2024 Activation™ Method Complete Coaching System

Activation™ Method Complete includes Group Coach Leader training with four coaching courses you can offer.

12 Months of Live Classes

Forever Access to your Training

Group Coaching and Personal Coaching

Activation™ Method
Complete Coach Certification

Intuitive Creative Empaths

This program is made for the coach who wants to help clients at a spiritual and creative level. When healthy power meets deep compassion and emotional regulation we have a basis for true self evolution. 

As a professional Activation™ Method Coach you learn to support clients with strategies and tools that are proven to help with mindset, health, relationship, energy, embodiment, and purpose.

A complete coaching business includes dynamic group coaching courses, individual coaching packages, and community learning experiences. People need more help with their goals, their priorities, and their emotions more than ever before. And they are seeking out coaches that can offer presence, meditation techniques, and growth processes. Best of all they want to be part of a tribe and make like spirited friends.

As an Activation™ Method Coach you support your client's inner truth, creative flow, and life purpose. The coaching you offer is co-created with your clients and group participants.

People understand that they are complex. That they have traumas, insights, intuition and that coaching offers a safe space for inner and outer growth. 

Whichever community you serve Activation™ Method gives you the tools to help heal and empower your clients.

Our system is made to fit your unique clients needs. You learn to use over 50 Coaching Strategies to empower and support at the deepest level. 

You could be coaching clients professionally
within 30 days.
Here's what students are saying.

Learning in a community of kind, compassionate and spiritual coaches

Your coaching journey deserves to be filled with friendship and sharing. In our trainings we take time to mentor every person. During practice lab you will be learning with peers how to use easy to follow coaching session plans. The team will be there to support you as you practice and are coached.  

Activation™ Method
Life Coach Training with Seven Certification Streams

The fastest, most comprehensive way to
start your coaching career. Here's what you get.

Activation™ Group Coach Leader Certification

This training prepares you to lead groups in four key zones of growth: 1- Self-Evolution, 2-Energy & Spiritual, 3-Communication & Relationship, and 4-Emotional Wellness. You will have four 8-10 week group coaching courses you can offer in each zone. And you will learn how to design your own group sessions.

Board Certified Coach™ Preparation
25 Hour Course

This training is officially accredited to get you the most prestigious third party coaching credential in the industry. You can put the letters "B.C.C" (which stands for "Board Certified Coach) after your name. And it doesn't take long to finish. Our students usually wait until they are already seeing clients finish this and get the certification.

Activation™ Method Life Coach Certification

Each module will teach you a coaching strategy, then demonstrate it in an actual coaching session video. You'll learn 30 unique, proven coaching strategies. This flexible training accommodates every learning style. Most students finish in 3 months and become certified as an Activation™ Method Life Coach. You keep your training classroom and all bonuses for life.

Activation™ Retreat Leader Certification

This 20 Module training gives you the retreat process in individual blocks that you can mix and match to your niche. You learn to create incredible one to seven day retreats that will increase peace, inner wisdom, creative flow, healthy empowerment and self actualization. The retreats you offer will be a time to deepen community friendships and connections.

21 Journeys Teacher Certification

In a dynamic one hour class you lead participants through 21 inner journeys. This class can be taught at spas, retreats, yoga centers, schools and anywhere that movement practice is welcomed. Your participants learn emotional regulation and embodied creative practices. This is a spiritual and active path for energy soul evolution.

12 Months of Weekly Live Classes

Come Live when it fits into your schedule. Every class is recorded and you do not need to attend live classes to graduate. Classes happen Mondays at 10am and 2pmPDT, and Tuesdays at 9am PDT.
Your live training is with the Founders of Activation Method Magali and Mark Peysha

Creative Coach Certification

You are trained as a Creative Coach. You will learn to lead guided meditation journeys with your clients. The strategies you will learn help to empower creative resources, imagination, brainstorms, focus and expand flexibility. We use breathing techniques, energy practices and somatic processes to bring healing and vitality into coaching work.

