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Coaching is a career that empowers you to live in harmony with your values and life purpose. You can run your entire coaching practice from your home, working closely with clients all over the world.

Six Months of Live Classes

Forever Access to your Training

Four Speciality Certifications

The world has shifted...​

Millions of people are waking up to the idea that they have the ability to take powerful steps to create the changes they want in their lives.
A new profession is on the rise, a profession whose sole mission is to help people to step courageously into this life they want to live. This profession is the Life Coach.

And even though Life Coaching was already growing at a tremendous rate in 2019, nothing prepared us for what we would see in 2020.

People need more help with their goals, their priorities, and their inner growth than ever before.

That’s why, strangely enough…

2020 is the year of the Life Coach

Coaches are at the forefront, helping people with life changes, stresses, and the goals they have.

And, this year, with the world’s economy switching to online, Life Coaches are in the right place at the right time.

We had already been coaching people online, serving clients worldwide from our comfortable home offices.

We’d already been helping clients to meet their goals, empower themselves, and make the changes they want. So helping people during extraordinary times, like the quarantine, is something we’re prepared for.

It’s like overnight the world “switched over” to our way of working and helping people.

This is why it's such an important time to start coaching.

Meg lives in a small town in New Zealand, but she wanted to have a world-class career helping people with their relationships. But how does she get started? She had no coaching experience.

She attended our Online Coaching Boot Camp in March 2020. One hour into Boot Camp, as we rolled up our sleeves and started coaching, she realized that she was going to be able to do it. She was going to be a coach.

She says, “the week I finished Boot Camp, I signed my first paying client. Within the first 2-3 months, I had 15 paying clients, all signed for multi-session packages. Plus I get new inquiries and sign-ups every week.”

Today, Meg’s having the impact she’d dreamed about. “The testimonials that I have coming in from my clients are bringing me to tears,” she writes. “My clients are reporting feeling whole, intimately connected with their loved ones,  and free to explore a happier, more connected life. It’s such a joy that I get to be a part of that AND I get to build a business doing it.”

Meg is not alone. Hundreds of our students have joined our Activation™ Method Training, attended Boot Camp this year, and signed up their first paying clients soon after. And so can you.

Coaching can provide you with a much-needed career change.

After 30 years as a successful trial attorney, Chris wanted a change.

He wanted to be able to express his passion for helping people. He wanted to be able to live a healthier, less stressful lifestyle.

But he was doubtful that he’d ever been able to replace his attorney’s income.

After his first Coaching Boot Camp, he was hooked on coaching. He started coaching other attorneys on the side, while continuing his main career.

It went so well, he was able to transition to a full-time coach.

“I’m getting an influx of clients, and they are renewing their packages,” he writes. “One of my favorite places to coach is either right next to – or preferably riding – my horse Dustye. My clients know this and love it. Often I will give my clients one of our horseshoes as a gift when they renew.”

Chris is a great reminder that, as a coach, you have so many creative options. There are truly no limits. You choose when and where you work.

You could be coaching clients professionally
within 30 days.
Here's what other students are saying.

Activation™ Method
Life Coach Training with Four Certifications

The fastest, most comprehensive way to
start your coaching career. Here's what you get.

Live Online 7 Day Coaching Boot Camp
Life Coach Certification

In this live online immersive training, you learn the foundations of coaching, plus 15 strategies to assist every client in actualizing their goals and intentions. Boot Camp takes place over two weekends (4 days and 3 days). You are ready to start seeing clients in just four days of training. This Level One Coaching Institute training earns you Certification as a Life Coach.

Board Certified Coach™ Preparation
25 Hour Course

This training is officially accredited to get you the most prestigious third party coaching credential in the industry. You can put the letters "B.C.C" (which stands for "Board Certified Coach) after your name. And it doesn't take long to finish. Our students usually wait until they are already seeing clients finish this and get the certification.

