conscious and centered. Sometimes it would feel that the energy was teaching me, healing me from within. I started to fall in love with my meditation practice and with my own spirit. I found it easier and easier to sit in silence, to meditate when walking, when working, and even when thinking.

Then, one day, while meditating in silence, a new level of energy woke up inside my body. This energy was again swirling, but more subtle and precise. It transformed my experience of life. For about a year I existed in both my ordinary life as a mom of five, a wife, teacher, and coach, while simultaneously experiencing the incredible universal energy.

I had the sense of love flowing in a steady stream. The world felt magical, and a cascade of blessings like a gentle rain of sparkles would descend downward into my system when I meditated and sometimes when I was just sitting in the car. 

Until this point, I hadn’t believed in traditional religions, or in God. Everything changed then. All religions and faiths intuitively made sense. I was this energy, and I also knew this energy was not personal. We all have it. And I could feel the beauty and open loving awareness in every person I was with. The divine became real for me.
For over a year, I kept a separation between my energy meditation experiences and my professional life as a coaching teacher. But then a door opened, and everything came together.
Hanalei Bay, Kauai.

I was on vacation in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, thinking about how to show my coaching clients how to connect with their own energy. Then I stood up and let my body receive a teaching. It was a series of movements and emotional, creative exercises. This practice felt like it was given to me by something that was outside of myself. The personal me who knew things stepped aside and allowed a sort of grace to take over. I named the practice 21 Journeys® because it consists of 21 unique journeys.

I refined them and began to teach them to groups.
The results were incredible.

People were healing their own grief. Students from every faith were feeling more connected to their own presence. People were experiencing their ancestors and guides and empowering their higher self. The energy and emotional openings people experienced would continue for weeks afterwards. It was powerful!

Since then I have developed over 50 unique Energy Coaching strategies which are used in coaching sessions with individuals, and some are used as group strategies. I have been refining them in my daily coaching and teaching. And now I have taught them to over 70,000 participants.

Relationship Chakra Healing
Includes These Bonuses


Bonus 01
21 Journey® Class

I’ve led over 30,000 people through this one-hour practice, and the results are amazing. These are simple movements and visualization journeys, three minutes each, which come together with powerful results for you. I’m including a classroom where you can experience 21 Journeys for yourself.

harmony of family relations

Bonus 02
Three Healing Meditations with Workbooks and Guides

Each meditation combines practices of energy, breath, and creative mind exploration to nurture our inner truth. These are easy meditations which support peace, self-love, and relaxation.


Four Animal Communication Styles

Learn what animal style you currently operate as most often. Find out how to relate to each type and create more loving connection.


Helpful Boundary Protectors

Learn to protect your energy and set clear loving boundaries. Through this practice we will empower our priorities and self care while staying true to our values.


Meditation with Hands & Heart

Bring the body into your practice. By empowering our somatic expression we retrain our mind and heart to open and nurture our being.

Become a Certified
Chakra Inner Healing Coach

Class starts Saturday June 17th, 2023 and we will be meeting once a month on Saturday and twice a month on Tuesdays. All classes are from 12-3 pm PST and include optional practice coaching time or sharing time.

This program will enable you to experience deep inner Chakra healing.
Then, you can get a certificate to offer the same program to your clients.

Includes complete certification as a Chakra Healing Coach
This pricing is for all CI Students and will include live classes from June-January.

Monthly Tuition Program
Six Payments of $199

Single Tuition Payment
One payment of $995


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