Training Includes 7 Certificates

1. Activation Method Life Coach Certification.
2. Activation™ Method Group Coach Leader Certification
3. Board Certified Coach Prep Certification
4. Creative Coach Certification
5. 21 Journeys Teacher Certification
6. Activation™ Meditation Guide Certification
7. Retreat Leader Certification

Activation™ Meditation Teacher Certification

You will learn to lead both individual and group meditations. Through using Magali's easy system of seven part meditation practice you can empower clients and participants to expand, relax, and center. Everyone who experiences your meditations will appreciate the love and peace that you help bring to their inner world. These practices are for all people regardless of religion or culture.

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Meet the Founders of Activation™ Method and the Coaching Institute.

We’ve trained over 18,000 coaches at the certification level. And we are dedicated to giving you the most complete and empowering Coach Training in the world. Our proven coaching methods help build self-love, creative flow, spiritual resources and productivity. Both you and your clients get to live a more authentic and powerful life.

We know it takes energy to step into your new career path. So, we decided to  make it as easy as possible for you to get everything you need.

Mark & Magali Peysha

We believe that growth comes from clarity of purpose, compassionate understanding, and the ability to take consistent powerful action in one’s life. Our unique and creative change method comes from cutting-edge research in psychology, generative trance work, the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Buddhist Psychology, and insights from a variety of arts and social sciences. We are both coaches and mentors who prioritize teaching through example.

Coaching is one of the most
useful skills in the world.

Today coaching is at the heart of many healing paths. People need support now more than ever. This is why many kinds of healers and helping professionals are getting certified as an Activation™ Method Coach and Group Leader. Here is what clients are asking for…

What students are saying about Group Coach Leader Training

I have learnt a great deal at Group Coach Leader program. I’ve learnt how to lead groups professionally with a lot of strategies taught in the program. It’s a very informative program which I’ve enjoyed a lot. I also did a lot of personal work for myself when going through the program. -Vivian

The whole experience was INCREDIBLE! It changed so much for me in so many areas of my life! Taught me to be calmer, how to listen more and create better communication. I am starting up Group coaching for Women with Epilepsy in May.    -Liz

I am really enjoying the Group Coach Leader program. It has helped me with my own work situations and training me well to serve clients. Before this course I did not realize that taking on other people’s challenges/energy was a choice I was making and now I feel stronger and more invested in my own well-being. Really loving life more. Feel very fortunate that I now move quickly from crisis to opportunity and find that serves me well as a leader in these uncertain times.  -Nancy

This course is enabling me to take wisdom and strength I have always had and understand how to find them. I’m learning that my ability is real, I get lots of chances to work with different people and try my skills. I can learn so much better because there are so many people from so many cultures that the learning is so much more transferable into the real world. That gives me confidence to understand I have what it takes to do the job. -Sherry

Amazing! Coaching Institute has really created something special. I’ve never felt the sense of community I feel with training. You are creating a beautiful space for healers to heal and learn at the same time. I’m so grateful to have found you all and to be a part of this. -Adrienne

I am excited as I just completed my 4th Clarity Session and have a client signing on for coaching starting in a couple weeks, YAY!!!  I have a sense of her goals/priorities, so will surely ask questions at the next mentoring session. -Michelle

Enroll Now and Start Coaching Clients and leading groups in as little as Three Months

Keep your training classroom forever

Earn your BCC Certification

Learning through real coaching demonstrations

Accelerate your timeline to open your coaching practice

The entire training is downloadable

Empower your own emotions, awareness, and creativity

How to Start

The Activation™ Method Coach Training starts as soon as you enroll. Your weekly classes and online classroom learning begin immediately. You can learn by listening, watching real coaching demonstrations, Group Coaching Sessions, and attending live weekly classes. All classes are recorded and available to you in just 48 hours. If you enjoy reading, we have transcripts and session plans for every part of your training, plus workbooks that contain coaching strategy plans, notes, and fun exercises and meditations to help you and your clients.

How Long Does it Take to Graduate?