Activation™ Method Coach Certification

Each module will teach you a coaching strategy, then demonstrate it in an actual coaching session video. You'll learn 30 unique, proven coaching strategies. This flexible training accommodates every learning style. Most students finish in 3-6 months and become certified as an Activation™ Method Life Coach. The rest of the training is full of exciting bonuses that you can do whenever it feels right. You keep your training classroom and all bonuses for life.

6 Months of Weekly Live Classes

Come Live when it fits into your schedule. Every class is recorded and you do not need to attend live classes to graduate. Classes happen in CA time in the morning at 10am, Afternoon at 2pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Our students live all over the world so we make sure to have many different time zones covered.

Weekly Mentorship Group
Weekly Practice Labs
Coaching Foundations
Meditation with Magali

Creative Coach Certification

You are trained as a Creative Coach. You will learn to lead guided meditation journeys with your clients. The strategies you will learn help to empower creative resources, imagination, brainstorms, focus and expand flexibility. We use breathing techniques, energy practices and somatic processes to bring healing and vitality into coaching work.

Training Includes 4 Certificates

1. Life Coach Certification with 7 Day Online Boot Camp.
2. Activation™ Method Life Coach Certification
3. Board Certified Coach Prep Certification
4. Creative Coach Certification

Meet the Founders of the Coaching Institute.

We’ve trained over 15,000 coaches at the certification level. And we are dedicated to giving you the most complete and empowering Coach Training in the world. Our proven coaching methods help build self-love, creative flow, spiritual resources and productivity. Both you and your clients get to live a more authentic and powerful life.
We know it takes energy to step into your new career path. So, we decided to  make it as easy as possible for you to get everything you need.

Mark & Magali Peysha

We believe that growth comes from clarity of purpose, compassionate understanding, and the ability to take consistent powerful action in one’s life. Our unique and creative change method comes from cutting-edge research in psychology, generative trance work, the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Buddhist Psychology, and insights from a variety of arts and social sciences. We are both coaches and mentors who prioritize teaching through example.

Coaching is one of the most
useful skills in the world.

Today coaching is at the heart of many healing paths. People need support now more than ever. This is why many kinds of healers and helping professionals are getting certified as a Life Coach. Here is what clients are asking for:

Enroll Now and Start Coaching Clients by the Holidays

Keep your training classroom forever

Earn your BCC Certification

Learning through real coaching demonstrations

Accelerate your timeline to open your coaching practice

The entire training is downloadable

Empower your own emotions, awareness, and creativity

How to Start

The Activation™ Method Life Coach Training starts as soon as you enroll. You may want to begin with the Live Boot Camp Training or with the Online Activation Method Training Modules. Your weekly classes and online classroom learning begin immediately. You can learn by listening, watching real coaching demonstrations, and attending live weekly classes. All classes are recorded and available to you in just 48 hours. If you enjoy reading, we have transcripts of every part of your training, plus three workbooks that contain coaching strategy plans, notes, and fun exercises and meditations to help you and your clients.

How Long Does it Take to Graduate?

You’ll receive your first certificate after your Boot Camp Weekend. Your online Activation™ Method Training usually takes 3-6 months to complete, depending on your schedule. Some do it in just one month. You keep your training classroom forever.

Here's What You Get

Seven Day Live Online Coach Boot Camp

October 23rd to 26th and October 31st to November 2nd

Ready to double your coaching skills? This training is for total beginners as well as experienced coaches and health professionals. Our trainings bring people from all over the world to gather together and learn coaching skills. Everyone shares a spirit of kindness and curiosity that empowers the student community. We will be learning Fifteen coaching strategies during the training. You will watch the Peysha’s demo a coaching session in an interactive zoom classroom setting. Then you will get to practice that same coaching session with a new friend and colleague. Over the course of each day your skills, confidence and understanding will sky rocket. The entire training is recorded for you. If you can not attend live you can do the training on your own and receive certification.

