An Expanded Business Model
for Energy & Spiritual Coaches

From: Magali Peysha
San Diego, California

When a coach has a complete system for their business, they are prepared with several different ways of serving their clients. What I find is that coaching clients start working with you in one part of your business, and then they add on new services. When you structure your offers to allow for this, then you have a way for each unique client to get involved. 

I am going to share here a plan for a complete coaching business that uses the different paths of Energy Coach Training. I hope this will give you a good sense of how you might want to design your business.

Offer #1: Private Coaching: In private coaching, a client signs up for individual coaching that supports their goals, emotional well-being, and deeper soul purpose. You offer them Activation Method spiritual and energy tools for gathering resources and transforming their obstacles. 

Business plan: 10 clients enrolled in $2,000 packages. These may be 10 weekly sessions. Some clients will prefer to meet with you twice a month instead of weekly. You enroll ten clients, 3-6 times a year.

30-60 Private Coaching Clients

Total Earnings: $60,000 – $120,000

Time spent = 5-12 hours per week

Offer #2: Chakra Healing Group Course: You offer clients who want to grow and learn in community an 8 week course for emotional and spiritual growth. Some participants will continue to join you throughout the year, and new people will enroll at different times.  These are 8 sessions you are trained and certified to offer with all the planning, worksheets, and processes done for you.

Business plan: You offer this 4 times a year.

Course fee is $700 for 8 sessions

10 clients enrolled in four group periods per year.

Total Earnings = $28,000 per year

Offer #3: Weekend Retreats. You may want to offer short weekend retreats that focus on one skill or shared resource, like emotions, meditation, creativity, communication, or a combination of activities and skills. Retreats can be held at your home, a rental home, a yoga center, or a community center room you rent. You may want to offer one longer retreat per year or per season. This will really depend on your goals and what you like to do. Here is an idea that might be a good planning tool as a Retreat Leader:

20 participants per retreat = 60 for the year

Time = 3 weekends/9 days of your time 

Participant Tuition = $799 

Total Earnings= $47,940

Offer #4: High-End Retreats Let’s imagine that you want to add to this a seven-day high- end retreat ($2700) with 25 participants. Total earnings would be $67,500 using 9 days of your time. Your participants will pay hotel and meals fees separately from tuition.

Participant Tuition = $2,700

Total Earnings = $67,500

Your Time = 9 days

Offer #5: Weekly 21 Journeys™ Class. Every city and town has classrooms, yoga centers, gyms, and community organizations where you can teach – and there is Zoom, of course!

20 Participants, $20 per session, 4 classes per month = $80 per month

Monthly Earnings = $1,600

Your Time = 2 hours per week

Yearly Earnings=$19,200

When we plan a complete coaching business, it combines serving individual clients and group coaching participants. You will have some clients who want to attend retreats. Some will share about your groups and retreats with their friends and family. There will also be group clients and participants in your retreats or 21 Journeys Classes who decide they want individual coaching with you. And everybody shares your services with the people they care about. Your overall area of service will grow and expand. 

Sometimes a coach finds they really love group so much, they lower their individual client hours. Sometimes they go the opposite way and only offer longer retreats a few times a year. This will depend on you and how you enjoy spending your time helping people. 

Let’s review the income that you would be earning with this plan. I have tried to make it very reasonable, with no inflated numbers. Many coaches will prefer to do more than 5 hours a week of individual client coaching, or they might want to do more leading of group coaching. This is a good idea, though, of where you might start. You can also add offering weekly meditation groups, and you can remove some of the retreat offers if that isn’t your thing.

Business Plan

Individual Coaching Practice: 5-6 hours a week = $60,000 – $120,000
Chakra Inner Healing Course: 2 hours a week for 32 weeks = $28,000
21 Journeys Class: 1x week = $19,200
Retreat Offerings: 17 days of the year= $115,440

Total: $207,000 – $290,000

This would be income before any office rental or additional marketing. Some coaches will want to focus on more individual clients, some on more classes or retreats. What I love about this plan is that a coach can work 1 full day per week plus teach two classes a week to make this a real business. This allows coaches to gradually transition to being full-time or to keep working part-time with amazing results.

If you have questions and would like to talk with me, I am making times available this week. I know that your coaching education is a big investment, and it matters to me that you get all your questions answered. 

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Wishing you the best,

Magali Peysha

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Magali Peysha

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