Your online Activation™ Method Training usually takes 3 months to complete, depending on your schedule. Some do it in just one month. Then you will move into your Group Coach Leader Training with four zones. You receive certification in each zone as you go. This prepares you to begin leading an eight week group coaching course after each zone’s training is completed. Making it easy to start leading groups right away. You keep your training classroom forever.

Here's What You Get

Group Coach Leader Training

The Group Coach empowers participants to be active and engaged in their own discoveries.

Most importantly, the Group Coach has a Group Coaching Session Plan which guides the entire session.

The Session Plan is your outline for your session. It tells you when to teach, when to assign an exercise (you get a little break), and how and when to lead the discussion.

The Coach Leader can relax, observe, and hold the space for the group while the Session Plan does the “heavy lifting.”

And this only gets easier and easier as your Group continues to meet, week after week. Many Groups go on meeting like this regularly for years. The training gives you 37 Group Coaching Sessions in Four Activation Zones for you to mix and match to create your own unique group experience. You can rename the sessions and use them in any coaching niche. This training fits into your specialization making it practical and versatile. Spiritual coaches, relationship coaches, purpose coaches, executive coaches all use the session plans to lead powerful and activating group seminars, workshops, and ongoing groups both in person and online.

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Core Foundations

First Coaching Sessions

Growing Our Understanding

Somatic Awareness, Energy Healing, and Resourcing

Creative Thinking and Imagination

Emotional Balance and Stress Reduction

Empowering Our Integration

Self-Kindness and Integration

Finding Inner Success and Self Love

Understanding Our Relationships

Values, Communications, and Actions

Energy and Creativity

Expand Your Awareness and Energy Connection

What students are saying about Activation™ Method

Learn Masterful Coaching in Community with Weekly Group Coach Mentorship and Practice Class

Weekly Live Workshops with Magali Peysha

During our live online weekly Mentorship and Practice Classes students bring their questions and explorations. This might a request to help plan a future session with a client, or it could be help with a personal goal. Whatever the question is Magali will guide, supervise, and support you. The community creates a place to grow, learn, and share. Everyone is involved, and we all learn together by brainstorming and creatively sharing our resources. 

Coaching Foundation Course

The Four Activation Zones

Five Stages of a Coaching Session

Outer and Inner Goals

Client Element Types

Activation™ Method
Group Leader Four Zones

Self-realization Group Coach Leader Course

Emotional Wellness Group Coach Leader

Energy & Spiritual Group Coach Leader

Relationship & Communication Group Coach Leader

Become a Board Certified Coach™

As part of Activation™ Method Complete Coaching System, we also prepare you for our Board Certified Coach Certificate. This is the world’s most prestigious third-party professional coaching credential, issued by the Center for Credentialing and Education. This means that when you complete your training, you’ll be able to take the B.C.C. exam – and be able to put the letters B.C.C. (for “Board Certified Coach,” after your name. You’ll have a thorough understanding of how to help each client. You’ll have a system for knowing how to plan future sessions. You’ll always be ready with a new strategy for growth and empowerment.

Become a Board Certified Coach™

Master Your Coaching Skills with the Online Activation™ Method Modules

Coach Planning Roadmaps

In this bonus training, you will receive ten Structured Session Maps for some of the most common coaching goals. These plans show you how to put a series of  coaching strategies and frameworks together.  You will be able to empower your clients to learn skills, take actions, and feel how they want to feel. In these session guides you will have a resource for coaching packages that you can offer based on your client’s needs and intentions. Whether a person wants to start dating, change jobs, or find more energy, choose from the most common coaching requests and create the road map you and your client will use to get to their goal.

We know coaches feel best when they have a plan.

Coach Planning Roadmaps

Learn the most common client goals and how to serve them

Master Creative Coaching Strategies

Learn to coach with deep trust, intuition, and curiosity. Creative coaching is changing the way clients and coaches experience growth, with session strategies that focus on empowering imagination, flexibility, brainstorming, and inner knowing. The creative coach is a bridge to the client's own resources. The tools of creative coaching are archetypes, metaphors, and energy. This style of coaching helps client to regain lost energy, self-esteem, and find the drive and healthy power to take actions.