What You Will Learn During the Seven-Day Training

First Coaching Sessions

Growing Our Understanding

October 23rd

9:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Somatic Awareness and Resourcing

Energy Exercises

October 24th

9:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Creative Thinking and Imagination

Metaphor and Story

October 25th

9:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Emotional Balance and Stress Reduction

Empowering Our Integration

October 26th

9:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Higher Self Guided Journey

Finding Inner Success and Self Love

October 31st

9:00-10:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Modes of Being

Values, Communications, and Actions

Nov. 1st

9:00-10:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

Key People and Archetypes

Expand Compassion and d Energy

Nov 2nd

9:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
12:30-4:00 PM US Pacific

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Learn Masterful Coaching in Community with Weekly Mentorship Class

Weekly Live Two Hour Workshops with Mark and Magali Peysha

During our live online weekly Mentorship Classes students bring their questions and explorations. This might a request to help plan a future session with a client, or it could be help with a personal goal. Whatever the question is the Peyshas will guide, supervise, and support you. The community creates a place to grow, learn, and share. Everyone is involved, and we all learn together by brainstorming and creatively sharing our resources.

Live Online Coaching Foundation Courses

The Four Activation Zones

with Magali Peysha


Live Q&A with the CI Team

Five Stages of a Coaching Session

with Mark & Magali Peysha


Live Q&A with the CI Team

Outer and Inner Goals

with Magali and Mark Peysha


Live Q&A with the CI Team

Client Element Types

with Mark and Magali Peysha


Live Q&A with CI Team

Become a Board Certified Coach™

As part of Activation™ Method Coach, we also prepare you for our Board Certified Coach Certificate. This is the world’s most prestigious third-party professional coaching credential, issued by the Center for Credentialing and Education. This means that when you complete your training, you’ll be able to take the B.C.C. exam – and be able to put the letters B.C.C. (for “Board Certified Coach,” after your name. You’ll have a thorough understanding of how to help each client. You’ll have a system for knowing how to plan future sessions. You’ll always be ready with a new strategy for growth and empowerment.

Become a Board Certified Coach™

Master Your Coaching Skills with the Online Activation™ Method Modules

Coach Planning Roadmaps

In this bonus training, you will receive ten Structured Session Maps for some of the most common coaching goals. These plans show you how to put a series of  coaching strategies and frameworks together.  You will be able to empower your clients to learn skills, take actions, and feel how they want to feel. In these session guides you will have a resource for coaching packages that you can offer based on your client’s needs and intentions. Whether a person wants to start dating, change jobs, or find more energy, choose from the most common coaching requests and create the road map you and your client will use to get to their goal.

We know coaches feel best when they have a plan.

Coach Planning Roadmaps

Learn the most common client goals and how to serve them

Master Creative Coaching Strategies

Learn to coach with deep trust, intuition, and curiosity. Creative coaching is changing the way clients and coaches experience growth, with session strategies that focus on empowering imagination, flexibility, brainstorming, and inner knowing. The creative coach is a bridge to the client's own resources. The tools of creative coaching are archetypes, metaphors, and energy. This style of coaching helps client to regain lost energy, self-esteem, and find the drive and healthy power to take actions.

In this bonus certification training you will receive the Creative Coaching Classroom.

Master Creative Coaching Strategies

Bonus: Three Group Coaching Sessions

When you are invited to speak to a group it's nice to have an experiential seminar you can lead in person or online.

To make sure our coaches have what it takes to create a thriving practice. We are including three of our favorite Activation™ Method Group Coaching Strategies to your training. When participants feel helped, validated, and connected through group coaching, they often request individual coaching with you. It’s a perfect way to expand your reach.

Bonus: Three Group Coaching Sessions

Coach Branding Mastermind

Coaches need to know what they represent to the world.

Through a series of interactive exercises, you will expand your vision of your coaching practice. Creating your brand is easier with the support of mentors and colleagues.
Mark Peysha has been helping coaches create successful brands for two decades. He can help you do it too.
Together we will discover how to brand your coaching business so it resonates with your values, beliefs and purpose!

