The Difference Between Slow Changers and Fast Changers

One of the important ways that we get to know clients is by discovering their personal style: how do they process decisions? How do they think? How do they feel in different situations? Are they led by emotion or by logic? Identifying whether your client is a “slow changer” or a “fast changer” is an […]

Elevation: The Art of Making Clients Feel Better

Elevation is a fundamental tool that we can use as coaches. It has the power to completely turn a coaching session around and create a positive experience for your client. Elevation is the act of helping your client experience and acknowledge what’s good in themselves or their situation. The act of elevating will help clients […]

The Disappearing Husband

How do we make sense of an emotionally shocking situation? In this real CI Coaching Story you will discover how a simple and loving solution can be found even when things seem to be extraordinarily bad. Rebecca, the woman who would become my client for a brief time, called and sounded incredibly upset because her […]