In this bonus certification training you will receive the Creative Coaching Classroom.

Master Creative Coaching Strategies

Group Coach Leader Training

When you are invited to speak to a group it's nice to have an experiential seminar you can lead in person or online.

To make sure our coaches have what it takes to create a thriving practice. We are including  Activation™ Method Group Coach Leader Certification Program. When participants feel helped, validated, and connected through group coaching, they often request individual coaching with you. It’s a perfect way to expand your reach.

Many of my students are ready to start their own coaching group within four weeks of joining Group Coach Leader™. How is this possible?
It’s because nothing is holding them back. They have everything they need: instruction, examples, session plans, a complete book to go along with the sessions, and detailed tutorials about leading groups.
Other coaches often struggle with having to create their own content, before they’ve even started working with clients. Instead of spending their time leading groups, they find themselves spending weeks in front of a laptop.
Not my students, because I give them my own tried and tested Group Coaching Courses to offer their participants. There is nothing you have to figure out, nothing you have to invent.
When you take your people through one of my Group Coaching courses, every step is mapped out for you.
The heart of a Group Coaching Session is your Session Plan. This is a sequence that includes, a topic, exercises, questions, and processes that take your participants on a discovery journey together. Each Session Plan has a unique feel and function. The more Session Plans you know, the more unique experiences you can offer your participants.
Each Session Plan includes a teaching module, a teacher’s guide, a participant guide, and a recording of myself leading each session, so you can learn from example. I have developed each of these Session Plans by testing them with multiple groups, multiple times. I refined each one, based on what it did for the participants.

For instance, if I found a strategy that increased the participants’ resources and energy levels, I would focus on making it perfect. On the other hand, if I found that a strategy lowered my participants’ moods, I would notice and improve it by adding an exercise or questions that would support the participant’s energy and imagination. And if I found a Group Coaching strategy that backfired (many group strategies simply don’t work), I’d cross it out.

It's been a labor of love. There's no short cut to developing effective Group Coaching Session Plans. You have to try each one out with a real group to see how it works, and then make it better. That's why it can take years to get it right. So it gives you a tremendous advantage to be able to start your career as a Group Coach with complete Courses which are proven to create a thriving, energizing experience for your participants.

Integrity Coach Marketing Program

As a coach, it's important to have a way to meet, connect with, and enroll new clients on a consistent basis. And it's equally important to do all this in a way that represents your highest personal integrity.

Integrity Marketing comes from the principle that your coaching business comes from the strengths and values of your coaching practice. Many people feel that in order to grow their business they have to make some kind of compromise and become "salesy" in order to generate income. That's not only false - it's the opposite of what creates long-term growth. So, as a part of Integrity Marketing, we look forward to showing you how to create your coaching business.

Integrity Marketing has three training parts:

Clarity Session Magic

Every coach's #1 business tool is a free coaching session you offer anyone who could benefit from your coaching services. It's called a "Clarity Session."

A Clarity Session is not a sales call. It is a generous-spirited, open-ended, personable free coaching session where the prospective client has a chance to express everything they are working on and going through. The coach guides the prospective client through steps that bring clarity to the client’s true priorities.

The goal of a Clarity Session is for the client to feel understood, liked, and for them to understand how they can make accelerated progress with their most important goals. Once you learn it, it will become second-nature, and your favorite way to meet strangers who are interested in coaching.

In Clarity Session Magic you’ll learn the steps for offering a Clarity Session at your own pace and leisure. It will answer any questions, and resolve any possible hangups, you may be experiencing about this process.

Coach Branding Mastermind

Coach Accelerator Workshop

Many coaches think that they have to write many pages, learn a lot of marketing skills, and learn to use a lot of technology in order to create a message that will reach their prospective clients. But you don't - you can get set started in five days.