Coach Branding Mastermind

Virtual Coaching Guide

Learn the steps for creating a successful virtual coaching practice.

Coaches are now working all over the world from home with only a computer, cell phone, and Zoom account. You will learn to put the business systems into practice that will give you both structure and growth. As Life Coaches, we can begin enrolling clients before we even have a website or business card. Learn the essentials that will keep your clients coming back and referring their friends and family to you.

Virtual Coaching Guide

Take the Stress Out of your Website Design

The design of your website is done for you. As soon as you graduate from the training, you'll have your own custom website!

This will give you an online presence. Potential clients will look you up easily and learn about what you do. We developed this format after years of learning what truly helps coaches sign up clients online. The design is specific to coaches. The copy is written for you. All you need to do is add your photo and name. Then install it and it will serve you for years. You may add to this website as your business grows. This bonus comes with your graduation and shows that you are certified by Coaching Institute.

Take the Stress Out of your Website Design

Growth and Expansion Through Learning

Websites that Enroll

Learn to create the most engaging copy and use the most powerful images. This means your website is impactful and expresses your brand and services in the language client's respond to.

Bonus Complete Recorded Version

In addition to your live training, you will receive a recording of all 15 sessions of coaching that happen in Boot Camp Training. This means you can start learning before the live training begins.

Empower Your Strengths

In this workshop, you will learn to lead with your truth. This means sharing your coaching practice with others is helpful and easy. We will guide you to create your coach brand.

Peace and Presence

Take part in our Meditation Group. We meet two times a month to relax, practice and deepen our presence. No previous meditation experience necessary.

Coaching Sessions

Learn through watching real coaching sessions take place. This library is here for your growth and enjoyment. We believe learning happens naturally when we listen to great coaching.

Online Coaching Clarified

Starting your virtual Coaching Business? This guide is key to speeding up the process. Learn to create your policies, best practices, and services.

Empower and Flow

Learn to work with Energy, Integration, Imagination, and Visualization

Be Prepared to Become a Board Certified Coach

Certification from the BCC gives coaches confidence. You will need to have a college degree to be certified by the BCC.

Complete Professional Coaching Website

We make it as easy for you as possible to start as soon you graduate you receive your website

Be ready to lead your client through a series of coaching sessions

This Guide Helps Prepare with Confidence

Signing up your clients can be simple through a quality clarity session

This Workshop Series Shows you how to Conduct Client Sign Up Session

Complete Online Marketing System

12 Hour Training Over Six Days and You Receive all of the Recordings

14 Modules All Online in Your Classroom

Complete Understanding of the Methodology

Double Your Coaching Skills

Learn 15 Activation Method Strategies, Skills, and Frameworks

Mentorship Class
Foundations Course
Meditation Group Practice Lab

All Classes are Recorded and added to your classroom within 48 hours

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Integrity Coach Marketing Program

Integrity Marketing is the most comprehensive Coach Marketing Training we offer. It consists of three major trainings.

October Boot Camp is Filling Up

If you have any questions about the training, you can contact us here.

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What students are saying about the training

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We always have a number of participants at Boot Camp and also in live weekly classes who are unable to attend live. You will receive the whole training in recorded form. 

You’ll have access to your training classroom forever. 

Not a problem. You will have a recording of a past training you can watch before the next day. Students need to skip certain sessions all the time and are able to make them up easily.

Our program is designed for every level of experience, from beginner to advanced.

You will receive a Certificate as a Activation™ Method Life Coach, a Certificate of Completion for your Coaching Boot Camp training, a Certificate in Creative Coaching, and a Certificate of Completion of the Board Certified Coach Prep course. Note: you will need a college degree to take the BCC exam.

Gold members receive the entire training right away in their classroom and are able to graduate as soon as they complete their course work.

Monthly members receive course modules and trainings  month by month and will need to have completed tuition payments before being certified.

Yes, there is a discount couples or family members in the same household. The second student gets 20$ off tuition.

If you have any questions about the training, you can write to

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