Coach Accelerator Workshop is a five-part training (totalling about 12 hours) where you’ll learn to set up your Core Positioning as a coach and develop content for your social media accounts. This training is Coach-centric. If you’re a coach, this is the easiest method for getting started with a message that will reach hundreds of prospective clients and get your business goin

You’ll get instant access to Coach Accelerator Workshop, so that you can start taking simple actions to reach new clients. You do not have to complete your coach training in order to learn how to do this. 

Virtual Coaching Guide

Client Enrollment Boot Camp

95% of coaching clients worldwide are enrolled through the same method. They have an introductory Zoom session or phone call , Called a Clarity Session, with their prospective coach. And it makes sense. Clients want to know what it likes to coach with you before they invest in a high-ticket tuition package.

Client Enrollment Boot Camp is a two-day immersive training where you not only learn how to carry out a Clarity Session, but you get to experience it yourself, as coach and as prospective client. This is a fun-filled community-focused experience that will give you unshakeable confidence as you meet new prospective clients and invite them to connect with you.

Take the Stress Out of your Website Design

Growth and Expansion Through Learning

Websites that Enroll

Learn to create the most engaging copy and use the most powerful images. This means your website is impactful and expresses your brand and services in the language client's respond to.

Four 8 Week Courses
You Offer

In addition to your individual coaching packages you are ready to lead groups. This means you have a complete business model and every new client can choose what is right for them. You have confidence to serve at the level that is needed.

Client Enrollment
Boot Camp

In this workshop, you will learn to lead with your truth. This means enrolling new client with integrity and ease.

Peace and Presence

Learn to lead your own Meditation Group. We meet two-four times a month to relax, practice and deepen our presence. No previous meditation experience necessary. You will learn to guide private clients and groups in Activation™ Meditations.

Coaching Sessions

Learn through watching real coaching sessions take place. This library is here for your growth and enjoyment. We believe learning happens naturally when we listen to great coaching.

Online Coaching Clarified

Starting your virtual Coaching Business? This guide is key to speeding up the process. Learn to create your policies, best practices, and services.

Empower and Flow

Learn to work with Energy, Integration, Imagination, and Visualization

Be Prepared to Become a Board Certified Coach

Certification from the BCC gives coaches confidence. You will need to have a college degree to be certified by the BCC.

Complete Professional Coaching Website

We make it as easy for you as possible to start as soon you graduate you receive your website

Be ready to lead your client through a series of coaching sessions

This Guide Helps Prepare with Confidence

Guiding groups in meditations that bring wellness and peace

You will learn Activation™ Meditation techniques and practices to support clients and groups.

Complete Online Marketing System

12 Hour Training Over Six Days and You Receive all of the Recordings

20 Modules All Online in Your Classroom

Complete Understanding of the Methodology

Lead 1-7 Day Retreats
Online or In Person

Learn 21 Activation Method interactive retreat leader tools that you can mix and match for your own custom retreats

Mentorship Class
Practice Lab
Meditation Group

All Classes are Recorded and added to your classroom within a week

Enroll now with the twelve payment plan.

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What students are saying about Activation™ Method

If you have any questions about the training, you can contact us here.

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What students are saying about the training

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We always have a number of students who do all their training at their own pace with the website.

You’ll have access to your training materials forever. Your live classes are for 12 months.

Our program is designed for every level of experience, from beginner to advanced.

You will receive a Certificate as a Activation™ Method Life Coach, a Certificate for 4 Group Coach Trainings, a Certificate in Creative Coaching, and a Certificate of Completion of the Board Certified Coach Prep course, a certificate as a Retreat Leader, a certificate to be a Meditation Guide and 21 Journeys Teacher. Note: you will need a college degree to take the BCC exam.

Gold members receive the entire training right away in their classroom and are able to graduate as soon as they complete their course work.

Monthly tuition plan students receive course modules and trainings  when enrolling but need to complete tuition payments before graduating and being certified. 

Yes, there is a discount couples or family members in the same household. The second student in the family receives a 20% discount on tuition. International students may qualify for 10% discount. Please write to us for these discounts.

If you have any questions about the training, you can write to

Enroll now with the twelve payment plan.

Enroll now with one payment.

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